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If you missed the show I was on (Black Men Revealed), fear not. You go see it all via The Savvy Sista.

Its broken up into about 6 videos, but they are good quality and sound.

See it now.

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  1. Pastor Foster, thank you for posting these videos as asked. I reviewed all five, and Kevin and David epitomize the blantant and deliberate confusion brought forward regarding homosexuality, AIDS, education/awareness, the Word of God, the church and shifting cultural mores. There was so much word-play regarding the labeling of homosexual behavior, personal responsibility and the expectations of people regarding sexuality that, to the casual observer, all manner of things can acted on without implication.

    This is a plan of satan to bring deliberate confusion, especially to the body of Christ, to people that do not know how to properly distinguish person from behavior from thought pattern regarding homosexuality. NO degree of quoting stats and accusing the church for supposedly elevating homosexuality as a sin above others erases the gravity of perversion involved with having sexual contact with someone of the same gender.

    This can also be viewed as another part of the great “falling away,” with the church not taking the hard, clear stand on what God has said. Pastor Foster, you contended for the faith in standing on the Word in the face of an overly-educated doctor who has no regard for scripture and a grossly disrespecting, unrepentant gay man, whose congregation did well to kick him out of the church when confronted with this sin.

    It was quite apparent that Kevin was using education and statistics regarding AIDS infection as a means to INFORM to help ebb the spread of disease rather than directly confronting the ACTIVITY that gives rise to it (no pun intended). I gathered that he gave a clear endorsement for people to move forward with this twisted behavior without any fore- or after-thought of the implications that gays (people on the DL) have on those they persue that are heterosexual. He, along with Kevin–who erroneously believes that every man has homosexual tendencies, have totally rejected the Word of God regarding same sex behavior. They also believe (and telling a mostly undiscerning audience) that it is “brainwashing” to tell a homosexual they are wrong according to scripture, even going further to reject the testimonies that God actually renewed Pastors Foster and McClurkin from this sexual sin.

    What is correct from Kevin is that we are in an age where “we are free” to tell and express who we are. This represents the boldness involved with unrepentant sin and actively squelching others who disagree. Continue to preach the Gospel….satan knows his time is short. It’s sad that his cohorts don’t realize this.

  2. Hey, pastor.

    I saw you on that show, and didn’t realize that you were the same person from this blog, even though I have had you on my blogroll for a long time.

    You stood your ground and represented your position well in the heat of all that skepticism and ridicule. (“Who wrote the Bible?”)

    I called my worship pastor to have him watch it, too. We were both angered at the way Kevin and the doctor tried to tell YOU what YOUR experience was!

    I like the Stews, but I think that unless they really encounter the Holy Spirit, every Christian stance will continue to seem ridiculous.

    I told my wife at the time that I really respected you for maintaining you calm and for being so doctrinally sound.
    Great job!

  3. MaxD,
    thank you sir. The show was quite an experience made palatable and possible to endure through the prayers of the saints on that night.

    Im what you call a “well known, unknown”. LOL

  4. Great show, pastor DL. Thanks for not compromising in any way. God’s word does not conform to us, but we are to be transformed by it.

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