Briefly watching: Jakes, Pearson and Blake

Several current reports pertaining to issues GCM Watch has covered before are worth noting briefly.

Although unconfirmed by Church of God in Christ (COGIC) officials, word is out that TD Jakes will be preaching at the organization’s 101st convocation in Memphis. Several sources have said Jakes will speak on Sunday night. More on this as it unfolds.

Disgraced former Azusa founder, Carlton Pearson,  who began preaching a false gospel called inclusion eight years ago, has folded his church into a Unitarian congregation according to the Tulsa World. Pearson’s church, at the height of his Pentecostal popularity, numbered overed 6,000. Pearson has also been showing up at Atlanta’s gay inclusive trending Cathedral at Chapel Hill founded by another disgraced minister Earl Paulk.

Defending Contending says Christian teacher Ravi Zacharias has “crashed and burned” by compromising sound doctrine. Zacharias called a Roman Catholic mystic “one of the greatest saints of recent memory”. GCM Watch questioned Zacharias response to gay christianity here.

A COGIC Evangelist questions current presiding bishop’s committment to upholding biblical truth about homosexuality. Evangelist O A Flagg says Presiding Bishop Charles Blake “seriously loosened holiness moorings” when he allowed openly homosexual cleric Rev. Peter Gomes to preach twice at West Angeles.

Another gay christian pens yet another arrogant, heresy-laden book  defending homosexual christianity. Dr. Patrick Chapman, who says he tried to be straight but failed, now blames that on “evangelicals” While Chapman repeats several worn out cliches he urges gays to get into the religious battle by “learning the bible” which he believes will ultimately defuse all Christian opposition to homosexuality. As GCM Watch noted before the religious gay agenda is in lock step with the political gay agenda. Although they claim to be Christians, their ultimate goal is to destroy opposition to homosexual culture.

A black Christian film producer is under fire from the homosexual community for his play “Church Mess” in which it is said that God can heal AIDS. Homosexual activists called the belief of Atlanta-based Revs. Chad and wife Alicia Cooper a “perverse and dangerous message”. The play opens in Winston-Salem, NC today.


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