News note: Homosexual marriage outlawed

The  so-called main stream media was slow to report it, but all of the ballot measures to ban homosexual marriage and codify it into constitutional law passed. In Arizona, Florida and especially in California, voters rejected homosexual marriage. Even in places where the msm reported the news it was relegated to a brief. In contrast, when homosexual marriage was illegally granted against the will of the people in California, the msm put it on prime time coverage.

Most people believe that it was the African American community which helped to defeat homosexual marriage much like it has in just about every other state where the vote has been put before the people. 

Hopefully, the 16,000 plus gay wedding licenses issued in the interim will be legally rescinded and nullified.

Though, a signal marker in the fight against the homosexualization of America, this is no wild victory as homosexual activists are already planning to import marriage extremism to other vunerable states. Until there is a constitutional amendment in every state, there will be no rest from this destructive attack.

But there’s a poignant political caveat in effect. Obama has promised homosexuals to specifically pass legislation on a federal level on their behalf. 

“I want to congratulate all of you who have shown your love for each other by getting married these last few weeks,” Obama said. “I support extending fully equal rights and benefits to same sex couples under both state and federal law. That is why I support repealing the Defense of Marriage Act and the ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ policy, and the passage of laws to protect LGBT Americans from hate crimes and employment discrimination. And that is why I oppose the divisive and discriminatory efforts to amend the California Constitution, and similar efforts to amend the U.S. Constitution or those of other states.”

What’s very strange, amidst all the euphoria of this “historic” moment, is that the first black president-elect hasnt made one single promise to do anything for African Americans as a demographic. Perhaps his vague symbolism of hope is all African Americans require. If this is any indicator, black Americans may be in for a rude awakening from their first black president.


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  1. My guess is that Obama will follow through on his radical promises for the homosexual lobby, as soon as he removes every possible restriction and guideline for abortion (which is also bad for the black community). We can only hope that the quotes above were him promising everything to everyone and that he won’t follow through.

  2. It sickened me when I saw the black church ‘celebrating’ last night because Obama was elected. I wonder if there will be any
    ‘celebrating’ when he tells them what they can or cannot say about what the bible says about homosexuality, or when innocent babies are slaughted when the partial birth abortion ban is overturned by him? It is clear to me who will be quick to take the mark of the beast, alot of people compromised their christain values for money (the economy) in this election. I voted for McCain, not because I am apart of the 1% of the wealthy population that will benefit from his policies, but because I vote my christian values FIRST.

  3. I think it is definitly important to use one of the greatest weapons that Jesus christ has given us and that is prayer. Does it not say to pray for those in authority. Pray for wisdom, that he is not able to successfully pass these measures, pray that his eyes are open, pray the lord would truelly regenerate him! This is what we must do with some fasting if the Lord leads, but we must pray!! PRAY!

    I for one plan to stand for righteousness during if needs be, but I would like to say that McCain/Palin had his own set of problems and I really dont believe that he could have preventing these sons of the devil from seeking to be validated in this way!

  4. With all do respect to all who voted blindly against us, this battle is not over. Please to not dilute yourself. Prevailing wisdom would suggest that ‘time waits for no man’. And more to the point, progressive has already left the train station. Now, who knows when it will arrive at the destination off equality for every human being.

    Gay people will be able to take advantage of the HUNDREDS of conferred benefits of MARRIAGE one day. The change may not come as quickly as rational, intelligent, conscious America would have it but suffice to say, it will come. This PRO-8 Violation of the U.S. Constitution is as of Wednesday already being challenged in the court of law. Thank God for rational Americans. This is the reason for the separation of Church and State. If you never understood the rationale for this separation, your enthusiastic hate-centered vote against us is why we are adamant for this separation. The arrogance of orthodox Christians is staggering to the imagination. One day I guess we will be free at last……………….

  5. to be honest, a vote for McCain wasnt a vote for righteousness either….McCain is just as liberal as Obama….he wasnt going to do anything about abortion….just like GWB and the previously Republican controlled Congress did nothing about abortion….

