Big ticket item for COGIC may cost souls

According to TD Jakes website, he is scheduled to speak at the 101st COGIC convocation. At a reported $50,000 per appearance, he is what you would call a “big ticket item”. Money isnt the issue, COGIC can easily pay Bishop Jakes fifty thousand dollars if it wanted to, but is it worth helping to spread the influence of a man who is in serious dereliction of duty?

Something’s definitely rotten here. Bishop Blake has already made one mega mistake by giving the pulpit over to openly gay cleric Peter Gomes at West Angeles in 2003. He said that he didn’t know.

But with the massive amount of very public information on TD Jakes’ blatant false doctrine, ungodly associations, and highly questionable personal character (Im not even going to link to it all)  what will Bishop Blake’s excuse be this time? Has the convocation selection committee properly vetted its speakers? Is there a vetting process at all? Have they asked Bishop Jakes the hard questions before he mounts the platform in Memphis? Or is this just a tangible sign of what many people see as the beginning of the end for COGIC?

Pastor Harvey Burnett at Dunamis Word blog asks additional questionswhich should be answered openly and succinctly by COGIC officials. But they most likely won’t. The grinding machinery of church business has little concern for honest dissension. There are voices of dissent in COGIC but most seem afraid to acknowledge openly what they feel in their hearts. That’s called “fighting leadership”  one of the top sins in COGIC.


Many have indeed questioned why the nation’s largest black pentecostal denmonination is so quiet, passive and complicit in its dealings with more and more homosexual clergy peeking out of the closet and more cases of clergy sexual abuse. But I learned something the other day. COGIC bishops seem to be administratively impotent and have very little power to correct moral, doctrinal, legal and sexual misconduct in the ranks of its clergy.

Unlike say, the AME church where a bishop has considerable governing autonomy, COGIC’s rules, and processes of appeal make it almost impossible for someone to face real justice within the organization. This maze of rules and appeals are backed by the influential General Council of Pastors and Elders. A ranking source within the church told GCM Watch that the rules have so many holes and loopholes, its quite possible that a person may never be brought to so-called “church justice”.

He cited several ongoing cases, one of which has been going in for over 10 years and the pastor is still violating the church rules and “direct orders” from his bishop. But he has manipulated the system over and over, thus prolonging any real resolution.

It provided greater perspective as to why nothing was done when parents reported murdered Pastor Ronald Paigein Arkansas to Bishop LT Walker. Walker might as well have been a Chinese citizen. The source said that COGIC bishops are, for practical purposes, ecclesiastical figureheads with no real authority when it comes to serious matters. The sad thing is that the rank and file of COGIC arent aware that their bishops have only minor ecclesiastical authority when pastoral sexual misconduct is reported to them. That’s precisely why Sherman Allen of Fort Worth could do what he is accused of doing while his bishop —who knew of the crime for over 17 years— did little to nothing.

We did just that in 2002 when Bishop Walker and State Secretary Jewel Withers were presented with specific evidence of an ordained elder in their charge who had organized an online group of black homosexual ministers.  But a decade later, Elder Ronald Kimbrew, an elder at Greater Trinity COGIC in Little Rock who founded the group is still on staff at the church. Look for yourself (scroll down).

No, its not just the Methodists and Episcopals who are being outwitted by homosexual clergy. COGIC is just starting its journey to fully accepting homosexual men and women as clergy. Impossible you say?  Just a few years ago, we all though it a fantasy that our country could legalize gay marriage. But its a shocking reality now. Just like in the other churches, it was a private issue whispered about for many years.  But now, with the advent and unassuming ascension of the gay christian movement, those inside denominational walls are actively pursuing a recognized place in leadership.

So that’s why TD will mount COGIC’s platform and preach one of his usual emotionally charged, super-exposited sermons, the people will scream back at him and then “shout”. Its not like anybody would actually challenge him on his false doctrine anyway.

If youre a member of COGIC and this news make you upset and angry go ahead and let it all out…here. Reporting to your superiors will only hit the stained glass celing and possibly cause you a concussion.


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    I love the fact that someone is calling attention to these things. I ran into your blog because I was trying to find people whose blogs were coming from the same place biblically. So I was wondering If you would be interested in doing a reciprocal link exchange?

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  2. I know an Evangelist who refused to link up with TD Jakes years ago when he lived in Texas because of some things Jakes said to him in reference to getting what u want and not being concerned about who is really in charge. This particular Evangelist was rejected by every big time black preacher because he refused to play the lying game to deceive the people. He did an interview on TBN with one of them back in 2004 and before the interview the preacher he did the interview with was happy with him, but after he refused to lie on screen and go along with a lie the preacher tried to et him to confess to, after the program was over the preacher wouldn’t speak to him in the green room, turned his back on him and walked out. They never spoke again even when the Evangelist tried to call him.. So let me tell u this thing is big and if u don’t go along with the lies and the deceit then u are OUT, OUT, OUT, OUT. So don’t look for any help from any of these big Mega church leaders because they are all tied in together and more are eager to join. Look closely at the colors, the robes and crosses some of them are now putting their churches. Can anyone say Roman Catholism or ONE WORLD CHURCH.

  3. I don’t know what to say. So much for the next Billy Graham I guess. But anyways the idea that you have to pay someone 50 grand to “preach”. I guess Judas has company.

    Selling out Jesus for cash.


  4. I miss the wonderful Bishop G E Patterson Jakes doesn’t hold a candle. I remember Jakes saying he’s a business man and the gospel sales itself on dateline We need more believers in the pulpit. without the truth you have no deliverence what kind of religion, faith, doctorine are we handing are we handing the next generation as truth.SICKENING. seek out your own souls salvation. how can one be delivered from anything if theyre not shown or told

  5. First and foremost,
    This is not just going on with “COGIC” but in EVERY denomination. COGIC closet homosexuals are just being exposed as well as others will be. Who cares that Bishop Jakes charges $50,000 we have bigger problems to deal with than how much we pay somebody. GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Why do we as people of God feel we need to “OUT” people and churches? God WILL expose what is going on. We as “christians” are to pray and keep our mouth off of people. God can do a much better job of correction than we could imagine. Let GOD do his job.

  6. Stanley, what are the “bigger problems” COGIC has? And what makes you so sure that its not God doing the exposing? In other words, what’s the difference between God exposing people —like TD Jakes and all the closet homosexual leaders in COGIC— and people doing it?

    Please be specific with scriptural references.

  7. All I can say, Don’t believe everything you hear people say. We must be careful when it comes down to the “he say and she say”. Every mouth is not always telling the truth. The word of God states to Try the spirit whether it be of God.

    I am praying for God’s people. We are to be one in the spirit. The enemy it raging in times like these and We Ought To Know Whom the enemy is. We must stay Focus! because at the end of the day, we are going to give an account of everything we have done is our mortal bodies.

    I want to see Jesus – how about you

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