Man tells gay bishop to repent

Talk about boldness in the spirit.  See the video of a young British man who back in July openly confronted heretical gay bishop Vicky Gene Robinson in church. As Robinson speaks against the church for rejecting his homosexuality, the man boldly cries out “repent, repent! I stick to the Word of God! Repent!” The people push him out and began singing a hymn to drown out his words.

The media called it “heckling”, but this is in the bold prophetic tradition of the scripture when evil men rise up, God will anoint someone (a nobody?) to confront them.

Whenever sin raises it head in the church and attempts a takeover,  we must cry aloud and spare not (Is 58:1) Would to God that more true followers of Christ would stand up and speak out.

This is a great inspiration.

24 thoughts on “Man tells gay bishop to repent

  1. Good for him. Too bad people didn’t do that years ago in as these churches were turning apostate. Perhaps it would have put them back on track.

  2. In the state of California interrupting such a worship service is a felony BUT if you are a gay activist you can do it freely in San Francisco with impunity in a church that preaches against the sin of homosexuality.

  3. Like this years vote for President.
    Every vote counts (i think :))
    Every voice that stands up for the truth makes a difference. Even when it’s speaks again the church.

    I would hope more will stand up.

  4. Pastor Foster,

    Personally I like what the guy says about Gene Robinson (Sorry I wont call him a Bishop) at approx. 12 seconds into the video. If you listen he calls him a heretic. I think a heretic is the perfect description. In fact for now on we can substitute Bishop with heretic.

    Heretic Gene Robinson.

    I like that!


  5. Kyle you are right, thats the first word he says and it is exactly appropriate. How dare he stand in the house of God and lob accusations against those who wont accept and celebrate his abomination!?

    Heretic Robinson should repent.

  6. Wow..great find!! Never saw this before!! And in England where the Church is practically dead….God Bless this Young man!

  7. Yes, a brave young man. I saw this video when it came out on BBC but unfortunately I didn’t think it did much. This man was passionate about his faith, meaning for him it’s real and he’s willing to stand up for him, yet the clergy seem indifferent; they shrug their shoulders and shake their head and the man whose faith is alive is, in the end, given as an example of the weirdos they are up against.

    “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil…”
    Isaiah 6:20

  8. Hello and welcome Rev. Katanic. Thanks for those remarks. I was very touched by his passion amidst those who clearly rejected the Word of the Lord. I wish they had identified him.

  9. I admire the man’s courage, but this stands as a black day for the Church when congregants will sing hymns to push a man who speaks for truth out the door. [“They will reject the truth, and turn to fables…”

    I wonder if USAmerica cannot be far behind.

    –Sirius Knott

  10. Seems like the congregation has experienced this before. They knew on queue to start clapping then singing hymns….Hmm, satan was in charge of the worship in heaven…they were sending up profane fire “disguised” as worship to drown out the man that was firmly standing and proclaiming the Truth.

    Unfortunately, satan is in control of “most” of the music in these apostate churches today.
    Isa 6:20 VERY APPROPRIATE here!
    Heretic bishop is correct, and all those that are following him will end up in the same ditch unless they repent and come into the knowledge of the Truth.

  11. A brave soul indeed – do you happen to know if he was charged with a hate crime?

    What makes me sad is seeing all of the people in that church who are not discerning enough to be in a bible preaching church.

  12. I couldn’t make out what was being said, the people started clapping. It is more than sad! He has the gall to look as if he was being “persecuted for righteousness sake”. The people leading the man out the door and those singing need to repent also, they must not read their bibles, it should have been the other way around. Lead the hypocrite out of the church…1Cor 5

  13. Godly soldier you are right. After I looked at it again, the people began clapping almost on que as if they had practiced doing it. How chilling.

    @ cartwright…this is what I could term a worst case scenario in its infancy. Soon good will become evil and those in control via heretics like Robinson will have any dissension prosecuted via the law.

    I still say its time for us to make that choice whose side we are on and what we will do because it is inevitable.

  14. Wow! I read about this through a gay affirming magazine last week. They said that this man was homophobic toward Robinson. NOT! I guess he couldn’t let sin be tolerated. I do admire him for that because it was a courageous move.

  15. I blogged on this event when it happened. I cannot condone what this young man did – I feel it is utterly inappropriate for christians to disrupt services of worship in the same way Stonewall or Outrage does here in the UK.

  16. Question:

    Should “worship/fellowship” service be so formal that it shouldn’t be interrupted when error is being taught?

  17. Freddles I would think that if God wants to speak and correct error, then “disruption” is in order. After all it is supposed to be HIS house. But maybe the starched people heretic Robinson was talking to in the video dont know that.

    The biggest church disruption happened when Jesus turned over tables and whipped slumbags who had turned God’s house of prayer into a den of thieves. He also yelled at them.

    In todays church I guess that is called “disrupting worship”.

  18. I agree 100%
    Amen, amen & amen.

    Didn’t Jesus have his disciples go outside and platt him some switches together and beat the moneychangers and sellers with them :o)

    The only reason the heretics and false prophets/teachers continue and continue to grow is because the people support it. “Religion” is just like a family, a business or a neighborhood: they can’t stay in existence without support of it. Paul says to “mark those who are contrary to sound doctrine and AVOID THEM.” Christians keep running to them and defend them almost with their lives. I’ve heard of people who help other people talk about their mates, but if someone say something about their false pastor they’re ready to literally fight. I’m sure the “lay people” in this video has the same spirit of ignorance.

    God give us boldness as the apostles requested, even right after they had just been beaten for speaking the truth.

  19. So sorry to disagree with you on this when I agree with you on most everything you write, but Christ cleansed His Father’s House. He was and is God. He threw the traders out of the courts of the temple. He did not march in and shout down the priests at the evening sacrifice!

    Your point about ‘who were they worshipping’ is quite valid. But that DOES NOT give us as Christian Believers the right to cause public disorder. If we want freedom of worship and then deny it to others, we are hypocrites.

  20. Jonathan thank you I read your blog and agree with your viewpoint on the issues, but on this I disagree with you. I think the man’s denouncement of Robinson was in keeping with biblical witness.

    You may be discounting that God can raise up someone to speak for him at anytime, anywhere even if it is seen as “disruption” Actually, thats exactly what it is. God can use someone to disrupt anything that he chooses. Thats a matter of God’s sovereignty.

    Do you know if the man was a member of the church?
    Freedom of worship is a right, that is not threatened by denouncing sin in a public place. The man did no physical harm so his actions were to me representative of God anointing someone to call out institutionalized wickedness i.e. den of thieves.

  21. What would your view be if I told you that he broke the law in doing what he did?

    The gentleman in question who has since kept a low profile was not a ‘member’ of that particular church – no Church of England church has a ‘membership’ anyway, but the man in question was certainly not a regular attender at that church. The church in question is very liberal.

    My other feeling on this whole matter is that the ‘protestor’ just gave the Bishop more material to use. Having read the Bishop’s blog that he created for his tour of the UK, I believe that he genuinely thinks that he is doing God’s will. Of course, he is wrong – but he seems to be caught up himself in the grand delusion.

    GCMW: Jonathan, Daniel broke the law. That’s how he ended up in the lion’s den. God is greater than man’s law. I would gladly break any law which prohibits me from speaking out against evil in God’s house.

  22. You make a good point, although I can’t reconcile myself absolutely with your view on this matter. I cannot deny that if a man taught heresy in my own church I would stand up and shout him down, for all my Englishness! 😉 Keep up the work, you are a blessing to many people and your perspective is vital.

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