  6. What nonsense. It hasn’t been outlawed at all. The constitution need not be amended simply because of the vote. Even if it is most peope will welcome this issue being taken to higher courts.

    Are you and your supporters going to go into the homes of marrried gays and lesbians and rip the rings off ther fingers? Tear up their certificates?

    What about amending the constitution to outlaw divorce?

  7. I was a little surprised by the bans. I wonder what the next strategy is. I am always thinking strategy. Just when we think we can breathe…(Jaws theme).

  8. First of all, prop 8 is not in violation of the US Constitution.
    Second of all, McCain never would have had the power to overturn Roe v Wade, unless he selected his judges wisely when he had the opportunity. I will admit that neither candidate was a great choice, but one was clearly better than the other and that candidate was not chosen.

    And those ads depicting mormons going into the home of a lesbian couple and ripping up their marriage certificates were uncalled for and tasteless. I love how gays feel like everyone needs to approve of their beliefs, but then are so full of disapproval of everyone else’s beliefs.

  9. Challnged in the court system obviously are next. The proposition is likely to be ruled unconstutional. Violates equal protection.

  10. Tony there exists no threat for any person who doesnt get married, thus, there is no need for any equal protection. When you create special rights, and then you have to create special protections not afforded to other citizens. That accurately describes homosexual marriage extremism.

  11. Homosexuality is a very small issue when it comes to other things. Yes we did it-Go Obama Go. I wish him all of the best. We made history

  12. If Obama had made this election geared towards African-Americans we would not have won at all. I have an family that’s interracial like Obama’s and it about the content of someone character not the color of their skin. He wanted everyone to believe in change not just African-Americans.

  13. Homosexuality is a very small issue when it comes to other things.

    Jysuper, we get the historic moment. But history aside, why did he make (if it is such a small issue) specific, public promises to the homosexual community but not the African American, Latino, biracial, oriental, white, Christian, Muslim, et al communities?

    What’s your best reason for that?

  14. Ok history aside. He said in a article that he heard and witnessed pastors dehumanize homosexuals from church pulpits without offering solutions (Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve). This goes back to the church. I will bring up Ephesians 4:15 and a side reference to I Corinthians 13. If the church majority actually lived and proclaimed speaking the truth in love, then we have a much better world.

  15. One thing I love very much about this forum is the blunt, honest, presentation of truth as this forum knows it. I am known to Pastor DL Foster in this forum as I often dissent with many. I am greatful for the opportunity to dissent in this forum. But this issue in the larger scope is social or civil not religious. I make the assertion based on the following:

    A church has a right to its own ideology or philosophy. No church would ever have to marry 2 men if it violated their faith. Even though Christians beleive the institution of marriage is sanctioned by God, there are practical civil benefits to marriage. With respect to this forum and its theological position, I will address marriage from the perspective of Civil Liberties, freedoms, or rights.

    Pastor DL the real issue is the benefits of marriage. There are significant benefits conferred with the institution of marriage. Chief amogst them protection from predatorial, ‘non-approving parents.I have had ‘coupled’ gay friends experience the horror of having a parent of a recently disceased partner storm into their house with no respect and take property known or at least perceived to belong to the disceased. Often with no consideration to the joint incomes that may have purchased items. Items like real estate, investments, jewlery, automobiles, and other tangible assets. This is repuslive and one of my personal major issues with this bann on Gay marriage.

    The ability to be protected from predatory family members is very important to me. Additional benefits conferred in the institution of marriage are as follows: Tax benefits, inheritance rights, hospital/ medical/ health benefits, death benefits, consumer benefits (discounts in a myriad of products just for being married!). committed gay/lesbian couples can’t sue for wrongful death or loss of consortium. Nor can they claim marital communiction privliedge. Nor can they receive ‘crime victim’s recovery benefits. Nor can they receive visitation rights for their significant other in jail. The list really does go on and on and on. Wealth building is made difficult because inheritance laws exclude non-married gay couples.

