Denver paper casts gcm as "modern day lepers"

The Denver Post featured a story on gay christians written to evoke emotional sympathy with the headline by casting them as “modern day lepers”. Don’t think for one minute that the msm would evaluate gay christianity on the basis of scripture. Scripture contains too much negative absolutism when it comes to homosexuality and the goal of the msm is to redirect people from the Bible to personal feelings. Emotional overload is the tactic used to sway most uniformed people to support homosexuals who claim victimization by the church. The leper phrase came from a man who was booted out of his Catholic church because he wrote what he calls “gay romantic fiction”. Actually Scott Pomfret’s stories are soft core homosexual pornography,  even though he claimed to be a Christian.

“We’re more modern-day lepers than martyrs,” said Scott Pomfret, author of “Since My Last Confession: A Gay Catholic Memoir.”
“Why do we remain in this Church with whom we have so many fundamental difficulties and with which we experience so many disappointments and frustrations,” said Pomfret, 40.
He said he suspects his faith is deeper than words.
Last month, after his memoir came out, Pomfret’s Boston church removed him from several lay leadership posts he had held. The parish’s Franciscan friars had always known he was gay and an author of gay romance novels, Pomfret said, but the memoir made everything too public.

Candace Chellew whom we’ve exposed here before as a false teacher blamed “religious voices — not God or the Bible — have screamed the loudest against the full inclusion in society of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people”.

The comparison to lepers in the Bible is interesting mischaracterization on the part of the gay christian movement. Today homosexuals are celebrated, rich, powerful, talented, politically important, heads of religious groups and control whole sections of major cities. Gay “buying power” in the US is expected to reach 2 trillion dollars in just three short years. In addition, homosexual culture has had a significant influence on every facet and segment of our society, including the church.

But lepers in the bible were real life outcasts who could not even enter a city. They were confined to city dumps to scavenge for food and clothes. If they did they were forced to yell out “Im unclean, Im unclean” to warn others so they would not be unclean by contact.

What’s more, in the New Testament, Jesus frequently healed lepers of their disease. They willingly sought him out to be cleansed so that they could be whole, productive citizens.  Jesus also commanded his disciples to heal the lepers as part of his great commission. Leprosy, through the eyes of the Biblical authors  was a disease which most closely resembled the sin condition. If you want to see the ugliness of sin, take a look at the picture of the leperous woman. Perhaps that is why Jesus made time not to just “include” them, but cleanse them as an example of what his ultimate mission was.  This is what is central and important when evaluating demands of “inclusion” by homosexual activists in the Christian church. Jesus’ every encounter with lepers produced results. And every result was that the person(s) were set free from their condition. Even if they had been lepers for many years, their encounter with Christ, brought freedom from it, not inclusion in it. He never left them the way he found them.

But no so with the gay christian movement. Sadly, they continue to reject any idea, notion, biblical passage, truth which says Christ will heal them of their homosexuality.  If you have any doubts about that, check our stories here and read comments by gay christians and their supporters. Spiritually blind, they lash out at any attempt to help them walk away from their sin.

The leper comparison, unfortunately, is just another vain attempt to gain access to something gay christians cannot have unless they truly repent.


One thought on “Denver paper casts gcm as "modern day lepers"

  1. Please! These homosexuals are not “outcasts…lepers.” They are so celebrated and almost “federally protected” moreso that African-Americans (which creates a dual character for the gay black male). They are in every movie as the laughable sidekick. On many tv shows as the “fun, cool, hip,” guy/girl. Like you said… the emotional card/have sympathy for the victim psychological game and you’ll have Americans creating special fund raisers to help “stop the hurt,” …that would be the slogan.

    The gay rights agenda has america eating right out of its hand, and some of the church is standing in line waiting to get their bite. Which makes me wonder, if they are that easily swayed by reinterpretation of The Word, were they ever REALLY a part of the Body of Christ?

    …that’s another post for later….

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