Are you in The System?

Well everyone else is on Youtube, so why not little ole me? Especially, since we get quite a few comments here questioning (some rhetorical) what we are doing to help people who are involved in homosexuality.

Its unscripted, so excuse the flubs. 🙂

We’ll also let this post serve as an open forum as posting will be suspended until Sunday. We will be speaking in North Carolina at the Triad Summit on the Family.  All regular commenting policies apply and comments will be monitored and moderated.


6 thoughts on “Are you in The System?

  1. The “system” what a great media to reach out to help those that are fighting the flesh. I’ve learned if you can find those that have gone through what you are fighting you can gain spiritual support and find out that you are not along and that goes along way.

    By the way a very good YouTube vid.
    Let us now when you some to South Carolina.

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