    It is widely known that gay and lesbian individuals per capita experience greater financial robustness than their heterosexual counterparts . The reasons for this are numerous. Chief amongst them, the lack of significant obligations like children. Say I wanted to have children with a partner, and I wanted to create dynastic wealth. Without the social institution of marriage, my partner or myself would constantly be a risk for ‘predatory’ family members who not only dont aproove of our lifestyle, but are more than ready to take property and money should their family member die. This because they dont recognize or value the commitment between two consentual adult homosexuals.

    The institution of marriage, for rmany gay people is not about faith. Most gay people I know are repulsed by the church. Clearly the church makes its stance against homosexuality and as such, most gay people I know reluctanly steer CLEAR from the church. So you see, the institution of marriage is valuable to us as a social institution that protects us and our rights. The issue is very upsetting for gay people because if our government wont protect us …. who will?

    The will of the people is the argument used to justify this and other ballet initiatives aimed at curbing the rights of gay people. But this same argumentation was used to keep black people enslaved. Civil Rights of any people should not be withheld by the attitudes of even the majority. So you dont aproove of same sex sexuality. Its not your place to discriminate. If the amendment of the California Constitution allows for the blatant exclusion of homosexuals from the institution of marriage, this is a clear violation of equal protection clause. For this reason, it is highly likely that this proposition will be overturned (at least in California) read the initial rulling by the CA Supreme Court that allowed for gay marriage. The language is extrodinarily clear. They state the will of the people can not be used to EXCLUDE (discriminate) against any population.

    With Respect,

  16. @ jysuper…cmon now, you just completely dodged that question. lol


    1. thanks that makes me feel right nice.

    2. I think gay marriage is the mother of all strawmen and the first cousin to the red herring. There is nothing to be protected from when you or any single person DOES NOT get married. You say it is not a religious issue, but it is because marriage was created by God, not the state. He defined what it is and who is qualified to participate. And the state has pretty much followed that very good model…until now. You seem to argue that because of our religious beliefs we are disqualified from having a say so in what constitutes civil or religious marriage. We are citizens and we have a inalienable right to fight for what we believe is right. So do you.

    3. All of the issues you raised can be handled with simple legal papers. Single people do it all the time. There is no need whatsoever to argue that the only way to secure these “benefits” is to have the state force the nation to accept homosexual marriages. That is an absurd arguement Tony. You’ve got to do better than that.

    4. If your goal is to force people to accept to like your sexual behavior through political muscle, you are no longer acting like American citizens. Laws dont change hearts, they prevent undesirable behavior. So if your parents dont like you, your partner and your child, get over it. There are plenty people who have others that dont like them (ever heard of mother in laws?) or their family. They dont try to force laws to change that.

    5. I dont accept the comparisons between gays and blacks. Its a below the belt insult.

    6. Gays cant start changing the rules of the game cause it doesnt go their way. Thats immature. The will of the people is a fundamental principle in our government. Otherwise, there would be no allowance for what happenened in Cali, Arizona, Georgia, Florida and 26 other states where the people have voted and rejected homosexual marriage.

  17. I am certainly not attempting to offend your Pastor DL however I too am black but I am also gay. I see this as a civil rights issue. I appreciate how appalling it must seem that I would have the audacity to equate the struggles of black and gays. But the greater reality is that the secular issue is very , simillar. In that a more populous demographic seeks to silence a minority group through the conduit of discrimination. Similar arguments were presented that spoke to the ‘inferiority’ of black people. Some even used psudeo-science to prove how inferior blacks were. The common bond for me at least is the factor of a larger majority domineering over a less powerful minority. Conversative estimates put the gay population at 4% and liberal estimates at 10%. The truth is we are aminority that is not liked or seen as invalid. I tell you Pastor, they said the same thing about blacks. While its an insult because you view homosexuality as exceptionally errant and perhaps even your emotions get included (disgust). The facts speak to the similarities. The irony for conservatives to LOOK at HEAD ON… is California Supreme Court is REPUBLICAN/ / CONSERVATIVE Leaning. Conservatives made the innitial decision a reality.

