In the park, in the dark

With all the emphasis on being nonjudgmental and loving, I was just wondering how gay christian groups address this type of behavior? Is it a right, a privelege, is it because of “homophobia”? Is it sinful? Harmful to the community? A crime?


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  1. Their lies……..

    This is similar to the episodes in public bathrooms. They will try to tell you that this is merely an outlet because it is there only way to express their behavior in a world which shuns their behavior. In other words their the victims of a cruel world that is misunderstanding of their situation.

    The truth…….

    In fact it is quite similar to Sodom and Gomorrah actually. They merely like to congregate where there are large groups of men to engage in all matters of deviant sexual activities. It is means to try to satiate there carnal lusts.


  2. I might ask why not look at it from both sides. Gather all the information as MLK would say. In order to be fare about it, should you not be looking at the same behavior from heterosexuals?

    Why not show both sides of the story? How about the quick hook-up section of craigslist for heterosexuals? Seems rather biased when you don’t tell the whole story.

    Kyle, your version of the “lies” is a bit of a misrepresentation of what most GLBT groups and psychologist will tell you. These men are not victims of a cruel world. They are victims of low self-esteem, poor self-image, perhaps childhood sexual abuse, depression. Take a look at the pictures, do these look like happy people doing happy things?

    Gay or straight, such hook-up sex is not healthy. When people are not making healthy choices for themselves, it is generally a sign they are suffering from “issues.”

    Growing up with same sex attractions is not easy. Being gay is not always easy. If it were, there would be even fewer ex-gays. Your stake on is fine if you remove the humanity of those involved. Each one is there for their own reasons, and those reason mostly likely stem from some needed inner work. People, both gay and straight, who see themselves as worthy of love and worthy of healthy relationships tend to go find love not quick hook ups in the park or cheap sex on craigslist.


  3. Joe,

    Here are both sides.
    Heterosexual hook up is “SIN” and homosexual hook up is “SIN”. They both are “SINS”. And they are not suffering from “issues” or “not making healthy choices”, they’re suffering from SPIRITUAL DEATH and SIN.

    There are a lot of people, men and women, who have been sexually abused as children, who have had low self-esteem and who have had poor self-esteem that are not homosexual. There may be many reasons why a person CHOOSES a lifestyle, but there isn’t an excuse.

    I don’t think there is a single person on here who has covered up heterosexual immorality. It’s sinful and wrong. So is homosexuality. And to keep trying to justify a sinful attitude and behavior with another sinful attitude and behavior is weak.

  4. Why, Joe?
    You immediately JUMP to something that we have never advocated and never will. The question is in light of their emphasis on tolerance, love, acceptance and nonjudgmentalism, how does the gay christian movement respond to people and activities like this?

    Hello…. MCC, Fellowship, Gay Christian Network, UFC and all the other gcm groups? Are you there? Do you ignore these “marginal people”? Dont they need your love and acceptance? What are you doing to reach out to them? Or are they okay as they are? Maybe they were just born with an orientation to go have illegal sex in the park in the dark.

    Hopefully some of the love and tolerance people will show up and shed some light on this.

  5. My intention wasn’t to answer your question, it was to point out how utterly absurd the question is. Do these same chuches reach out to heterosexuals who sexual addictions? WHy would they reach out to homosexuals with sexual addiction problems. The point is that your question relies on the idea the churches the support gays are all about gays and most are not.

    Perhaps I should have been clearer about my reason for posting a comment in the first place!

  6. How would you know what the do and dont do when you are not a Christian or even attend a church of any kind?

    If the question is indeed absurd perhaps you have, by default, made the case for the absurdity of the love, tolerance and so called nonjudgementalism of the gay christian movement. And even cowardice.

    If you are trying to help them, youre not doing a good job.

    Like I said before, hopefully they will answer instead of letting an atheist answer for them.

  7. Why would they answer when you refer to them as “the love and tolerance people?” Your inviting them to fight with you. Is it any wonder that most won’t come. If you really want a conversation, you might ask them their take without refering to them as “So-called nonjudgmental” Like I said, few people will accept an invitation to fight.

    As for the other part of your question. I am an atheist who does not go to church. I do have a family who goes to church, friends who go to church and co-workers. I talk to my family, I know what they are involved in, what church activities they have, etc… Don’t discount what people may learn from what is around them. No one lives in a vacuum DL.

  8. I refer to them as who they have set themselves apart to be. If that’s not who they are then they are welcome to refute that.

