Gay church deception leads to death

You’ve got to read the story of Russell Groff (pictured) as told by his mother Carolyn Groff. Its painfully heartbreaking, sobering and yes even inspiring.

Carolyn and her husband Lowell started a blog to tell  the truth about their son who passed away from AIDS complications in 2004.  This just four years after he got involved in homosexual culture. She notes that although Russell was a Christian, he was lured away into a progay (or gay?) church which eventually poisoned his mind against God’s truth.

Like I said, its heartbreaking, but its also a poignant example of why we must continue forcefully speaking out against gay christianity. Deception and death go hand in hand. There is a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof is death. Only obedience to God’s way leads to life.

Even though Russell’s story is likely more common than not among those who are sucked into this deadly belief system, I applaud Mrs. Groff for telling her side of the story. After all she knew Russell best. Gay activists have branded her “virulently homophobic”, but she is a courageous woman for refusing to suffer in silence.

Read The Official Russell Groff Story

ADDENDUM: This is absolutely astonishing! Joe Brummer has been spreading lies about the parents of Russell Groff, people he has never met nor talked to. Yet he slums around the internet accusing other people of lying, distorting so called science and fomenting violence. Brummer let the record reflect you are a low life scumbag to further wound and deepen the hurt of these parents by posting vicious, intentional lies about the Groffs and their deceased son. That’s evil.


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  1. I have made no lies about the Groff’s. If I have, please show me where? I will also admit, it isn’t all that Christian of you to call me a scum bag, but that’s okay, I didn’t expect anything less from you.

    I made one post about the Groff’s and all of my facts have been confirmed by the Groff’s other son! I have not lied!

    I don’t appreciate being called a scum bag either.

  2. You should be ashamed of yourself. Show you where? Mrs. Groff own words are proof enough of the hurt and wounding you helped to cause.

    Yes, you are a scumbag to hurt this woman and her husband even more.

    This is low and callous.

  3. I believe Ms. Groff has confused me with some other writer. I made that point when she talked about me writing about her going to a parade. I never wrote about her going to a parade. I think she has confused her gay activists.

    Either way, I feel no shame as I have done what I am accused of doing!

  4. I actually think it is time to get a lawyer to deal with this groff thing. I did not write anything about these people! And I am including you for following allow with her delusions.

  5. Why? to defend further wounding this woman and trying to separate her from her other son? The reason you feel no shame is because shame is a result of sin. Since you dont believe in God and dont accept his Word, its easy to do things like this and not feel shame.

    All the lawyers in the world wont change the fact that a lie causes death. Russell believed a lie and suffered because of it, despite his parents efforts to protect him from it.

    What’s the point in spreading lies about this family? Hasnt she suffered enough by losing her baby son to homosexuality without you and the other cronies you cite in your story adding salt to the wounds?

    Thats as unfeeling and callous as it gets.

  6. all good but I didn’t write any lies about this women or her son. If you took the time to read my posts you would see that. I don’t expect you to seek the truth Foster, but you really should before attacking people.

  7. Who attacked whom?
    She said that she gave Peter LaBarbera persmission to use the blurb about her son in his story, yet you accused him of “exploiting” Russell’s death. How does that happen when the man’s mother gives her permission? By extension, arent you also accusing her of “exploiting” her son’s death? But I guess she doesnt matter, she’s only his mother.

    You also state (without proof) that he died of a staph infection, then turn around in the next sentence and says that his cause of death is unknown. Mrs. Groff says she has the documents to prove he died of AIDS.

    You accused her of “disowning” her son “years before”. Another lie. Because a parent doesnt approve of their child’s choices doesnt mean they disown them. You used that extreme word to demonize the parents and score point with your gay activist buddies.

    You linked to the G-A-Y article where the writer called the parents “Cruel. Nasty. Immoral.” You didnt contest it just approved of it. So you think the parents are cruel, nasty and immoral for wanting their son’s body to bury with the rest of his family? Huh, Joe?

    I read all your post and I read hers and I read Good as You and I read all the links.

    Its despicable the way homosexual activists have treated this woman and her love for her son. And yes, you helped spread the lies and character assasinations.

  8. For the record, here are my sources and facts as I know them to be true.

    Your first point: Having permission to use someone’s death for political gain is still exploiting his death. Permission to do it only made it more bizarre.
    GCMW: So then, you are accusing the mother of exploiting her son’s death, even though she has in painstaking details more than proven that she’s not? That disengenuous and agenda-driven lie. And why? What personal benefit do you get by piling on to her already intense hurt?

    Your second point: There is proof he died of a Staph infection.
    GCMW: You’ve seen it? Got a copy? Then please produce it.

    Third point: Walter Groff confirmed his parents disowned their son and that they never accepted Kevin Olive. Those fatcs are from the washinton blade. Walter Groff was not on his parents side of this lawsuit, what does that say about this?
    GCMW: So, Walter Groff used the exact word “disowned”? Its says that Walter Groff is disrespectful and ignorant to help you (an outsider) cause further hurt on his parents. Can you quote him on that. When did you speak to him? Date and time, please. Why should ANY parent accept someone they dont feel is good for their child? Ever heard of Romeo and Juliet, Joe?? How you can spin that into disowning when Mrs Groff stated that Russell loved coming home and spending time with them. But you know better than the parents, right? You are out of touch with reality.

    Lastly, how does linking to someone calling someone a name rate me being “low life scum” in fact isn’t that the post calling the kettle black? It is pretty hard to write about how I am evil for spreading character assassinations while you are making one at me at the same time.
    GCMW: Great point. I’ll be watching to see if you repudiate Jeremy at Good as you for calling the parents such names.

  9. You know, as I was reading this article this thought about man’s sinful nature & Yahweh’s great love & justice has basically reshape some of my thoughts on homosexuality. Russell’s parents seemed to be very loving towards their son. They didn’t accept their son’s lifestyle, but they loved him unconditionally, though. This mirrors Yahweh’s love towards us humans eventhough we’re not good in our nature. Yahweh sent His Yeshua to die by shedding His blood on the Cross so that mankind may be saved from eternal damnation. I hate to say this, we humans are wicked in nature who desperately in need of a savior; Yashua. We’re all stand guilty of our transgressions agaisnt Yahweh. The reason I’m using the Hebrew names of our creator is because I’m sick of how the Anglocized opened a pandoras box of taking His name in vain. I’m not trying to get off this subject. The Groffs needs continual spiritual & moral support from the Christians.

  10. Individuals who embrace the homosexual lifestyle have fallen for a lie and cannot see the truth. This is true for anyone who chooses to be involved with unrepentant sin. As a consequence, everything they do will be predicated on a lie and will have a destructive nature to it. Unrepentant sin has destroyed the very foundations of our country, creating a system whereby evil hearts of men are in turn, responsible for the election of evil people to govern, who in oversee the legislation of evil that continues to infect our society. Only a miracle can save us ; the same miracle that has redeem those who are called by His Name. May God grant us more time to labor in this vineyard and preach His Word to the lost; that yes, God is love, but God will also judge and condemn those who embrace sin. Thank God that He has provided a way though the salvific work His Son, that all who believe will be spared from His wrath!

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