10 great posts you might have missed

If you just came aboard GCM Watch as a regular reader, here are some really great posts you might have missed from our early days.

1. What’s in a name?
Like Pulpit-Pimps, we often get accused of “name-calling”. Even our proven assertion that the gay christian movement is led by false prophets was rejected (by a non-Christian source) as just another example of mean spirited name calling… more

2. The legacy of John Boswell’s brilliant lie
Yesterday, we explored the life, impact and tragic legacy of gay historian and intellectual John Boswell as well as the impact of his most controversial book Christianity, Social Tolerance and Homosexuality. Today we continue by further exploring Boswell’s impact on gay christianity…more

3. MCC minister imagines “Jesus in love”
Wikipedia concludes that imagination “is accepted as the innate ability and process to invent partial or complete personal realms within the mind from elements derived from sense perceptions of the shared world.”…more

4. Tracking the gay christian movement 1968-2007
A ministry leader says that “evangelical” churches are trending towards fully accepting homosexual conduct. But is he right or wrong?…more

5. BET show on homosexuality poorly discussed
And poorly moderated. There’s not much good to be said about the oxymoronic BET show ”Meet the Faith” particularly this segment on homosexuality which aired in June…more

6. What do false prophets do when they’re cornered?
The short answer is they spout more false prophecy. In this case, we found out the bad apples don’t fall far from bad apple trees. Recently, we received an e-letter from John Garlington, an unknown personage within The Fellowship…more

7. Radical inclusion as religious hyperbole
What’s wrong with The Fellowship’s doctrine of “radical inclusion”?… more

8. Is it “hateful” to use the Bible’s tough language?
Ever since the Editor of the gay christian online magazine, Whosoever discovered GCM Watch had put her false doctrine on blast, she has been beating the bushes for her itching ear supporters to drop in and condemn our writing…more

9. Proper Biblical interpretation: hermenuetics
Understanding Hermeneutics: its application and impact and right division of the scriptures. Hermeneutics is a Christian discipline of biblical study.  As such, hermeneutics refers to the process…more

10. Churches: Beware of the tactics of GCM clerics
This is the story of the gay, white Pastor Foster. Its also a signal lesson on how through false “good works”, homosexual clerics are seducing unsuspecting congregations into acceptance…more