Never congratulate rebellion and sin

The shock and awe reverberating through the Christian community at singer Ray Boltz’s homosexual announcement has prompted many to look again at homosexual ideology which Boltz seemed to embrace immediately. Some say we should just pray and not condemn Boltz. Others are congratulating him for being “honest”. How should we view what is surely not the last shocking announcement regarding prominent people in ministry who decide to openly declare their homosexuality?

Christian Theology posted a thought provoking commentary entitled “Ray Boltz is a homosexual: Shouldn’t we be glad that he’s happy?

Doug Eaton, the writer, makes three solid points as to why joining in Mr. Boltz’s (and other gays claim of) “happiness” is not a good thing for Christians. Summed up, Eaton says:

1.  Boltz’s fall was a progressive move into sin.

2.  Scripture is relegated to less or low priority in resolving sin issues.

3.  Putting personal “happiness” above obedience to God has negatively infected the American church.

To congratulate Boltz and others who backslide into homosexual sin is dangerous for the church because it celebrates sin and rebellion. Reference 1 Corinthians 5.

“I for one will not be glad that Mr. Boltz has found a home in the homosexual lifestyle, even if he does claim to have a happiness he didn’t have before.  Instead, I will weep for him to come home.”

I agree wholeheartedly.  But people get ready, Boltz’s move will only embolden others. Its just a matter of time.


3 thoughts on “Never congratulate rebellion and sin

  1. Pastor DL, the same can be said of Tonex, given the secular music he is putting out now, the associations he now has in performing for events w/large groups of homosexuals, the profane ranting done on-line last year, doing interviews on gay-friendly radio, etc.

    Yes, as one becomes more comfortable with his/her sin, there is an emboldening to not only continue in it, but dig deeper into it thusly. There is a distinct difference in being honest and continuing to wallow in sin for the sake of “honesty.”

  2. The news of Ray Boltz “coming out” is surprising. I listened to his music for years. I never would have thought… Despite this news, I must submit myself to God all the more. I, like the rest of us who love the Lord, must resist the devil (in thought, word, and deed) and he will flee from us (James 4:7). It doesn’t sound like Ray’s resisting too much at the moment. Lord, help us to win our battles over the flesh and the wrong mentalities and schools of thought. Help us to think as you think and be renewed in our minds (Romans 12:2; Ephesians 4:23).

  3. There is a liberal infection in the church right now, homosexuality is just a part of it. The floodgates are opening.

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