Gospel Music Association spineless on homosexuality

Some say he’s gay and honest, but Ray Boltz is a backslidden Christian who made money hypocriting his way through church life as a “gospel singer” until the devil finally penetrated his mind. Its also interesting that after Boltz became a homosexual and divorced his wife, she joined the christian terror group Soulforce. Boltz said he used his music to talk about his homosexuality:

“I was so good at pretending/like an actor on a stage/but in the end nobody knew me/only the roles that I portrayed/and I would rather have you hate me/knowing who I really am/than to try and make you love me/being something that I can’t”  (from the song God knows Ive tried)

That’s why its important to examine music based on God’s word, not your emotion because music naturally FIRST connects and appeals to the emotions. Emotions can be misleading especially if a person’s life is not submitted to God. Boltz and many others are proof of that.

But that’s not the real story. The real story is the spineless, jellyfish response of the Gospel Music Association when asked about Boltz’s public declaration of homosexuality.

According to OneNewsNow, when asked about Boltz’s homosexuality, The Gospel Music Association — the group which gives out the Dove Awards — told the [Washington] Blade, “We do not comment on the lifestyle choices of people in our community.” The GMA (John Styll, president pictured left) even denied that it is a religious organization!

That’s an interesting choice of words.  So Christians can now have certain unmentionable  “lifestyle choices” which are off limits to any commentary? The reason the Gospel Music Association (I emphsize Gospel) is pretending to be nuetral on the “lifestyle choices of people in their community” is because they know that a great majority of the so-called gospel singers they give awards to are in a degenerate spiritual condition and if people knew just how messed up they are, they wouldnt buy their records. And the GMA wouldnt have an awards show. And nobody would make any money.

The GMA is lying plain and simple because if one the members of “their community” was found out to be a closeted white racist they would be falling over themselves denouncing it and distancing themselves from it. Its easy to deduce based on the GMA’s refusal to take a stand against immorality that they knew of Boltz’s homosexuality all along, but did not want to stop the flow of money into the organization. They know that others are deceiving the church also, but the lust of money has reduced them to self absorbed fools.

Check out the list of spineless liars who are afraid to say if a Christian is a homosexual then it is wrong. Among them their chaplin Bishop Kenneth Dupree, who is a member of Higher Ground Always Abounding Assemblies (HGAAA). Dupree married Natalie Cole in 2001 and divorced her a scant three years later. Her third, his second divorce.

I guess this is why the GMA doesn’t comment on the “lifestyles” of its members. They are all in the secret sin network together.

People often ask me what should they do with the music of people like Boltz after a person publicly departs from the faith. There is no biblical guidance on it so it really becomes a matter of personal choice.  The more important issue is that we do not let someone’s talent cloud our judgment thereby justifying their sin. No amount of singing, talents, gifts or fame will cause one to have eternal life with Christ, only repentance and faith in Him opens the doors to the kingdom of heaven. Sadly for these people, unless they repent, their works will perish in the fire when tried.

Please STOP supporting these organizations while they spit in your face and deny the Bible’s truth.


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  1. Thanks for your perspective. For many years I have appreciated Ray’s songs and this has really disappointed me.

    I especially appreciated this sentence. “The more important issue is that we do not let someone’s talent cloud our judgment thereby justifying their sin. No amount of singing, talents, gifts or fame will cause one to have eternal life with Christ, only repentance and faith in Him opens the doors to the kingdom of heaven. Sadly for these people, unless they repent, their works will perish in the fire when tried.” Amen.

    Stephen C. Weber

  2. I sit here today absolutely stunned?? What is going on in the body of Christ? The GMA is behaving wickedly….and RAY BOLTZ comes out as ‘Gay’????

    Though I am not much of a fan of modern christian music, Mr. Boltz was a name I knew well through friends and such…

    This is unbelievable and dangerous…how many other people will follow these examples?

    We truly must be in the end days.

    What next???

  3. i stopped reading at ‘hypocriting’ because a) it’s not a word. and b) Boltz was faithfully married to his wife for years before coming out. And just because someone is ‘gay’ doesn’t mean that he’s ‘more evil’. The Bible condemns the act only (for which Boltz seems to have avoided till now). If you think that’s being a hypocrite, you’re reading a different Bible.

    I have gay friends and I know that it’s not as easy as just saying, ‘I’m not gay’. All these friends have all tried to be straight and one of them has determined to be single all his life. He’s still gay, he still has thoughts (just like straight guys do) but he’s still a Christian and trying not to be involved in the lifestyle.

    It’s sad that Boltz couldn’t finish the fight, but I wouldn’t throw out his career because of it.

