Famous COGIC member in favor of homosexual marriage

cogiclogoBut once again, his pastor, the cowardly seventh presiding bishop of the Church of God in Christ, remained silent.

Earvin aka “Magic” Johnson, who donated 5 million dollars to help build West Angeles COGIC, lent his voice to encourage support of homosexual marriage with this phone message to California voters. Johnson, one of West Angeles’s celebrated celebrity members had no problem publicly joining with those who spread rebellion against the good and perfect will of God.

“This is Magic Johnson calling to ask you to join me and Barack Obama in opposing Proposition 8. Prop 8 singles out one group of Californians to be treated differently – including members of our family, our friends, and our coworkers”…. “That is not what California is about. So this Tuesday, vote no on Proposition 8. It is unfair and wrong. Thanks.

Not only should Johnson have been publicly rebuked by his pastor, he should have been required to publicly renounce his support for this wickedness. But the question is why didn’t Bishop Charles Blake handle his responsibilities as pastor of COGIC’s flagship church? Is this another incredulous case of “I didnt know”?   Another case of stonewalled silence?

COGIC should be completely outraged that their leader is spiritually impotent when it comes to homosexuality. Maybe that’s the trade off for more fame and ecumenicalism via Bishop Blake’s new reign of error. The war of the century against the advancement of homosexual marriage was in Bishop Blake’s front yard and he didnt even have the courage to peek his head out of the front door and see if he could make a difference. Pastor Harvey Burnett at Dunamis Word has more on the astonishing story.


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  1. How sad – especially since Johnson is HIV positive. Seems like he would have learned that following God’s model for human sexuality is the best way.

  2. It was wrong of him to use Obama’s name to manipulate the people. I’m glad prop 8 passed. It won’t stop them from their abomination, but at least they can’t get maurried (I spelt that wrong for a reason)

  3. Neil,

    Homosexuality didn’t produce HIV in Magic Johnson, the excessive sexual behavior of NBA stars did. Dont try to say magic is gay now through intimation.

  4. Pastor, you nailed another one.

    1. Let’s be honest. How many men who have HIV live as successful, long and prosperous lives as he?! Conspiracy theorists, unite.

    2. He should not only be ashamed, but he should be pimp slapped for this tomfoolery. He is not advocating a sociological cause, it’s a cultural cause and he is selling out in the process. Magic sees his candidate, hears what is the buzzword of the party and completely sells his conviction for God up the river to get a headline and a handshake. Shame!

    3. Bishop Blake? Puh-lease? That man lost his scruples the minute all of Tim Storey’s folk came to West Angeles. It’s placating to the elitist crowd who in the reserved first rows (based on their tithe no doubt).

    Nicely done, Pastor.

  5. Pastor Foster,

    As a newly HIV/AIDS activist I learned quickly that the GLBT movement has a strong influence regarding funding and resources. As I gathered information and support it became apparent that if I needed any support I would have to go through this group AND accept their lifestyle. I refuse. People just don’t get it regarding how much medication costs, availability, and what does it mean to live with HIV. Imagine if more and more African-Americans become infected and don’t have adequate health care to just stay alive. What would happen if the federal government does not have the resources to subsidize medication and treatment? Will health care go bankrupt? This is not only a morally issue but an economic one.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. I don’t believe this??? I though Magic had become a True Christian….what is goin’ on with people????

    Shame on him…..

    And can someone explain to this Christian Canadian how Black Californians correctly voted YES on prop 8 and then went onto vote for arguably the most pro gay President ever??/

    I do not understand these times….and I do not understand some of my fellow Christians???

    On and on it goes…Magic, Ray Boltz, Cynthia Clawson….

    The antichrist when he comes is going to have a heyday with the church…no sweat…sad but true…

  7. The antichrist when he comes is going to have a heyday with the church…no sweat…sad but true…

    Devon, when the antichrist comes on the scene, the true church will already be caught up. I believe God is giving the church a snap shot of what it will be like when the antichrist does come on the scene. Believe me, you don’t want to be here. I don’t plan to be …. 🙂

  8. “Homosexuality didn’t produce HIV in Magic Johnson, the excessive sexual behavior of NBA stars did. Dont try to say magic is gay now through intimation.”

    Hi Tony – I didn’t try to say Johnson was gay and am not trying to intimidate. Please carefully re-read what I wrote: “How sad – especially since Johnson is HIV positive. Seems like he would have learned that following God’s model for human sexuality is the best way.”

