Identity issues and homosexuality

Its our belief that a major part of the spiritual dysfunction embedded within homosexuality and its ideology is attributed to the lack of a proper Kingdom perspective on one’s identity. As we have heard many times, most gays (including the religious ones) base the validity of their sexual behavior on the what they believe is the immutability of their sexuality. Of course, this isn’t true but has nonetheless taken root and become a formidable “doctrine” gay orthodoxy. What’s more it has become the weapon used by gay activists in their aggressive attempts to wipe out all institutional beliefs (including the church’s) that homosexuality is changeable. The church is battling with this ideology because it has allowed the gay christian movement to dominate conversations about the Bible and sexuality. Instead of being true and loyal to scripture, the gcm instead took the lie of the world and sprayed it down with a facsimile of God’s love. Thus, their ideology has become their theology.

The false picture of identity also accounts for the difficulty in presenting the truth of the gospel to the gay community. The hostility one often encounters is almost entirely a byproduct of a skewered picture of sexual identity.

We wrote of the importance of the Christian understanding of identity in Christ, but our friend Rik Fleming who writes at Journal of a Battling Christian has done a superb job at fully examining the various intersecting aspects of identity. Among them he deals with sexual identity. I guess you could say Rik wrote the part two of our commentary.

This is definitely going to help you if you want to understand why some gays are so vociferous against attempts to “change their orientation”. From that understanding it might also help you to reach them if you can get past the hostility. You’ll need the Holy Spirit’s help on that.

If you are like me and have self identified at some point in your past as gay, it will help to reshape your thinking (Romans 12:1-3) so that you come from under the bondage that you will always be “gay”. There’s no need to consider yourself as something you don’t have to be, especially since Christ died to give you a new identity (and name) in Him. Please check it out, it could be a critical turning point if you receive its truth.

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6 thoughts on “Identity issues and homosexuality

  1. There is nothing natural about homosexuality. Unfortunately, most if not all homosexuals are slaves, since homosexuality is fostered in order to bring people into slavery to Israel. This means that many, if not most homosexuals, believe themselves stuck in their practices, since as slaves it is required of them. The act itself makes the spirit weak, due to its confusion and unnatural and abhorrent quality.

    There is a way out of it. This is through faith in salvation through Jesus Christ. There will be a time when the bonds of captivity will be broken, and those who have been kept in prisons and in chains, including the chains of homosexuality, will be released. Does this mean to accept your state? No, but perhaps you can trust is God’s mercy if you feel overwhelmed and trapped. The message is clear, repent and leave it at the Cross, and wait for the Spirit to guide you. Don’t give up. Perhaps you will be strengthened sufficiently before the time of the Redemption to break your own chains, but you may feel that you are going to die by torture if you try to resist the captor.

    Keep praying, and wait for God. Wait for your marching orders. The Kingdom of God is at hand. Amen.

  2. A Great read at Rik’s ” Who am I”
    So true we all are trying to found our idenity even the gcm. We find it in Christ our Saviour.

    To found yourself a Slave to sin with no way to lose the chains. Until you come to Christ and saviour.
    Change is possible! But sanctification requires picking up your cross daily, dying to the desires of your sinful fleshly nature and learning self-discipline, self-control and how to walk in the Spirit.

  3. It’s not about heterosexuality but holiness in regards to homosexuality. I still have same sex attractions but choose to live as a Christian with these attractions which I don’t act upon. I pray more gay people see this distinction. It would help more people who wish to come out of active homosexuality so much easier.

  4. jysuper, I agree holiness is not about becoming heterosexual as a destination. Also, living out holiness means that sexual expression can only be heterosexual in the context of the marriage convenant. But understanding that does mean casting off the false “gay” identity which is restricts one’s progression into holiness and spiritual maturity.

  5. I agree. One of the things that I have learned is that there are no “gays” or “lesbians”. We all are created in the image of God. For some people who have homosexual attractions, being chaste is the best way. Not all people want to be sexually active with a man or woman. But for those who desire marriage, God’s Blessings to them.

  6. “Blessed is the man that endureth tempation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised that love him” James1:12kjv

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