    The real reason they wont “come” is that they know they have an indefensible false doctrine that they hope wont be scrutinized like we do here.

    Joe, your so-called nonviolent, ghandianism rhetoric doesnt work with me. This is a polemics blog. Check out the meaning or read the about us.

    Well since you know so many gay church folks why dont you invite all your gay church family members and friends to come answer whats the deal on the in the park, in the dark guys. We’d love to hear what they think about this.

  9. Joe,
    while it can be admitted that sexual sin encompasses both hetero and homo, but the statistics will still show that
    * gay male relationships civil unions/co habitating or otherwise still do not last as long as hetero relationships
    * AND gay relationships that have lasted over two years most will admit to several indiscretions outside of the relationship
    *the argument of low-self esteem, etc. can be attributed to a degree, but people with low self esteem also go to work because they understand the bills have to be paid and if they don’t work, there are consequences. As for these with the sexual additictions, consequences are irrelevant when LUST , not low-self esteem, drives them to perform sexual acts outside in broad daylight not caring if they are caugt or seen. LUST is the issue…gay or straight.
    *As for their happiness, I dont think anyone would have a big smile on their face while being photographed and booked for public indecency charges…do you?

  10. James,
    Please provide the statistics you speak of as I know for fact they are not true. As a side not, I have been with my partner for 9 years and there has never been any cheating or outside affairs. I can also tell you that most of my friends have been together much longer my partner and I.

    I also sense this is completely off topic and out of respect for DL, I would say you should email me the statistics to back up your claims.


    GCMW:Thanks, it is. Or move it to open forum.

  11. I still have not seen any police reports or sting operations which resulted in the arrests of men and women having sex in the park during the day or night. Generally, that has been the domain of the gay community. Police do sting operations on prostitution but generally thats in a private car or a private room, etc. That in no way makes the activity right but…

    There is something a bit more degrading about what is described going on in this Huntsville park.

    This happened before when I lived in Waco, TX. When I spoke out against it, the progay newspaper editor wrote a column criticizing me.

  12. You deleted my last comments. I must say I feel disappointed. I would have liked to hear you reply. I can see from your actions this is more about you appearing “right” than it is about the truth. Sad.

  13. We can only judge “gayity” from what God has already judged. We should voice our stances against this sin and pray for those with this terrible inner conflict and horrible choice.

  14. Pastor DL,

    I think you are being unfair with this post. It seems you are attempting to paint with one broad stroke all gay people as wiling to engage in sex ANYWHERE and let me tell you this is FAR from the truth. It almost sounds like the 11 O’clock news speaking about the “Inner City” refering to every area with a significantly black population as the “Inner City”. Just like all black people dont engage in ‘illegal activities’ not all gay men are perverts.

    As a gay man. I don’t frequent disgusting places. Infact, Im not even having sex. So to sum-total all gay men as promiscious is not only unfair its dishonest Sir. This post Sir seems a little leading dontcha think? 🙂 Surely a man of your intellect will realize that every time you say ALL you infact have just been dishonest.

    With Respect,

  15. Anthony, I dont see where you could have gotten the idea that I said or meant ALL gay people go to parks to have sex. That was not even inferred.

    The question on the table was/is: what does the gay church do with people like this?

    That was clear from the first word.

  16. Oh Pastor DL,

    With respect, it wasn’t clear to me Sir. Nonetheless, Thanks for the clarity. I have been to gay affirming churches and at least the Unity Fellowship Church speaks aggressively against the madness of ‘promiscuity’ hoping from partner to partner. While we disagree about sexuality, I have an amazing respect for you. I frequent GCMW so that I may not be solely focused on my perspective but rather I might know what the contrary position to mine is. I admit some areas of the bible are frustrating and downright seemingly ‘bent’ on controlling people. Nonetheless, I am still seeking answers. I have decided to go to Bible College, this is an issue so important with immediate rammifications for my life that I felt it was time to go immerse myself in study.


  17. Its good to hear that UFC doesnt officially sanction sexual promiscuity. Although this “park” issue is different in that its criminal behavior. Some political gay activists say that it is a normal release of gay men who are repressed. They are against these park stings.

    I wondered if the gay church believed the same thing since they typically parrot most of the same lines as the political gay movement. So far none of them have been brave enough to come here and speak up.

    But thank you for you comments, Tony. You and I definitely disagree on most things dealing with homosexuality but you are welcome here. And I hope that you learn more about God, his word and yourself in Bible school. I know I did.

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