Breakfast in bed?

Several weeks ago, he folded his church into a Unitarian hodgepodge. Perhaps that  has freed up former pentecostal golden boy Carlton Pearson to go full time into gay coming out work. They do pay well much more than a pointless church.

Pearson is here in Atlanta today as a keynote speaker at the Human Rights Campaign Coming Out day “prayer breakfast”. Dont try to wrap your mind around that, its too painful. But the “coming out day” is where the gay community celebrate people (usually celebrities and people who can draw media attention) who publicly tell other uninterested people their preferred way of having sex. Why that is important escapes me, but it seems to be a rather interesting connection for Pearson.

SIDEBAR: For some strange reason there is hardly any mention of Pearson’s wife Gina or his children anymore.

We told you before that Pearson is eyeing the Atlanta area because it has a high black homosexual population. That presents a lucrative possiblity for him to join up with the local religious heretic crowd scattered around the city and get another pimp the gays confab up and running.

The only bright spot we see in this untoward affair is that thankfully Pearson and his contaminated doctrine has been contained within a small circle of fellow Bible-rejecting comrades.


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  1. SIDEBAR: For some strange reason there is hardly any mention of Pearson’s wife Gina or his children anymore.

    Gee, GCMWatch, I wonder what that could mean? Perhaps old Carlton “The Heretic” is simply softening up the thin line of opposition to the homosexual lifestyle for his own “national coming out day” 🙄

  2. For years, there have always been questions about Rev. Pearson’s orientation, even before he changed his doctrinal beliefs; no surprise to me that he’s hanging around those circles now.

    GCMW: I really dont like arbitrarily lumping people with the company they keep, but in this case, he is playing it toooooo close to call.

  3. IST, I hate to say it but thats what a lot of these “borderline” people like Pearson are doing. And another (who I wont mention) is doing the same thing. Some people think we do this because we hate gays. We do it because we love the church and will not stand by silent while it is made into a den of thieves. If we throw away what the Bible says, soon coming out of the closet as a homosexual in church will be lauded something as “honest”.

    Since we cant separate the wheat from the tare, the best solution is containment.

  4. hiscrivener I just read your post. OMG, thats my photoshop from back in da day! Man its a sad, sad story to have to write about.
    Pearson wasnt rejected, he abdicated his place among the saints for a foolish trollop with delusion.

  5. sad…error begats error…Carlton is just getting worse!

    I know it all started with him starting to deny eternal punishment….and look where he is now…

    A well known preacher said many many decades ago that those who would deny Hell will soon deny Heaven.

    It seems Carlton is well on the way..

    I know I cannot say this dogmatically, but one does wonder if people like Pearson have passed the point of no return??

    What a tragedy!

  6. Thanks for the fix pastor. My site is down at the moment. As soon as it is restored, I’ll be discussing the good reverend.

    I love the visual aids these people present when they ignore the authority of Scripture. They show the defenselessness of people “pastored” by people like T. Dexter (they guy you didn’t want to mention?), Paula White, Creflo Dollar and the rest of the pimps.

    They are attempting to destroy the church all for the sake of a dollar. Now they attempt to destroy in order to indulge in their lusts – and get paid for it at the same time.

    Thanks again for speaking up and for doing so with such objectivity and accuracy.

  7. Thanks Melvin. Hurry up and get back online, people are getting real nervous!

    Wow, its surprising what people will do in their pursuit to get money. God is just a tantalizing prop to carry out the dirty deeds.

  8. People of God: Nothing should surprise us when people go ‘a whoring’ after other gods to suit their
    preferences. Carleton is no different. He is being led by a deluding spirit and he is not fighting against it!
    Can he be delivered? Sure! Does he want to? For
    now…no. His delusion is so strong that he has had to
    turn his back on a lot of scripture to get to where he is.
    And now, in this economic downturn, the prosperity pimps will be at full bore since they must come up with other arguments as to why you should support their lifestyle and now your own. The guilt messages will be strong and hard to get you under guilt and greed
    so as to give to their kingdoms in these tough times.
    Tragically many will give more to the pimp kingdoms believing the lie and hoping their greed to get will get them over and their magical anti Bible thinking will prevail. OH…the times we are in are exciting times!

  9. I went on the web page of this “church”, it wasn’t surprising that the online publications have not one scripture quoted. No, not one. As a matter of fact they refer to “the Christian scripture”. Get this, I did a search for key words like “Jesus”, “God” “Holy”, “Holy Spirit”, “Holiness”, are you ready? Not one mention.

    The events in the newsletter are indicative of a social club rather than a church. This is the environment that the gay movement is fostering – a “church” without God – not even a mention.

    I googled the church and a YouTube clip came up with the good “Bishop” Pearson addressing the congregation. Sorry I didn’t include the link – but he watered down the truth of God so that my jaw dropped.

  10. Elder Carl, trust me there was a good reason Pearson was declared a heretic.

    “We do hereby declare that the doctrine of Inclusionism is an unorthodox teaching and shall be classified as a heresy by the Joint College of African-American Pentecostal Bishops Congress,” wrote Bishop Clifford Leon Frazier, chairman of the joint college’s doctrinal commission, in a March 29 report released to Religion News Service.

    “Because of our concern for the many people that could be influenced to adopt this heresy and in so doing put at risk the eternal destiny of their souls, we are compelled to declare Bishop Carlton Pearson a heretic.”

  11. Melvin, is that you?! I’m sure Pastor gets the notes and possibly Speaking Truth as well, but I get many notes to my inbox wondering what’s up with your link.

    Hurry up and let’s pray off those hackers brother.


  12. why was carlton pearson at louis farrakhans mosque maryam on oct 19, 2008. he was sitting on the front row

    The simple answer, nan, is that Carlton Pearson is a degenerate heretic who has exchanged the truth of the Gospel that he claimed to believe (and preached in the past) for a lie, denying the satisfaction of Christ’s death as the ONLY propitiation for our sin – and our only access to God the Father.

    In that regard, he and Farra – the – con are bussom buddies. It is a strange alliance, however, particularly since the NOI (and Farrakhan) abhor homosexuality – and Carlton embraces it (both doctrinally – and because his closet door is opening ever so slightly each day).

    BTW nan, I would love to post on this event, so point me to a picture of Carlton Pearson at this event if you found one

  13. Nice! Very Christian. The man preaches understanding of others and you all arbitrarily decide that not only his he wrong but he is also gay. Does it not occur to you that your doctrine may be wrong? What if the other religions in the world are right? Is the Koran wrong? How about the Torah? I Ching? It is your kind of thinking that has resulted in centuries of religious war and persecution. May God save us from those that will harm us through intolerance.
    Why do you think that those who have not seen your way must be condemned?

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