Newsweek covers Kirbyjon Caldwell 'exgay' issue

Out this week is the full length Newsweek article by senior religion editor Lisa Miller profiling Houston’s Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell.

Calling him “Obama’s Other Pastor”, Miller cited my vocal opposition  to Caldwell’s rather unscrupulous act of removing Metanoia ministry from his church website after gay activists supporting Obama protested. Metanoia’s stated mission was to help people overcome unwanted homosexual issues. Caldwell admitted that he had the church site scrubbed clean because he didn’t want to cause the Obama campaign “unnecessary angst”.

That’s like telling your stepchild to go hide in the back room when your lover comes creeping because they don’t like the child. Then, when the disapproving lover leaves said child is free to come out again. That’s what Caldwell claims he will do once Obama does or doesn’t get into office.

In January, gay groups discovered a ministry called Metanoia on the Windsor Village Web site whose stated aim was to help homosexuals understand with God’s help that “change was possible” (euphemistic language for “curing” gays). After the groups launched a small battery of protests online, Caldwell says, he received a call from the Obama campaign. “They asked, ‘What is Metanoia?,’ and they commenced to say they had gotten some calls.” Not wishing to cause his candidate any “unnecessary angst,” Caldwell voluntarily took the ministry off the Web site, though the ministry itself, which he says was started at the request of church members, remained open. Metanoia, he adds, will be back online soon.”

Its really a sad commentary on a so called conservative preacher/pastor.

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Update 10/12/08  Check out post discussing how Lisa Millers’ use of quotes in the article. Getreligion said it amounted to “cheap gimmicks of telegraphing opinion in a news article.”


5 thoughts on “Newsweek covers Kirbyjon Caldwell 'exgay' issue

  1. I have a daughter who jus joined that church no too long ago. I am praying thst she will open her eyes and that if it’s the Lord’s will, I will speak to her about Kirbyjohn. Thank you for your site.

    Jeanie Franklin

  2. How could a church leader like Kirbyjon Caldwell support Obama who is clearly for abortion rights? Obama has vote on two ocassions for partial bith abortions. Is Kirbyjon Caldwell’s pay level two low to have an opinion on when does life begin as Obama stated in the Rick Warren interview?

  3. Paul: Why are you so adamant in justifying the homosexual agenda? It is as if once you realize that
    the Word of God condemns your conduct that you will have to either submit to the Lordship of Jesus (which you have not done so) or you will have to flee and justify your conduct so as to silence your conscience.
    Paul…the gig is up. You have been found out and proven wrong. Repent and believe the gospel! Your
    own words condemn you and the Word of God convicts you. Jesus saves sinners not prevaricators.

    GCMW: Lafe, did you mean to post this here? If not repost under the other story and I’ll delete this one.

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