Former black gay author/activist pens “new” book

DETROIT, Sept. 10 /Christian Newswire/ — Ken Jackson lived life as a gay man, until God spoke to him and asked, ‘Do you love me?’ three Times God asked, Jackson answered the same each time ‘Yes’, then God spoke, ‘Prove it!’

In Ken Jackson’s new book, Lost and Found, this prolific writer, producer, director and once advocate for gay rights witnessed what many would call a renewing of his mind. By all accounts, Jackson’s life was perfect, a highly educated man with a great job, making a great income, what many only dream about. Jackson’s name was becoming known throughout the country and the next rising star in the Gay Community. That was until God called upon him.

The calling came in the form a trusted friend who is now his Pastor. She invited Jackson to her church for Sunday Worship Service and unbeknownst to him, his life would be turned upside down. In the Pastor’s message, God asked Jackson three times, ‘Do you really love me.’ Jackson’s reply like many was yes, because he realized that only idiot would tell the Holy One no. Once Jackson replied with an answer of ‘yes,’ Jackson was then given a command from God that was so profound that time seemed to stand still, God replied, ‘Prove it!’

Completely caught off guard, Jackson set out to prove his love for God. He started becoming saturated in the Word (Holy Bible) and distanced himself from the things, people and places that, God had revealed to him, through His Word as wrong. Jackson realized that these ungodly items created a wedge between God and himself, and the love God had always provided, removed him from the love God was attempting to provide. As a result of these revelations, Jackson quit his successful job and discontinued a life he once nurtured, relished and enjoyed.

Through his outreach ministry, Jackson has been inspired and has set out to inspire many others through the Word of God. Jackson’s overall mission is to help others discover the truth about God’s everlasting and unconditional love.

This once Advocate of gay rights is now an Advocate of God’s rights.

GCMW: Please include Ken Jackson in your prayers as he navigates the hostility he is certain to receive from the people he once entertained. You can order Ken Jackson’s book by visiting our bookstore.


4 thoughts on “Former black gay author/activist pens “new” book

  1. God bless Brother Jackson on his journey. God loves all his creations and Jesus in his most fundamental form was radically inclusive. If we are to believe in the omipotence of the Creator as all knowing and all seeing, who created all things…why do we box God in and not think that he also created and blesses same gender attracted people?

    GCMW: You’ve built a false construct. The main reason we reject same gender sexual expression is because the box (bible) tells us that God didnt create man to sin. And in case youve gotten so far “out the box” to realize it, homosexuality is sin.

  2. Yes and the Bible as we know it was written by men, decided by men which gospels to include, translated and interpreted by men several dozens times over the course of several hundred years of its existence. It’s scripture were written for a time, place and people, which is not to say that there are not universal truths to it. To beleive in the Bible is not to take accept it literally but to accept it as witness to God’s love and direction. To deny that there is diversity in orientation, sexuality, gender expression is to deny biology and life itself. There can be no sin in what God in His/Her ultimate wisdom has created. It is relationship to God which should guide us and not religion which is bound up in culture and belief that make our thinking and experience of his creation limited.

  3. Youre only telling half the story. Typical of gay christians. Its an old heresy that has been debunked numerous times. I guess you havent got the memo on that yet.

    The bible was written by holy men under the inspiration of God and is good for reproof, rebuke, correction and instruction in righteousness.

    Interpretations are beside the point. Especially when it is clear about sexual sin.

    Your diversity argument is man created. There no where in scripture which says that God created homosexuals. It does say that men sinned and rebelled against God’s will and homosexuality is one of those sins.

    Relationship with God has requirements. Jesus said if you love me, keep my commandments. If you are involved in sexual activity outside of God’s will, you are not keeping his commandments, you dont love him and youre not in relationship with him. Basically all you have is a man made religion.

    Thats what youre practicing and trying to drag God into your mess. Thankfully we have the inspired word to know who’s lying and who’s not.

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