TV ONE show airs tonight

TV ONE’s controversial show Black Men Revealed will air the episode that I am a guest on tonight. While its called “The Secret is Out”, the show deals in a dizzying discussion fashion with issues surrounding homosexuality, the black church, the infamous “downlow”, black men, HIV/AIDS and other intersecting topics. This season, all of the episodes were filmed in Atlanta and feature a wide cross section of black men as guests.

My memory of doing the show (last November) was that it was explosive. Here are channel listings so you can find when it airs in or near where you live.

If you want to share your comments about the show, feel free to come back here on tonight or tomorrow and have at it.


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  1. Pastor Foster,
    All I am able to say is let the Wheat be planted beside the tare. You know I preach a sermon, “only the guilty can receive JESUS”–people have to admit they are guilty before a HOLY GOD-they have to admit that they ARE sinners and they have to admit that they NEED a SAVIOR, Amen. The doctor and the fat guy have been blinded and seared their conscience–they “know” the truth but have blatantly rejected the truth. Their rejection of you (your testimony of conversion) was a rejection of CHRIST HIMSELF. They borderline blasphemed the work the HOLY SPIRIT did in you Pastor.

    GOD bless you Holy man of GOD for standing for CHRIST on that platform–I know it was not easy but to GOD be the glory. I was telling my wife, that fat guy was being used by the devil to attack you and even one of the 2 “Stews” admitted he was attacking you.
    He may think he is getting away with his shenanigans, jokes, and unseemly behavior–but when he attacked you he was touching the anointing (this is the true example of touch not mine anointed), and he will be rewarded for his evil doings.

    Like I said before, the doctor and that other guy have seared their conscience, but they (all on the panel) will never forget that day for ALL ETERNITY, and prayerfully they both, and the 2 “Stews” repent and come to the knowledge of the TRUTH–JESUS CHRIST before it is TOO LATE! It will take a Damascus road type experience or near death experience to convert them, and only the LORD can do that–but HE is able.

    Well done thou good and faithful servant!

  2. Thank you very much Elder Stephens. It was amazing watching it and remembering what it was like when the cameras werent rolling. And some of the comments that didnt make the cut.

    I say let God be glorified. He has done great things and it is marvelous in our eyes!

  3. Pastor Foster, can you please have the video of this episode posted to YouTube? I do not have satellite or cable service, but would love to catch this episode.

    Thanks in advance.

    GCMW: N’Cantina, I promise to get it on youtube as soon as I can.

  4. I’m just starting to watch it now on DVR. I had the DVR set to record a minute ahead of schedule and notice that they had the gay move Dirty Laundry on just before your show.

    Interesting that they would air that particular movie, on a Sunday night [Lord’s Day evening], just before someone who was highly critical of that movie is aired.

  5. IC, you noticed that too? I watched certain parts of the movie and it was as awful and propaganda driven as I thought it would be.

    Bobby Jones was awful as an actor. People may not realize it but the homosexual producers of the show, Keith Boykin and his male partner Nathan Williams had the male heterosexuals play homosexuals and the homosexual play heterosexuals. Williams was one of the “thug” cousins.

    There was a reason for that.

  6. Finished watching the show. I think the homosexuals on the panel helped prove why I don’t engage in prolonged debates with homosexuals. They want nothing of the truth. The “Dr.” was correct when he mentioned everybody is not a Christian, so the “Dr.” will affirm Jesus is Lord as he’s being tossed in the lake of fire, if he fails to repent. The bottom line is, those who don’t understand the truth of Christ will never be able to have a discussion on the matter from the sure foundation, rightly divided scripture.

    Aside from the fact the guy on there named “Kevin” was totally acting belligerent, my issue with the show was that you were pretty much on your own Pastor Foster. I mean if the “2 Live Stews” were supposed to somehow balance the discussion, they could not, because they were too busy looking for another drink. I think it would have been good if another Bible affirming Christian who was not a show host could have been there to possibly fight some of those darts being tossed at you Pastor. You held your own, but my point is that they were splitting time between 3 guests and two were attacking one, attacking you.

    What was most interesting, is that the “Dr.” who is homosexual openly declared to you that he wanted you to stop preaching the truth. “Kevin” while very disrespectful towards you never sought to silence your voice. Basically, while the “Dr.” was the more “civil” of the two homosexuals, he actually presents more of a threat, because of his professed desires to see someone like you SILENCED. The “Dr.” is the type that would seek to pursued government to silence Christians if he has the opportunity.

    And “Kevin” seemed upset his pastor kicked him out, but I don’t know what details were involved with that. I would certainly like to hear that pastor’s side of the story, because leaven can’t be kept in the House of God. A guy like “Kevin” remaining in a church assembly while he claims God approves of what he’s doing is dangerous. We don’t know if that pastor tried to first work with and reason with “Kevin”, before deciding “Kevin” had to be removed from the assembly of saints.