    Johnson’s sexual behavior violated God’s commands and bad things happened. Homosexual behavior violates God’s commands and bad things happen. Both are bad.

    All sexual behavior outside a one man / one woman marriage is sinful.

  9. ucan, you are so right. The AIDS industry is dominated by homosexual activists. If you want the money to sincerely help people with AIDS, you have to accept homosexuality 100%.

    That’s why I am suspect of any church who partners with these AIDS groups. It doesnt come without a hefty moral compromise.

  10. Agreed. When I led a Christian employee network group at Compaq I would see the leader of the gay employee group at meetings. He solicited donations for an AIDS cause once. I’m a soft touch for such things and was inclined to participate, until I clicked a couple links on their main web site.

    Let’s just say that they did nothing to discourage sexual behavior at all, and some of the links bordered on pornography. No thanks.

  11. Blake will keep silent because Magic is a VIP member. Just like Eddie Long will take money from Usher, P Diddy and others (and he’ll perform on Ludacris’ album too!) without condemning the lifestyles they espouse.

    Folks, money talks and…well, you know the rest…

  12. I am a member of West Angeles Church. I do recall vividly that Bishop Blake disseminated copies of the Church of God in Christ’s official position on marriage immediately after the California Supreme Court ruled for same-sex marriage. This is not a rumor. This is a fact.

    Between the 2 Sunday services, there were more than 10,000 individuals in attendance, plus the services were videotaped so my comments can be easily verified. In addition, for several years, the Church of God in Christ has had its official position re: marriage posted on the homepage of cogic.org. Unfortunately, the website was revamped last week, otherwise I would share the links with you.

    To cast aspersions against the character of Bishop Blake because one of his (more than 26,000 members) advocated against Prop. 8 is wrong. A review of the sermons of Bishop Blake would confirm that Magic took a path contrary to his pastor’s teachings.

    Magic Johnson is not in a position of leadership at West Angeles. Magic Johnson is not in a position of leadership in the Church of God in Christ. He comes to learn and hear the Word preached just like the rest of us.

    It is not Bishop Blake’s job to follow each of his members home, peep in our windows, check our trash cans, interview our neighbors, tape our phone conversations and make sure that we are towing the line. At the end of the day, we have to work out our own salvation.

    In spiritual maturity, some of us have graduated from elementary school, high school, and college. Magic’s comments simply mean that he needs remedial training and will have to repeat a few grades.

    Magic is not the first member at West Angeles to say or do something dumb. He won’t be the last.

    Let God work on Magic and stop cyber-bullying ministers unless you have intimate knowledge of their character and behavior.

    Cyber-bullying really is quite childish.

  13. The last statistics I read said that more than 70% of African-Americans voted FOR Prop. 8

    It would seem to me that more Black folks paid attention to the Bible than to Magic.

    you feel me?

    GCMW: So, that absolves Bishop Blake from his responsibilities?

  14. Dear nameless WestA member,

    Bishop Blake does have a responsibility as the head of the national church to publicly refute public positions taken by celebrated members of his church from whom he accepted 5 MILLION DOLLARS to help build his church. Its called ethics. Otherwise its easy to deduce that the money and benefits he has previously derived from associations with Magic Johnson caused him not to speak out against Johnson’s gay advocacy.

    I guess I should be grateful he told one-half of his local church about Prop 8. I noticed you did not say whether he told congregants to vote in favor of the measure. Is that because he didnt? In addition, what about the other 100 plus member churches in Southern California 1st? And what about the 15 other jurisdictions in California? What was the Presiding Bishop’s word to them?

    The Mormon leaders, a false cult, also are against homosexual marriage but IN ADDITION TO THAT they publicly told ALL their constituency (over 700,000 people in CA) to do everything possible to help defeat homosexual marriage. That’s why over 2000 homosexual activists angrily protested the Mormon church this week! So if a cult can do that, why not COGIC leadership?

    Im sure you want to defend your leader regardless. But to swash it away as if it were some gaffe by a kid in 3rd grade is very immature on your part. If youre going to defend your leader, at least acknowledge the seriousness of the matter instead of lobbing fake “cyber-bullying” complaints. You may need to study a little more in regards to holding leaders accountable for their public actions. Im glad you realize Magic Johnson needs “remedial training”. Should we hold our breath waiting for Bishop Blake to retrain his famous member?