  4. Devon,

    Thanks Bro! I have been saying the same thing for a while now. Here I am sitting here dumbfounded by this and yet it is actually OBVIOUS what is going on. I say to myself DUH! This is so obvious that we are in the last days seeing that homosexuality is not just some 4% of the populace but rather rampant amongst our society. We see it popping up all over in our media, Television, and yes the Church.

    Dude! Lets face it we ARE at the end times. Look how God is punishing us with our current economy which is about to collapse. When the House of God is replete with deviants it should immediately dawn on us where we are in God’s timeline.


  5. “No amount of singing, talents, gifts or fame will cause one to have eternal life with Christ, only repentance and faith in Him opens the doors to the kingdom of heaven.”

    Amen! It’s high time that many realise this. Instead, the singing, talents, gifts and fame is often used to excuse wrongdoing.

  6. Adam Green although youre being a bit shallow, I’ll answer you with all sincerety. It looks like your response is a sympathy driven. Does God have sympathy on people when they say they cant quit sinning? Does that mean God gives them a pass because they tried and couldnt do it. Is there anything you can think of that God has done to give us power and mastery over sin? Whatever that is do you think it is effective?

    Why do homosexuals think they are the only people who cant stop doing what they are doing and feel justified in it? Why does Ray Boltz come to the conclusion that because he cannot stop thinking about having sex with men, that means God created him homosexual. Where is that in the scripture?

    You should also know that the issue is not about being “straight”. That’s a mega red herring. Maybe you could be more equipped to help your friends if you stopped sympathizing with them and started giving them God’s truth. For instance, what if I said to you: “Ive tried to stop killing people. I have prayed and begged God to help me stop killing. But its not easy. Maybe this is what God wants me to do because it feels natural to me? What you be your response?

    Read Just an ex-exgay prayer away?

  7. WOW, that is truly unbelieveable.

    The songs,”Thank You,” “Watch the Lamb,” “The Anchor Holds,” and “I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb”
    Will now be tide to a Gay man.

    That says because God created him that way. Will then God judge him for being created gay.
    This is truly sad:(

  8. Berkrl despite my tough language in the post, this is truly a sad and grevious occasion. Anytime someone departs from the faith because of deception is another sobering message from the Lord that we should cling to him and him alone. While all of us are suspectible to falling away, if we build our house on a firm foundation, this is minimized greatly.
    But when you trace back on these people’s lives you will see that they did not do this even while they were claiming to be saved and Christian.
    When you read the Boltz account to the gay newspaper, you can see he had been living in self deception for quite sometime.

    It was the same with Anthony Venn-Brown story. The problem comes in when they began spreading their deception as truth. We must counter it regardless of who they are.

    Again, sad but as Klye said. we are in the final days before the Lord comes and should expect much more of this.

  9. Too many people go by their feelings / opinions on these matters and do not depend on Gods Word and especially pertaining to Leaders as Instructed and Qualified by the Pastoral Letters 1&2 Timothy, Titus…How many popular leaders,singers just take a “vacation” and then start back in

  10. Of course it’s sympathy driven. After all, God had sympathy on my sinful state and sent Jesus. And Jesus had sympathy, not only in his death, but also in his life. He cried over Jerusalem because they wouldn’t repent, he refused the (rightful) stoning of the adulterous woman, he talked with the Samaritan woman, and the list goes on.

    My previous comment shows no sympathy for the act, I said the act was wrong. But I will show sympathy and love to the people (yes I would try to show love to a serial killer by the way!), because that’s how Christ treats me.

    Anything less is sin.

    I prefer following Galatians 5:22-23 in my life.

    Your post sounds more like Galatians 5:20 – enmity, strife, disputes, and anger …

    God bless

  11. The question I have is this…..was Mr. Boltz ever saved? Can this man that sang some wonderful Christian songs, was he all along a charlton?

    I ask this because from my theological pov, I believe that once a person is truly regenerate, he cannot lose his salvation ( I am not dogmatic on this but this is what I see) so now that Ray is comfortable being Gay and seeing men, what does it say about his past??

    This is just awful all around….shocking…

    If Ray had just come out and said he was struggling with sexual sin, then we can understand that and we can support him in prayer and such….but he has now openly embraced evil and now is willing to work for the forces of the evil one…AND his wife also….unbelievable….

    I will still be praying for Ray for true conviction and perhaps even for true salvation….

    I cannot imagine how anyone that is truly saved can go the way Ray is going?

  12. Adam, what does sympathy change? Feeling bad about how someone feels what does that really change? In that respect you are mischaraterizing Jesus AND God’s actions towards man’s sins.

    Does sympathy help a man get a job?
    Does sympathy change a mother’s loss of her son to drugs and violence?

    Even if the act is wrong, how does sympathy change anything?