    The writers of the constitution NEVER meant for powerful majorities to subvert the civil right of any minority group. This is the problem. I dont have a problem with NOT calling it gay marriage “marriage” but by all means, please give us all secular and legal rights afforded to heterosexuallty married couples. the mainstream Christian church will propably as a whole never affirm homosexuality as naturally occuring so I dont argue that point. I do however say the secular component (Law) must afford equal protection and opportunity under the law.

    With Respect,

  18. Tony, Pastor DL did an excellent job refuting your deluded and flawed argument regarding “gay marriage.” What you are attempting to do is separate the meaning of marriage from its Creator: God. God Himself has ordained marriage for the specific, not only, intent of procreation. Gays cannot do this w/o having to subscribe to the process of adoption and artificial insemination without having to spend, collectively, millions of dollars to do so. Please do not attempt to insert infertile heterosexual couples into this argument, as this would not apply to this thread.

    Secondly, for you as a Black person to assert AGAIN that civil rights struggles among blacks and gays are similiar is a hideous insult. The distinct differences are those of inherent physical traits versus CHOICES to participate in deviant behavior made into an identity…that is hardly a comparable argument, and has been refuted early and often on this site and elsewhere.

    Lastly, as a democracy, the people, as DL pointed out, have spoken. Regardless of the game of linguistics that gay rights activits care to play, there is no disguising the true intent of what is happening here. The gay lobby is looking to shut down all manner of opposition against deviant behavior being presented as normal and non-threatening. This is evident in entire countries, including Canada, where it is now illegal to speak publicly against anything regarded to homosexuals w/o prosecution. If it is not so already, the next move would be to ban specific teaching from scripture that has already condemned this behavior. That trend is spreading, thus, legislation seen as you pointed out in individual states banning “gay marriage” is critical.

    Changing laws to encroach upon our free speech rights in light of sodomy is NOT going to go away quietly. I am not certain if you are a Christian. I am one myself, and as DL is doing, we are EXPECTED to contend for the faith BY SPEAKING AGAINST those things that are an affront to God and His will SPECIFIC to this line of discussion.

  19. Thank you N’Cantina. This is almost absurd to even argue this. These people create “rights” out of thin air and then solict -select liberal “judges” to create “protections” for the fake rights. Then they shovel guilt and condemnation on the rest of us when we dont drink the rainbow flavored koolaid.

    This is a matrix world of homosexual imagination. Their logic is born out of pure fantasy and and their reasoning is fatally infected with a lie. I for one will never accept, applaud, encourage or believe any aspect of homosexual coupling is good for this country.

    Im DL Foster and I wrote and approved this message.

  20. I’m still astonished at the hatred expressed on this site. Yes, I know that you’ll object to my perception, but you see I always look at what people do rather than what they say.

    GCMW: That’s usually how homosexuals react when they cant get 100% approval rating for their crazy, mixed up ideology.

    Suchh frightened people respond here. They seem so terified of gays and lesbians, so determined to express that hatred in law.

    GCMW: That’s interesting you think everyone else is “terified” of you. Sounds like youre one r short of reality.

    Yet -despite needing to pretect marriage – divorce, child abuse and venereal diseases are at their highest amongs these very people.

    GCMW: Since you are so big on people taking care of their own house, why dont you take a break from all the “hate” on this site and go handle your community’s weird expressions of love.

    Do any of you remember motes and beams?

    Fundamental Christians pay such scant respect to their own marriages that they are the last individuals who should be relied on for moral leadersip. They are the deviants. They are the ones sunk in desperate immorality and perversion.

    GCMW: Wow, this is like a blind man in Siberia trying to describe to a unicorn how get from East Young Ave to North 12th in Temple Tx.

    America has been priding itself on the election of a black president and seems astonished that t has been the firt of the western countries to do this – yet it lies so far behind Europe in supporting its people.