    You also ignored the other issues mentioned in the above. I guess that doesnt matter to you either, its just more “cyber-bullying”.

  15. To the best of my knowledge, there was never ANY public discussion either pro Prop 8 or anti Prop 8 from Bishop Blake’s podium.

    Why would there be?

    As I stated in my initial response, COGIC’s official position regarding marriage has been communicated to the laity for several years both during Bishop Blake’s administration and during (the late) Bishop Patterson’s administration.

    In addition, since you seem quite familiar with the inner-workings of our national organization, you know that our annual holy convocation is held in Memphis each year during November. This year it was held the same week of the presidential elections. More than 70,000 delegates convened in Memphis from November 4th thru November 10th for prayer, fasting, spiritual renewal and church assembly elections. Bishop Blake urged us to cast our absentee ballots b4 we left home.

    As he’s been in Memphis for the past ten days, I seriously doubt he was even aware of Magic’s misdeeds.

    Have you tried contacting the Office of the Bishop for an official response? There is a “Contact Us” page at westa.org and the phone number for the church is (323) 733-8300.

    Or is it more spiritually titillating to stir up the pot online and let the innuendos flourish unchecked?

  16. “To the best of my knowledge, there was never ANY public discussion either pro Prop 8 or anti Prop 8 from Bishop Blake’s podium. Why would there be?”

    That’s a telling statement/question.

    This is all public. What “innuendos” have been made other than that which you find disagreeable because it is your pastor?

    Are you implying that Bishop Blake did repudiate Magic Johnson’s gay marriage support? Our contention is that he has not.

    Are you implying that Bishop Blake publicly advocated Prop 8 to COGIC members in California? Our position is that he did not.

    So what innuendos are you referring to?

    WAm, its already been noted that the “didnt know” defense is becoming a little too common for Bishop Blake. When is going to direct his well qualified staff to keep him informed on issues that affect and involve him? Why are these people on the payroll? As the “CEO” of an estimated 8 million member organization, not knowing is a bit trifling if not downright unprofessional.

    And yes, they have been contacted. We wont hold our breath for an “official” reply.

  17. Correction: This isn’t a “discussion”. It’s a myopic demonstration of viciousness.

    Who’s watching the watchdog? Who’s rebuking the rebuker?

    The internet has birthed a whole new breed of
    anonymous judges and commentators who are held to zero accountability themselves.

    A disturbing trend and a sad Church commentary, indeed.

    Be blessed, my friend.

  18. So, you’ve finally have run out of silly defenses for your hero? What exactly would you like to hold “us” accountable to? Whats sad is that groupthink churchfolk like yourself are more willing to blindly defend a man and not God’s truth and righteousness.

    Dont hate the work of God. The internet hasnt “birthed” anything. Cowardly, spiritually impotent church leaders who attempt to insulate themselves with “apostolic adjutants”, so-called armorbearers and mindless staff has caused God to anoint some modern day Nathans to confront them.

    Power belongs to God, not the CEOs of commercialized megachurches.

  19. WestA member, considering 2 Thessalonians 3:13-15 and your affirmation that a member has willfully gone outside the bounds of what was taught. When will you feel Charles Blake has gone against scripture by not confronting Magic Johnson, making special note of Magic Johnson and ostracizing Magic Johnson, till Magic Johnson turns from his current position?

    What is the rule WestA member, 2 Thessalonians 3:13-15, or whatever Blake chooses to ignore?

  20. WestAmember~ “Have you tried contacting the Office of the Bishop for an official response? There is a “Contact Us” page at westa.org and the phone number for the church is (323) 733-8300.

    I am a District Supt. In The Grand Ole Church Of God In Christ in Il. 3rd Jurisdiction and have served under every Bishop since the late Bishop J.O. Patterson.

    I personally CALLED West Angeles and left a detailed message for Elder Smith, who is the chief AA for Bishop Blake, whom I haven’t heard back from regarding this issue.

    I feel that I am OWED a sense of direction from our leadership in issues of national interest especially when they are “watershed” issues such are we are experiencing.

    Bishop Ford, gave me that. Bishop Patterson gave me that sense of LEADERSHIP that if I couldn’t be heard because my voice was small that he was going to speak with a clear voice of reason, spirituality and balance on subjects. I can’t tell you how many times he verbalized opinions on issues that I “wished” SOMEBODY would say to let people know that there were SOME OF US who were going to stand for righteousness and true holiness, and care for the people of God with our lives.