    Jesus didnt have sympathy on us! He died because there was a price to be paid for sin to satisfy the anger of God against mankind! Didnt you know that?

    Maybe your sentiment towards Boltz is well meaning, but it really does nothing to help or change the situation. Not only does it dumb down the purpose of the cross, it only helps people like Ray Boltz get into hell quicker.

    If I was drowning the last thing Id want from you is your sympathy.

  13. Sympathy changes a lot!

    Actually, if you were drowning my sympathy (or empathy) would save your life (I would throw you something, or swim out to save you). You wouldn’t want my apathy (I would walk past and look the other way)

    What wouldn’t save your life is me preaching to you from the shore about how you shouldn’t go into the water without a life vest.

    When I say sympathy I mean – feelings or impulses of compassion. (straight from the dictionary too!)

    The reason God didn’t punish man in his anger is because he had compassion, and sent Jesus instead.

  14. Until ministers, ministries and other Christians stop promising that gay people will become straight when they decide to follow Christ we will always have the struggles similar to Ray Bolz’s story. The issue is not really straight or gay. It is what the scriptures reveal as appropriate as it relates to sexual behavior. For many, MANY, people that will mean celibacy.
    There are some things that only our love for Christ causes us to lay down; even something as intrinsic to one’s nature as they sexual inclinations.
    Jesus came to affiirm and then fulfil the OT law. He didn’t change the sexual mores of the old covenant. He affirmed the prophets and the law. All of us have to live accoording to the truth. A man who desires to have sex with many women or have many wives also has to obey the scripture. It is hard to follow the word of GOD. It takes sacrifice and a commitment to obedience.
    My heart understands Ray Bolz’ struggle. I have been very blessed by his song “Thank You.” I can recall the first time I heard the song. I was moved to tears. The LORD used this man even in his great struggle.
    Perhaps his struggle was as much of a thorn as Paul’s issue, or my issue or any of your issues; spoken or unspoken.

    GCMW: Elder Jimmy, this issue causes so much confusion because the devil is behind it. Im glad we can discuss it and all hopefully arrive back at the beginning (God’s word) as our anchor. What bothers me most about Boltz’s “struggle” is that although he tries to tell his story to elicit sympathy he was using his music, his God given gift to deceive others. Especially the line in the song which he says “I was so good at pretending/like an actor on a stage/but in the end nobody knew me/only the roles that I portrayed” That’s why I called him a hypocrite.

    What Ray did cannot be viewed as okay by the orthodox church.

  15. If someone is fool enough to get into water and cant swim, my preaching before or sympathy after is a moot issue.

    However the scripture says that God CHOSE the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe. Or accept it as true. 1 Cor 1:21, Romans 10:14

    What I can’t understand is if this is what God chose to save “drowning” people, why would you (as a Christian) say preaching wouldnt save them but sympathy would? You still seem to be ignoring the fact that Jesus paid a brutal price to save us and sympathy wasnt involved with it. Jesus became a sacrifice, a debt owed. It wasnt because God felt sorry for us.

  16. “What I can’t understand is if this is what God chose to save “drowning” people, why would you (as a Christian) say preaching wouldn’t save them but sympathy would? You still seem to be ignoring the fact that Jesus paid a brutal price to save us and sympathy wasn’t involved with it. Jesus became a sacrifice, a debt owed. It wasn’t because God felt sorry for us.”

    WoW! Pastor Foster, so true.

    (Sarcasm on)

    You have to understand the Church today is all about “love”. You know the sappy feeling we have inside. That’s what Jesus is all about. You see the Jesus you believe in is too demanding and seems to harsh. Why can’t we all just have a lovey dovey good time. Besides, judge not lest ye be judged.


  17. You said,
    “It wasnt because God felt sorry for us.”

    I disagree. In John 3:16, we are told that God saved us because he loved us.

    And from Romans 5:
    But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

    In the Gospels, we are told that Jesus healed some of the lame and blind because He felt sorry for them, had compassion for them.

    Now, you can also argue, quite rightly, that Jesus healed the sick also because He was fulfilling Old Testament prophecy, and you’d still be correct.

    This is not a mutually exclusive thing, in other words.

    God takes sin seriously, and His price had to be met via the suffering and death of Jesus, but one of the reasons He was moved to save mankind is because He is Love and He loved us, even when we were still sinners..

  18. ssb, John 3:16 as you pointed out says he loved the world.

    Let’s try it using the word you/Adam want to use.

    For God felt so much sympathy for the world, he gave his only begotten Son….

    Ok, Let’s try the word sorry.

