Say yes!

A plea for those who are struggling with sexuality issues (or any issue for that matter) to submit themselves to God and say yes to Him. Saying yes from your heart opens up the deep wells of relationship with God that you long for. Rejecting Him and His Word blocks you out and creates a dryness like the wilderness.


3 thoughts on “Say yes!

  1. So true.

    I was watching a YouTube clip on Tabernacle Baptist Church early this morning during my C shift job. I have always had the belief that active homosexuality wasn’t right but now that I have distanced myself from people and places associated with the life, I feel a sense of sadness when you have people worship God and still have physical sex with one’s own sex and think nothing of it. When I was visiting Atlanta this past March, I originally planned on visiting the Vision Church where my good friend attends. I couldn’t bring myself to. I ended up visiting my other friend’s church (Victory Church in Stone Mountain) which was a little better but not too much. I’m not trying to babble on but I just want to send out prayers and pleas to my friends who attend Tabernacle, Victory, and Vision to see the light. They’re good people inside and really want them to see sexuality from God’s perspective.

    Praying for God’s Love to Intervene,


  2. Tabernacle, Vision and Victory are all under a spirit of delusion. And the fact of the matter is that it was sent to them by God. Anyone who attends should know that you will become subjected to that spirit.

    When God blinds you for rejecting his truth, you are in a dangerous place. You can jump, shout, cry, speak “in tongues”, dance, sing and preach but it is dead works.

    Jysuper, I believe there are some well meaning people there who perhaps dont want to live homosexually but they have lost the resolve to seek the Lord for freedom and have placed themselves under the influence of a spirit that will continually sap away at their spirit.

    At the end: a reprobate mind which will accept anything except God’s truth.

    To those from these churches and you feel a godly sorrow about where you are with God, there is only one way out. Take it while God’s mercy is extended.

  3. I have watched this video in its entirety and like what you said “Seek Jesus and not the church”. I can say for myself that I love Jesus more now than ever before because I seek look to him and not people for hope.

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