SAFE preparing schools for Soulforce protests

Well…its that time again. Every year, the false prophets in training from Soulforce get on the bus and snake out on their campaign of false love, false equality and false humility. Christian students and campuses are being targeted by Mel White’s “don’t discuss the Bible” trainees.  We have had enough.

And so have others. A new initiative of students has launched SAFE, an acronym for Students Against False Equality to counteract the Equality Riders’ aggressive misinformation being waged against Christian Colleges. The false Equality Ride has gained steam as universities and colleges are forcefully blindsided by half truths, guilt complexes and public pressure to subject vunerable students to homosexual ideology and worse: homosexual conduct. What’s more, Equality Ride’s darker motive is to recruit students struggling with homosexual feelings at these schools into joining the yearly reign of terror. This year, the ex-TBN youth phenom Azariah Southworth (remember him?) is getting on the bus to help lure young people into rebellion against God and in the process doom themselves to a life with no future.

We’ve had enough.

If you are a student, parent of a student, faculty or pastor students near at any of the following schools or past schools targeted by Soulforce and you are tired of the intimidation, I urge you to contact SAFE at  They also have set up a daily blog you can visit. SAFE will provide information and guidance for students and instructors to engage these potential pied pipers with strong, irrefutable truth. Responding with love never means that Christians must be bullied by half truths and intimidation tactics.

Volunteers with SAFE have already begun an intensive 30 day public information campaign beginning with information being sent to administrators,  students, alumna and pastors on Christian and HBCU campuses in all along the route of schools targeted by Soulforce and the Equality Riders.

Help spread the word. Let’s keep Christian college campuses SAFE from Soulforce.


7 thoughts on “SAFE preparing schools for Soulforce protests

  1. Living in the last time. Gotta have a made up mind bout who u are for these days. I am for God and I am against this madness. I wonder why these Schools would allow them to come and spread this madness. One World, One Church Inclusion is here and churches have sold out for money. We knew it was coming, because it is written of in the word of God. I hate Satan and all of his works and he and his people have their reward eternal damnation.

  2. Is this true? At one point I supported Azariah Southworth thinking he was condemned for being homosexual as opposed to homosexual acts. Soulforce and Mel White needs to search the scriptures and come to the real truth. All of the gay christian stuff just makes me sad and angry. It seems like churches in metro areas are vulnerable to this.

  3. Yeah, jysuper, Southworth wasnt being condemned, or persecuted, he wanted the church to applaud his sin. And this is his response. Its sad and shameful that he would come out of the closet and join these bus riding false prophets against innocent college kids. Most of whom are they just trying to get a good Christian education.

    Look on the Soulforce website and youll see his picture and story about why he joined.

  4. Thank you. I did look at Soulforce’s website and saw his and other’s profile. I want to make it clear that I don’t hate any of these people in the profile because I was once them. I believe what they believed and while I still have attractions, I don’t give in to them. It’s hard sometimes though. All of these people need unconditional love, compassion, and understanding without condoning their sin. We just need to pray that they see the truth and turn to holiness.

  5. Wonderful! So great to have a group that prepares others to stand up to Soulforce. I’m really proud of our young folks in Christ. Is it me or does it seem that our next generation of adults are becoming more radical for Christ?

    As the apostasy and wickedness grows, so do our young believers.

    Just awesome! Thank God for them!

  6. This is certainly good news! Thanks for providing the SAFE information and link. I have added it to my blogroll.

    I noticed that Soulfarce eliminated Biola U. from it’s targeted victims this year. Hmmm….wonder why?

    I think that it may have to do with the fact that they were absolutely kind to them, yet those who listened to their propaganda would not budge from their biblical convictions.

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