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volumenormal_1281Posting will be slow or nonexistent for the next several days due to engagements on my calendar.

If any news comes through that I feel merits discussion, I will post a blurb on it here. Otherwise, feel free to talk about your pet peeves respectfully. I won’t accept any unsubstantiated information about people just because you dont like them so be careful not to post anything like that.

A couple of questions I’d like to throw out there is what do you think of Barack Obama choosing former members of the Clinton administration for his cabinet? Is this Clintonian redux or change you can believe in? And do you think that he will choose more black cabinet members than white presidents who have always chosen more white cabinet members? Is he obligated to choose more black members in key positions?


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  1. Rahm Emanuel — bad choice, but family has money and Pres. Obama had to say thank you. He will regret this choice.
    Robert Rubin as advisor: pushed for exotic derivatives (gambling).
    Dick Parsons as advisor: almost ran TimeWarner into the ground until he was forced out.
    Caroline Kennedy as possible UN Ambassador: excellent choice to rehabilitate America’s world image.
    Robert Kennedy as possible EPA chief: very good for a serious take on environmental issues.
    We will have to wait and see, it is really too early.
    Don’t you think he should have gone to his grandmother’s funeral. With cell phones, laptops, blackberries and teleconferencing, he really could have attended.
    We must pray for Pres. Elect Obama’s safety, well being and judgment.

  2. Obama = 1 step forward, two steps back.

    Great day for overcoming so many obstacles regarding race in this country = 1 step forward

    This guy is SOOOOO liberal he would make Jimmy Carter blush = 2 steps back.


  3. Hopefully, he will select a multi-cultural cabinet that not only reflects a multi-cultural nation, but can also do the job they are appointed to do. I’m glad that an African American has won, but in order for him to have true success in governing this nation, he must do right by God and also by the people. I pray that he will seek to govern this country by biblical principles, for that is the only way it will truly prosper (Proverbs 29:2).

  4. I could care a less what color the people he selects just so he selects the best people for the job..

    Sadly, knowing that Obama is to the left of Emma Goldman, I rather doubt he is going to be very wise in his staff!

    Lord Almighty, how could America be so dangerous decieved by this clown?

    One thing I do understand now, is how easy it will be for the anti christ to make his appearance…if so many christians can be decieved by a sleazy politician like Obama, then the anti christ, who is brilliant, will be able to pull the wool over mankind’s eyes quite easily….and sadly many christians…

    The first thing we need to be doing is praying for Obama’s salvation…and his families too…this man is far from the Lord….if he can get saved, then he can do great things while in office…

    Pray for wisdom for the President elect and pray for his protection and his families protection..

    Regardless who is President, there is always a fair share of nuts trying to gun you down…their will be domestic groups and also some Islamic groups….

    One thing about Obama that most people do not realize…he is the world’s most famous apostate from Islam….that technically makes him a target as Islamic doctrine teaches execution for apostates…and Obama is an apostate….

    God Help America and God Help the New President and God Help us all…

    I have a feeling that some of those seals in Revelations are going to start getting open pretty soon….prepare for a bumpy ride!

  5. Hello.
    This is my first comment post to this website.
    Thank you for the work you are doing for the kingdom.
    I would like to have your response to what is going on in California right now in regards to the Proposition 8 passage.
    Proposition 8 would amend the California state constitution that would allow marriage between one man and one woman. It would nullify the same sex marriage law currently on the books.
    There is considerable back lash against the black community because it is due to the large turnout of black voters who voted for Barack Obama AND in favor of Proposition 8.
    I read a couple of articles, particularly this one (, in which the gay community is very upset and calling the black community homophobic. I would like sound, logical counter arguments to their accusations. Thank you for any help.

  6. Although I am happy a black man was elected to the highest office in this land, my happiness is shortened by the struggle my grandparents went through and the idea that Obama is that idea fulfiilled. I don’t believe that a white Obama would have been put into office. With his shady associations, lack of background information, and slim resume, no way would this country have elected him to office if he wasn’t African American. Therefore, the dream of us being seen by the content of our characters and not our skin color is minimalized for me. However, I do pray for Mr. Obama and his family and hope his impact on this world is positive but more importantly for his and his family’s salvation and a return to sound scripture in their personal lives.