    For God felt so sorry for the world, that he gave his only begotten Son…

    Now, how does sorry and sympathy sound against love? The love expressed in the verse is not passive it is an active word a commanding word which birthed an act, HE GAVE. He loved, thus he gave.

    When someone says I love you, are you saying that what they are really saying is I feel sorry for you? Thats an odd way to express love.

    Remember in this post we are not talking about Ray Boltz being SICK, but in sin.

    You bring up being sick and lame to prove Christ’s compassion. You are right, but being sick or lame is not a sin. So that’s not a equitable comparison. You can be sick all your life, never be healed and still have eternal life with Christ. You CANNOT be in sin all your life and inherit eternal life. 1 Cor 6:9-11

    Again, God simply loved us sinners or not. But the reason he GAVE his Son to die is because there was a sin debt (that we could not pay) which demanded innocent blood.

    Please stop trying to pour sugar over Isaiah 53.

  19. To use those songs that I understood to be for christ, the love of Christ ,but he meant them to be away for him to call out to homosexulity within himseft.

    Do you feel betrayed? I do.

  20. No, I don’t feel betrayed. I am only familiar with two of his songs. I feel more betrayed by people who sing songs of faith and Christ and then find out they are not living what they sing ( I have been there myself). When that is exposed I feel deeply disappointed and a little betrayed. His lyric may is his experience (?). He may be using it to decieve others and illicit sympathy.

    Regarding sympathy: That is the wrong word to use, I think given it’s meaning. I think Christ did have compassion for the world and his cmpassion and love did cause him to choose to save that which was lost. Sympathy is a feeling……Compassion is an action. It took compassion for us to save us why we were “yet sinning”. It was his compassion that caused him to become identified with the human experience and be fashoined as a servant and become obedient unto death; even the death of the cross.
    Love: Yes God is love. 1 John 4:8 His love is not our interpretation of that word. It is far removed from our culturalization of the word . I love those shoes, I love me[sic] some chit’lins. I love that song, etc.
    GOD is over and above all HOLY. His love flows from his holiness. His holiness demands righteousness and unrighteousness demands judgement.
    GOD’s love cannot be separated from His holiness.
    His love is not namby pamby, icky gooey feelings, it is pure, holy and just. Even Christ’s coming (in compassion) had as it’s objective to bring the worls into the relationship with a holy GOD. “I am the LORD walk before me and be Holy”, he said to Abraham. When he revealed himself he did so as holy.

  21. The Gospel Music Association is not a Christian organization?

    Your site confronts me with so much difficult information that oftentimes I cannot even bear to visit it!

    GCMW: Job, I didnt make that up. Here is the quote from the article:

    The Gospel Music Association, the organization that gives out Dove Awards, said via e-mail that “GMA is a trade organization that works for our members to promote gospel/Christian music, not a religious or political group. As such, we do not comment on the lifestyle choices of people in our community.”

    My apologies for the “hard truth” my brother. Know that Christ is supreme above it all.

  22. I have to comment on this issue of John 3:16 being used as a proof text that God felt “sorry” for us and that’s why Jesus died on the cross. The verses immediately following are important to understanding this in its proper context. In particluar where Jesus discusses the issue of condemnation. If we follow the idea of “sympathy” as God’s motivation for salvation we wind up in the heretical doctrine of universalism. In other words a “loving” God would never send anyone to hell. When it comes to the issue of the love of God, we have to think biblically. For instance was the Apostle Paul being unloving when he told the church in Corinth to expel the brother who had his fathers wife? The situation with Ray Boltz is emblematic of a larger, more disturbing issue that is affecting the body of Christ overall. The sad reality is that we are no longer amazed by grace. Because of the sad state of preaching and teaching today we spend too much time distressing over our dilemmas, our tests, our trials and looking for quick fixes in order to feel better about ourselves, while at the same time being tolerant of our sins. We presume upon God’s grace as if he had to save us, has to keep us, has to provide for us. Until we begin to take our sins seriously instead of using grace as a get of jail free card this kind of thing will only get worse. Judgement is coming, and it will begin at the house of God.

  23. That sound you hear? Is the so-called “religious right” slamming on the brakes and taking that abrupt “left”. Why? Because it’s where everyone else is going.

    I suppose if the GMA saw a bridge, we know what they would be doing too.


  24. and I wonder why I don’t like most “Christian” music. Save for a few worship songs we do at church that I like and a couple of dcTalk songs, there is very very little religious music on my iPod. I would rather listen to secular artists, knowing they are unsaved, carefully rating on a song by song basis, than hear a so called christian artist acting all holy and find out they were not living what they were preaching. They call it a “ministry” but it’s really a business.
    And to those who are making the claim that Mr. B*ltz’s actions must be holy because God gave him his musical gift I have two words for you: Michael Jackson.

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