  7. I also saw what IC relied about that the “2 live Stews”
    were unable to balance the discussion.

    Well It may have not went the way you and I would like it to gone, but I believe that a small message was sent and maybe there are someone that will receive it and find salvation in Christ.

    Pastor Foster, Thanks for standing up for the Truth.

  8. Thanks IC and Beckrl, the feedback on this has been tremendous and 99% positive as far as I am concerned. Most have said that Kevin was a poor choice for the show and the hosts were poorly equipped to handle the subject matter and the structure of the show was poor.

    Nevertheless I thank God for it.

    I did want to point out IC that David Malebranche is a medical doctor who I think works for the CDC. I didnt want that slighted with quotes. Im not sure if you meant it that way.

  9. No I was not using quotes to slight the “Dr.”, just as I used quotes when speaking about “Kevin” and “2 Live Stews”.

    My only slight against the “Dr.” is that his being homosexual himself taints his answers on the subject. He was trying hard to avoid AIDS in America being blamed on homosexuals. He was trying to run from terms being used to identify certain homosexual activity, such as “down low” and so on.

    Rather than simply speaking the medical facts and figures, he was there as a homosexual advocate.

    It would have been much better if the doctor selected was not a professed promoter of homosexuality. Then maybe things would have been much less of an “attack the pastor” kind of show.

    Pastor Foster, you held up very well during their barbs. You avoided falling off into the flesh and telling “Kevin” were to go and how to get there… He really was running-over the show and your remaining calm was the right response. You stayed calm and stood on the Word of God without compromise. Never once did you let them off the hook from knowing homosexuality is sin, period.

  10. GCMWatch,

    I know a show like this is edited so that much of the content is left out. I have only one small criticism, not to be kit picky, cause I admire your tremendous courage, firm stance and Christian like behavior as you addressed many of the issues.

    I just thought you should have stated better that your change, as it is personal with you, is the change all “gays” should make. This is not an option based on one’s choice or personal belief, it is a command of GOD that all have sinned and need repentance. Otherwise, God bless your life and your ministry. KUDOS…

  11. Rob, if someone says they don’t want to be a Christian, there is nothing more we can do for them. If they reject, that is on their head and they will face judgement for that themselves. The “Dr.” made it rather clear he was not a Christian and had no leaning towards any interests in following Jesus. “Kevin” was basically one who desired to pervert the Gospel. Nothing more can be done but leave them to God.

  12. Rob, you may be right. I thought about a lot of things I could have said, but in the moment of the show, I just tried to say things as best I could because there are some nuances of change/overcoming that would take time to explain fully.

    That wasnt the time to do that. So rather than throw something out there that could have later become a misconstrued sound bite, I restrained myself somewhat.

    Thanks so much for your kind words my brother.

  13. GCMWatch,

    I understand perfectly well. Given the circumstances, I believe the LORD’s will was done. Praise God for the wisdom He blessed you to have.

  14. Pastor DL, I finally got a chance to go to my DVR recording and watch that show. Praise God for that wonderful stand you gave and lifting Christ up!

    That Dr refused to accept homosexuality as a sin, and he did as most gays do and try to discount the bible as the Word of God. At least gays are consistent. Since they reject homosexuality as sin, their next step is to try to say that God’s word is polluted because it was written by so many men, which that Dr alluded to.

    That fat guy was giving the impression that because “God made him gay” then it must be okay. He too showed his lack of understanding of sin as it relates to us being “born into” and seeking God’s way for our lives.

    You were right on no matter how those guys tried to get you to say that you were still attracted to men, you gave honor to your wife and your changed life in CHRIST!!!

    AMEN Pastor DL!

    Seeds have had to be planted and I’m praying for those men on the show as well as those who may have watched and are battling with those desires!

  15. Although “Kevin” claimed to be formed homosexual, when he was speaking of his history over time, it was obvious he really developed to embracing homosexuality, he was not “born” that way. But of course, no matter what sins we desire from the womb is no excuse to shun the commands of God. All died with Adam, but in Christ is life and if we love Him we’ll keep the commands of God. We can’t go calling sin a good thing to be embraced.

    The way “Kevin” was acting, I can only imagine how he was with the pastor he claims kicked him out of their assembly. Which is why I’d like to hear that pastor’s side and honestly I side with the pastor, because seeing “Kevin” I didn’t even want to watch him on TV spewing his mess. Never mind him claiming to be part of a church assembly with his twisted doctrines. He looks like a 1 Corinthians 5 case if ever there was one! He needs to see he’s promoting an evil false gospel and turn from it.

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