  7. I found the photos of the people cheering and crying, and also publishing of his image across hundreds (perhaps thousands) of world newspapers to be “anti-christ-like.” The Bible says that the world “wondered at the beast.” Now, I’m not calling Obama the beast or even the anti-christ; it’s just that the celebration of this man all over the world is most unusual. I don’t even think Nelson Mandella was celebrated like this when he became president of South Africa. It just makes you wonder…He and the family will certainly need our prayers non-stop. I feel that if someone tries to do something to him or his family, pandemonium could (or would) break out all over this country, and even the world!

  8. hmmm one white reader called Obama the anti-christ. What about Bush? He murdered this country for 8 years and Obama hasn’t spent i minute as the president yet. White folks are hypocrites (plain and simple)

  9. Devon…did you actually read what you posted? because if you did, you would see how absurd it sounds. First of all, if you’ve done any research on the man and about his life, you would know that he is a Christian man, so his salvation is secure. And how has america been decieved by him? and what makes him a clown…the man hasn’t even been sworn in yet and the church folk are already killing him with words. it’s really, really sad. as a woman of God, i cannot believe what i am reading.

    george bush was in the white house for 8 years and none of the church folk had anything to say about him or the anti-christ, but now that obama’s in there…we wanna take it there.

    plus, if we know that the end of days includes the anti-Christ coming to deceive many…then, what’s the big deal….it’s been prophesied for thousands of years…why are we making it such a big thing around obama…

    if we are what we say we are, then the anti-christ will not deceive us.

    let’s get it together people of God…please!

  10. “if you’ve done any research on the man and about his life, you would know that he is a Christian man, so his salvation is secure”

    Amy Wilson, what makes a person a Christian or saved? Please give biblical criteria so that we can judge whether or not Obama meets that criteria.

    george bush was in the white house for 8 years and none of the church folk had anything to say about him or the anti-christ,

    If you were opposed to the Bush presidency, you had 8 years to make your case against it. Why didnt you and why is it wrong for people opposed to Obama to make their case?

  11. America’s newest christian icon (and president-elect) Saint Obama of Chicago is reportedly going to place a hindu idol in the White House. Its a gift from a group of Hindu idol worshippers who claim the “Lord Hanuman” –a monkey god– was responsible for the Obama win. They plan on presenting it to him Jan 20. Obama already carries a small figure of the monkey god as a good luck charm.

    We’ll see if Saint Obama rejects the idol.

    Full story at Independent Conservative.

    Also, homosexual activists attack a Lansing Assembly of God church. Read what they did at the church Sunday morning services. Could your church be next and what would you do? h/t to IC.

  12. First off, it’s not our job to judge whether or not Obama meets the criteria for salvation…since you have so many questions, why don’t you show me in the bible where it says that we are to try to figure out if someone is saved or not. Let’s leave that up to God to determine if someone is ‘really’ saved. {As if our actions or lack thereof are more powerful than the blood of Christ}

    And even if I did list what the bible says about salvation, i’m sure you’d find a way to discredit me on the basis of some of Paul’s writings in 1 Corinthians about kicking folk out of the church…etc etc…so let’s not play that game.

    All I’m saying is that the man is a professing Christian as seen on tv and in his book ‘audacity of hope’. I don’t have a problem about anybody making their case against someone, but please let it have some evidence attached to it other than him not beleiving the way you think he should beleive and running him in the ground over it. it’s sad really.

    and as far as me being agaiinst Bush…I didn’t need 8 years to make case agaiinst him, my case was made plain and clear everytime I voted against him. nothing else needed to be said about that.

    Now that obama has been elected, the Amercian people have also made their case clear, and quite honestly…nothing else needs to be said about it.