    Your interpretation of events and Bishop’s response places EVERYTHING between Bishop and the public so much now, until, according to you, he doesn’t even know what’s happening in the news, or what members in his church advocate.

    That’s poppycock my friend!

    Bishop Blake is TOO smart and has too many good advisors around him to NOT know what’s happening on all fronts that concern him, the ministry and the church. PLEASE tell me if I overstate the case in support of his staff. I would like YOU to tell me where the weak link is so that I may contact them and ask for their resignation.

    The General Assembly DOES NOT regulate the voice of Bishop Blake from his pulpit and within his community. He has an obligation, which I thought and yet give the benefit of the doubt, that he MUST meet for his congregants.

    The excuses must stop and WE must hear from OUR Bishop. Until then I don’t believe that you have the right to question those of us who SINCERELY ask for the leadership that WE PAY FOR through national reports which for me begin, and I do say only BEGIN at $500 annually.

    WestAmember~ “Or is it more spiritually titillating to stir up the pot online and let the innuendos flourish unchecked?”

    These people are about the most sincere and responsible individuals that I know. Since I have been in cyberspace for a little over a year, I have been witness to additional conversation regarding issues that don’t make it to this blog or mine. Why? Because the BENEFIT and welfare of the people of God has been FIRST priority here as I have personally witnessed.

    To say that any inuendo has gone unchecked is an gross exaggeration and an unwarranted attack on GCMWatch.

    There are serious questions that have been set forth and it is NOT befitting to hide behind a national statement made by a previous Bishop and approved by a previous Board when we’ve got “Children of Belial” ready to burn down Mormon Temples in CA. in defiance of the will of the PEOPLE who have spoken clearly at least two times against the filth and perversion of the homosexual lifestyle and homo-agenda.

    If there is an inuendo let it be from me and let it be said BY ME that WE want LEADERSHIP and A VOICE that will be clarion AGAINST sin and unrighteous and that will challenge pulpits across the nation to stand for what God stands for and for what Christ died for.

    The church process IS NOT a defence for a Pastor standing for righteousness within his community. That may be how they do it in LA, but that DON’T PLAY IN PEORIA…and if it does as with some, It DON’T Play in any pulpit in which New Bethel or Bethel Epiphany are represented.

    Thank you,
    District Supt. Harvey Burnett
    New Bethel COGIC ~ Peoria, IL
    Bethel Epiphany COGIC ~ Detroit, MI.
    Peoria Assn. Of Pastors For Community & Spiritual Renewal

  21. The author of this piece is out of order and inappropriate. I’m a 4th generation member of the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC). Bishop Blake has served our church all of his life; he is anointed, well respected, and has never condoned Proposition 8 or those who support it, whether they are members of the COGIC Church or not. Bishop Blake has never compromised, adjusted, or shifted the Word of God to suit his purposes; nor, has he compromised his stance on sin to for those who give large donations.

    The COGIC Church has never condoned homosexuality, same sex marriage, or any other sin which contradicts the Word of God. These behaviors and/or lifestyles are emphatically denounced in our doctrine, our literature, and across our pulpits. Bishop Blake has always promoted and admonished us to promote salvation and holiness; principles established by our founder Bishop Mason.

    Jesus walked among sinners; yet, the Bible states He did no sin, neither was a guile found in his mouth. Sinners made donations to the church and to the disciples, in order for them to travel and preach the gospel. Didn’t Jesus go into the home of the tax collector, eat from his table, with food purchased from the sin and exploitation of that tax collector. Subsequently, you are suggesting Jesus was “Spiritually impotent.” Many who followed Jesus were not saved; even after they witnessed the miracles Jesus performed; and those same people gave to the church. Jesus gave them the ability to repent, but if they didn’t He moved on and didn’t love them any less. He didn’t kick them out, tell them they couldn’t donate or listen to his sermons, but he never failed to remind them the wages of sin is death. Bishop has many members who are not saved, but donate to the church, and the causes/organizations he promotes.