    GCMW: Who cares? America is a sovereign nation with its own mind, not a concubine of Europe.

  21. DL Foster….

    Your posts are full of hatred.

    Psalm 140,1-3

    Deliver me, O LORD, from the evil man: preserve me from the violent man; Which imagine mischiefs in their heart; continually are they gathered together for war. They have sharpened their tongues like a serpent; adders’ poison is under their lips. Selah.

    GCMW: Also, ask the Lord to deliver you from your sexual immorality. He can do it all.

  22. What is it that you expect President elect Obama to do for African-Americans? I don’t expect him to do anything for us — that is not why I voted for him.

    Look at how he ran his campaign — even though he had much opposition, he did not appear to me to waiver. If Black people can take a lesson from that — to me that’s what he gave us. Determination in the face of opposition — no one is going to help you but God. Also, Black people should support one another — i don’t see that happening — i see Black people looking for a hand-out — help yourselves thru Christ.

    GCMW: Robin, I really hope this is an isolated belief not indicative of the African American community. If it is, it wont be long before we are at the back of the bus again. Your logic is contradictory. If black people should “help themselves” why did you even vote for Obama? He’s black right? You voted to “help him” become president, right? So why are you being so blase’ about helping other black folk?

  23. Wow N Catina your just flat our wrong and irational! 🙂

    Pastor DL did know such thing as to refute my argument and it most assuredly wasn’t dilluted. Now your irational rant is certainly expected. I am certainly not seeking aproval from the likes of you for anything. Certainly not someone so rediculously narrow-minded.

    While it is true California has spoken, guess what baby…. our Judges have a serious obligation to use reason and fairness in the following months. You will certainly see a reversal of this irrational proposition. I all but gaurauntee it. I would venture to guess N Catina that you are blindlyl jumping on the hate the gay brutha bandwagon without any substantive merit. I would further expect you to have not read the California Supreme Courts ruling. That certainly would have required the ability to be rational and understand the rule of law trumps your religions desires relegate gay people to some obscur, powerless position in society.

    Its not about special rights. Dont be so rediculous. You fail to see it as a struggle for equal rights because again you dont see us as a valid lifestyle. This is what is blinding you. Like it or not, we are a valid lifestyle in the eyes of the court. And while your religious beliefs may paint us as unwelcomed at the table of the God of your understanding, the courts dont consult with any one religions deity. There are zero legitimate reasons to deny gay people this right. Remove fundamentalist relgious views from the equation, and this becomes a non-issue.

    You are so blind as to miss my argument completely. Even the most staunchly conservative Christian advocate must learn how to honestly and objectively evalute opposing perspective. Why is this so hard for silly conservative Christians? I understand clearly some of the main points of contention for Christians. But the greater truth is again, our land allows for diversity.While this certainly is a most Christian nation, it is nonetheless a country ruled by secular law. To that end, my argument is presented in the arena were it matters most. I understand your religion forces you to believe a certain way. But in America, like it or not, your religious values dont hold much weight in court. This for the reasons i am seeing in this post. Religious zealots would propably have gays killed for violation of the ‘laws of God’. Certainly, we would be relegated to some obscure, unempowered, viritual prison as to not offend ‘ Christian sensibilities.

    Here is the real deal. We pay taxes, therefore we have a right to live free of YOUR religious TYRANNY. Uneducated conservatives you silly irrational arguments like this one to deny gay people the rights we seek (not special rights)

    1 – If we let gay people marry, we’ll have to let people marry there pet Goats. ??? You’ve got to be kidding me. Its called two consenting adults. A goat cant speakup and say ” sure I’d like to have sex with a human”.

    2 – Gay people are unnaturally ordered and are the decay of our society. — Irrational argument born of prejudice and religious extremism not reason.

    3- Gay people would corrupt the institution of marriage and harm the family unit. — ??? Have you seen American statistics on divorce? the American Institute of [heterosexual marriage] IS a failed one – Just look at the statistics.

  24. Tony, if you have such a problem with the “hatred” on this site, you are free to leave and try your deluded lines of reasoning elsewhere….