  13. Obama is not in office yet. Bush made the worse decisions for this country for 8 years. He did not listen to God for anything. If he had this country would NOT be in the mess it is in today and everybody knows it even if they won’t admit it…………..Let us wait and see if Obama will listen to God or not. We will see won’t we

  14. I was very very happy when Obama won. I think it is already improving racial relations and it was a decisive repudiation of the madness of the Bush Administration. However, I had to comment again, because I didn’t know about the Hindu gift. This would be another omen — his choice for WH Chief of Staff being the first omen. He is also surrounding himself with characters in the financial industry as advisors who really should be in mugshots.
    On another note, the gay rights movement has obtained the names of all those people who contributed $1K to the Prop 8 drive and they are hounding them publicly. Unfortunately, at least one person who worked at a theatre (plays, musicals) in California was forced to issue an apology.
    This is really not democratic. One should be able to donate their own money to whatever cause based on their personal and/or religious beliefs. They really hunted this guy down. Scary.
    Make anonymous donations to causes deemed controversial.

  15. Actually, we are to judge those inside. If we want to get scriptural on judging, we are not to keep company with anyone named a brother, who is sexually immoral, or covetous, or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or an extortioner… 1 Cor chap 5 and chap 6
    Those who preach another gospel are accursed…Galatians 1:6-8
    When a professing Christian downplays passages in the bible that condemn homosexuality, calling them “obscure,” something is wrong with that person. When a professing Christian says that a homosexual is born that way, but the bible says that a homosexual will not inherit the kingdom of God, is there any room for more discussion? How many of us thought Martin luther King, Jr was a Christian? He didn’t believe that Jesus rose from the dead. But we become blinded by our love and admiraton for a person, and we neglect the words of Christ. I actually voted for Bush, only to learn from his own mouth that he believed that Chistians and Muslims prayed to the same God (except for bin laden because he killed innocents and therefore must be praying to a false god) . HUH? I believe that many people, Obama and Bush included, are operating under a strong delusion sent by God because they did not receive the love of the truth.

  16. Amy, one could list a plethora of items pertaining to the lack of Obama regeneration…

    But one thing will suffice….he denies openly that Jesus Christ is the only hope for mankind…in otherwords he is a universalist…that makes him unregenerate….he doesn’t even know the very basics of the Holy Bible when he utters such a vile statement…

    And interestingly enough..George Bush, the current President, also is a Universalist…he also says many roads lead to heaven…right now, both Bush and Obama are unregenerate people…we need to be praying for their salvation…

    I think Obama will be disastrous for America on many levels…economic, socially and internationally…

    I hope to God that I am wrong…but his background and his associates and his previous statements lead me to believe that he will make Jimmy Carter look brilliant…

    The one positive perhaps out of the Obama election is that the Sharptons and Jacksons and others that play the race card will hopefully fade away into well deserved oblivion ……

    And perhaps Obama will surprise us and move to the Center from the radical left of where he resides now…even Clinton had to move to the center…..

    I’m proud that America has elected a Black Man to the Presidency….45 years after Jim Crow and a 140 years since the Civil war….ALL I wish was that it wasn’t this Black Man…give me J.C. Watts or Clarence Thomas….I’ll vote for those guys anyday!!

    Take Care

  17. Amy, it is easily clear that Obama at this point is not remotely a regenerate Christian…I certainly wish it was otherwise…

    There are many reasons for discerning this but one will suffice…..Obama denies that Jesus Christ is the Only way to Heaven…yep….Obama is a universalist….that indicates that he doesn’t know even the most basic doctrine of the Holy Bible…John 14.6…..throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, God is God…and the plan for salvation is completely clear….their is no other way to be saved..Act 4.13….

    AND take note…the current President is also a Universalist…both Bush and Obama need to know Christ as their Savior…both, according to their own words, do not….

    Both need our prayers…

    I’m shocked that anyone who claims to be a regenerate Christian cannot see the fruit that is lacking in Obama’s words and teachings???

    I wish it were not so….right now, the world needs Godly leaders and we do not have them….