    As was pointed out earlier, we’re not shutting up for the sake of your appeasement.

    I’m N’Catina, and I approve this message, because I am tired of the stupid cyclical arguments surrounding this issue, and the homosexuals’ operating in deception replete with trickery to push their agenda.

  25. Tony, PLEASE tell me where I am “hating”??? “Hating,” in my assessment, is resorting to derogatory language commonly used to describe homosexuals. At NO time have I resorted to doing that (not to say that you accused me of doing such) and don’t intend to do so.

    However, your responses only seek to reinforce what DL has pointed out regarding the emotion-laden tangents given as “answers” to pain-stakenly written and intellegent discussion against homosexuality in turn. You are simply angry that I and others on here were able to speak DIRECTLY to that sin, and have yet to readily admit that problem as such. This is NOT a human rights isssue, it is a sin issue.

  26. N Catilina, your insgnificant intellect is the problem. I rest my case. You are just the perfect ‘drone’ the radical-far-out-religous-right needs to fuel their hate. Congratulations, you’ve arrived 🙂 I am certainly not going anywhere. You’ve got to present something more than your emotional and illogical rants. Again, you provide ZERO sbstance, or reason for your perspective.. This I find very much amusing. Yet, you reduce a more philosophically grounded argument than yours as ‘stupid cycical arguments’. I speak against hate because infact it is my responsibility as a civilized American to do so. There is no trickery or diception here. No secret agenda of left-wing operatives to taint or corrupt America. To suggest this is so paranoid. You can fairly say that those who’s idividual liberties would be destroyed by radical fundamentalist nutcases are not going to take it laying down. We are strong and are not taking it anymore. Read the ruling, which I will warn you is lengthy. This will prevent you from looking absolutely ignorant. At least have a comprehension understanding of the facts BEFORE you make paranoid dillusional comments born of your blatant ignorance and astounding prejudice.

  27. I hate to say this but the word hate is so overused, it has lost its significance. I simply yawn when gay activists toss the h-word around like a worn out tennis ball.

    They need a new word.

  28. Well said, GCMWatch. I get critics who use the hate accusation as some sort of trump card. I point out their false reasoning a time or two and then just ignore them. Hopefully more Christians will grow spines and quit rolling over out of fear of being called haters.

  29. Hi Tony,

    If it is true then it doesn’t stop it from being true. But it isn’t always true. That’s the point: The gay lobby uses the logical fallacy of the ad hominem argument (attacking the person, not the message) as one of their core weapons.

    They don’t just call out hate where they see it, as we do (e.g., Christians roundly denounce Fred Phelps). They lead with the hate argument to intimidate.

    And they seem to never realize how much real hatred pours out of their mouths, or they rationalize it away – .

  30. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God did that I hope you all know that. He said no so man had to vote NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What happens next; only God knows. Let us continue to pray to God that it stays the way that it is. Let’s put our faith to work to keep it like it is regardless of what Satan wants. Homosexuality is not natural Men with men working that which is unseemingly. Women with women; none of it fits. Question to all homosexuals. Why do you think that God gave women and men different parts to fit each other? He did it I didn’t so please don’t get angry with me. You in your hearts know that God is not pleased with what you are doing because of the unique way that he created men from women. Just repent and God is faithful. He will forgive you.

  31. How can we protest against the new Movie Noah Arc, this is a movie about homosexual marriage and relationships. does someone have any ideals.

  32. Perhaps the best way is to just ignore it. There is already racial infighting among gays. Hopefully the movie, which has been described as d-grade obsession with sex will fall by the wayside and never been seen by the public. Protesting it only brings attention. Unless some church figure was associated with it, its really not even worthy of a protest.

  33. I love how everyone can have a valid argument except a person who actually believes what God says in His word. Where do we get our individual beliefs? Where do we get our value systems? Some choose religion, some choose life experiences, some choose both. Your arguments are no more valid because you base them on life experiences or various works that you have read.
    That being said, don’t fret. Homosexuals will eventually be allowed to marry. Now if the goal is only to have “equal” rights, then you won’t have a problem when Christians take their children out of schools that are teaching homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle, right? Because this is a free country, and they have a right to do that, correct?