  18. Sorry….Acts 4:12 that should have been….’Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.’


  19. Devon, you are right about this. I wrote a post earlier but it must have been lost. I have a clip from youtube about Bush declaring that Christian and nonchristian roads lead to the same god. I haven’t heard Obama say this yet…if you have a clip let me know. I have heard him downplay passages in the bible condemning homosexuality. This is enough to let me know that he is not a Christian. Maybe universalist, definitely secular humanist, definitely strong delusion.

  20. Amy youre the one playing games. Plus, being a hypocrite. Since you already know your false ideas would be discredited, then we will just let that stand.

  21. hypocrite? hmmm…now i’m confused. what makes one a hypocrite in your eyes? in the eyes of God? And which false ideas are you referring to? what ideas did i list?

    you obviously have me confused.

    GCMW: No, Amy youre only pretending to be confused. You know the definition of a hypocrite. For instance a hypocrite wants to ask questions, but doesnt want to answer questions.

  22. Devon,

    I appreciate you sharing your views on Obama and I respect it. I just disagree on some of the claims, but one of the things I am in agreement with you on is that both Bush and Obama need our prayers and as a woman of God, I can committ to do that.

    Thanks again!

  23. I’m sorry, who’s definition is that again? : /

    GCMW: More games. Please find somewhere else to loiter.

  24. That definition would be from the bible. You know that book where those people followed this man who rose from the dead, and they walked so much like this man on the earth that people at Antioch called these followers Christians.


    The Dem’s put out a highly educated smart strong ticket this time. The GOP’s McCain had no plan and Palin had no clue. The country is in such bad shape financially, morally, and image wise it had to change. The sorry state of this nation’s money has finally hit the burbs and rural America. It’s no longer just the poor huddled masses in the urban centers. We have allowed almost the entire manufacturing base to be moved to third world countries, often with accompanying tax breaks to the companies selling out working class America. But now outsourcing is in the process of decimating the American dream for middle and upper-middles class America. It finally got so bad that white America was willing to overcome whatever prejudices and fears they had at least temporarily. When your job has been outsourced, when your car now belongs to the repo man, and you are living with your in-laws because your ARM adjusted up so high that you can’t pay.
    “GREEN TRUMPS BLACK”, at least for a while.

  26. I just went to g craig lewis’ website and he has a post about abortion up. I didn’t know that there was legislation regarding born alive infants. Did Obama really vote against this THREE times? I’m looking for more info, but OMG, who is our next president? This is getting creepier by the second.

  27. Camille, yes its true.
    But dont expect any of the black church crowd to be offended. To them abortion is a white, religious right flame throwing issue.

  28. I’m starting to understand what Jesus meant when He said “When the Son of man comes, will he really find faith on the earth?”
    My mom and stepmom are both Christians, but I know for a fact that they both voted for Obama. They don’t think about abortion and I don’t think they really care. I didn’t get my views from them. I have no children yet, so I don’t know the fear or reality of losing a child. But there has been something in me, since I first learned about abortion, that has hated the idea of it. I try to think about the women who realize the mistake they made after having one, and how they must be hurting. I try to think of the babies who are in heaven and how they do not suffer anymore. But it bothers me when Christians support this and tout a woman’s right to choose. Even some unregenerate people have a problem with abortion because of the sanctity of life. I try not to be a school daze actress and chant “Why, why,why,” but that’s how I feel inside. I try not to be like ,”God, get them,” because I really don’t want anyone (me included) to experience His wrath. It really amazes me how longsuffering God is, toward all of us. Thank you Jesus.

  29. What happened to my last post? am i being blocked? I guess that’s what happens when one disagrees. i apologize for having a different point of view.

    I guess to say on this ‘speak your mind’ post, I have to be against Obama, but because I’m for him…i’m not blocked.

    once again hilarious!! and you think this is God’s work?

    GCMW: More games. You had opportunity to “speak your mind” but you choose to use it to mock other people. Obviously, youre not blocked. Your “hilarious” post was deleted. You were asked to loiter somewhere else. What about that didnt you understand? If you dont understand what that means, you will be blocked.

  30. Pastor DL, where can I find some reputable, scholarly sources on the doctrine of Sola Scripture? If you know, please let me know.

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