  34. N’Cantina, Now people can get a really good picture of what Lot faced in Sodom when he told the homosexuals not to attempt to rape the angels.

    Just watch and observe the rage, hate and uh…”inhospitality” on parade. What you;ll be seeing is the real spirit of sodom.

    Here’s a snapshot, for those who havent seen the spirit of sodom in action.

  35. GCM, thanks, I saw this video and supporting articles when they first dropped. It is quite sad, and really just displays the level of apparent desperation to push sodomy. Notice that as the conversations between the supporters and opposition surrounding homosexuality, they morph into straight-off confrontations? The bottom line is that, with each “justification” the gay lobby gives, their arguments becomes less and less substantive as bible-believing Christians push back, thus the need from going from twisted scripture to accusations of hate to legislative means of changing marriage defiinitions and now, as a last resort, brute force.

    That is where we are now concerning these protests, violence by “a chosen few” and the now infiltration of disrupting church services as a means of blaspheming Christ and desecrating what is sacred, as was the case of a church in the Midwest, I believe.
    I have my own qualms concerning the apostate church as a whole, but what happened to that local congregation should have never been, and those responsible should have been charged with, at bare minimum, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace.

    These mongers recognize that resistance to their “efforts” is quite strong, and because they are finding that legislative and democratic efforts are favorable towards keeping marriage “as is” (for now) the homosexual lobby has chosen to abandon the means of reason and order and force their way into people’s lives, with or without their permission.

    Nonetheless, we need to remain diligent in our prayers and resolve to confront these clowns (sorry for the name-calling). They are playing for keeps, and we need to be of the same mindset if the sacred covenant of marriage is to be preserved.

  36. Did you also notice that the reporter said that they had not seen any police show up to control the crowd at that time. I get a feeling had the tables been turned, police would be out in record number.

    Makes u wonder whose side the law is on.

  37. Wao! I dont understand the creatures living on this planet any more. Some times I wonder if we are still qualified to be called human beings any for

    1. It is interesting to know that all gay and gay supporters have parents ( man and a woman). Where would they be if mom and dad had ended up in gay marriages.

    2. Have we so degenerated to mere biological animals from our “human being” stautus?

    3 I never see no she goat having sex with anothe she goat. Neither have I see any he goat doing it with another he goat.

    4 But now we have ‘she’ human being doing it with another ‘she’ human being and a ‘he’ human being with another ‘he’ human being.

    5 It is either our civiliazation is growing in the reverse direction or there is a mental disease that science is yet to discover that is plaguing the human race.

    6 As a young growing African child, sex outside of marriage with the opposite sex was seen as a terrible taboo that is some times punishable by death.
    7. Then came this satanic age we call the age of civilization and age of super hitech that has brought nothing but condoms in our childrens school bags, free kisses on the street with no feeling of shame.
    Half naked girls on the streets, and now the mother of them all.

    8 A SUPPOSSED CIVILIZE MAN GOING TO BED WITH ANOTHER MAN and a supposed civilized woman going to bed with another woman.

    9 As if we have not had enough of the nonsense, these new species of mentally retarded, and animalistic depraved creatures want to be given the right to go to the alter.

    10 Put christianity and religion aside, does this sound like a normal thing to any mentally balanced human being?
    11 If every one will turn gay, will there be a future for the world? OH i almost forgot we have the technology to manufacture babies a laboratory( factory) We can the mass produce more gays for the next generation

    12 What a SHAME on the human race. Other species are still maintaining the God ordained order except the one called human being.
    13If Obama choose to be the God father of this mental retards I wish him well but giving account before the court of heaven takes more than being an eloquent smart guy.
    14. But are we sure these gays are not some demon spirits sent to infiltrate our world and use this way of life to end us? THINK ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!

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