    How do you come to the conclusion my apostle has not addressed sin publicly? Obviously, you have no knowledge of Bishop Blake or the Church Of God In Christ. Since I was old enough to remember, I cannot count all of the sermons and remarks I’ve heard Bishop Blake give publicly in front of thousands, ; whereby, he has always denounced sin, followed by a call to the alter; not mention all of the prayer services he conducts, bible lectures, communion services, etc. Every time he speaks or delivers a sermon; it’s a public address against sin. So, what are you talking about? I have personally heard him speak against fornication, same sex marriages, rape, adultery, etc., too many times to count. I have visited his local church, and he has never changed his open stance on sin, regardless to who is sitting in the congregation. My bishop is well connected, but well respected and many of his parishioners and/or visitors are actors, entertainers, athletes, and musicians.

    Everyone who goes to church and gives a donation is not saved. Yet, you and others would insult our church, our bishop; insult our intelligence by inferring Bishop Blake is “spiritually impotent,” because he accepted a donation by a member, who subscribes to Proposition 8.

    Our church embraces people from all walks of life. We’ve had unsaved presidents, entertainers, actors, athletes, secular artists, etc., to visit our national conventions. I’m sure all of them put something in the offering basket. You can embrace sinners, without embracing sin. As long as a pastor, bishop, the church as a whole denounces sin and doesn’t allow the donation to hinder, impede, dictate or compromise the Word of God, he/she is not a coward for accepting their donation. It is different, if the donation was derived through ill-gotten means. Last time I checked, Mr. Johnson makes his money

    The same people who attend these gay rallies, commit adultery, indulge or condone ungodly behavior will pay their tithes, give offerings, and/or will contribute to non profit organizations. Giving is a Biblical principle, and unsaved church members; people in general benefit from the principles of giving, just as saved people do. The Bible states God rains on the just as well as the unjust. The Bible does not distinguish and/or give rise to the contention that only saved people can reap the benefits of giving, gain wealth, or be blessed as a result of giving. Otherwise, Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, and others like them would be broke. I would argue they are rich because they give to numerous charities and churches. Many of them support Proposition 8 and other ungodly endeavors. That doesn’t mean Bishop Blake or other Christian leaders like him do.

    There are over six million members in the Church Of God In Christ and over 50 thousand attended our recent convocation, and many who attended were not saved, yet they gave large offerings. So, do you suggest Bishop Blake go to all six million of us and confirm our salvation, our belief regarding Proposition 8 before he allows us to give in the offering.

    Mr. Johnson is free to donate, attend, support, or believe whatever cause he wants to. God gives all of us free will, and if Mr. Johnson subscribes to Proposition 8, he will have to answer when God takes an account of his life.

    Bishop Blake is a man of God, I’m a spiritual daughter of the COGIC church, and there a more then six million other sons and daughters of Bishop Blake who will not support or tolerate your unfounded vicious attacks and name calling.

    As long as bishop doesn’t compromise the Word through sin and continues to promote holiness and salivation, he is free to accept Mr. Johnson’s donation, my donation, meet with the president, have lunch with a secular activist, invite or promote anything which will move our church forward. More importantly, anything that will prick someone’s heart and cause them to come to Christ. Building that church has been a blessing to that area of California. Many have been saved and have benefited from the generous programs my bishop’s church has promoted.

    To those who support this author’s contention and blatant false statements, I would say, it is you, not Bishop Blake or the COGIC Church who is spreading “rebellion.” You are rebelling against God’s anointed, when you seek to kill the influence and character of a bishop and a church, which believes the opposite of what your article suggests.

  22. “Many who followed Jesus were not saved; even after they witnessed the miracles Jesus performed; and those same people gave to the church.”

    “over 50 thousand attended our recent convocation, and many who attended were not saved, yet they gave large offerings”

    “Bishop has many members who are not saved, but donate to the church, and the causes/organizations he promotes”

    Wow, I guess you really made your perspective clear. As long as people are giving money, salvation is really not that important. As examples, you said many in COGIC national, West Angeles and Jesus’ ministry arent/werent saved. But they gave money. Lots of money. Absolutely stunning.

    I would be interested in seeing hard statistics on the “many”.

    And my name is Pastor DL Foster. I wrote the article above. Would you mind sharing your real name and what position you hold in COGIC to have such knowledge of the number of saved and unsaved and who gave “large offerings”?

  23. Sister CLK,

    If I may interviene for a minute regarding this.

    I would like to respectfully submit that this situation is unlike any other in times past in which either Bishop, before he was Presiding Bishop, or our church in general, may have addressed the issue.

    You know, because I assume you live there, that there are currently threats being made to churches and church members, people being beaten and assaulted, vandalization of property and Pastor’s ministries and lives being threatened over this issue in CA. right as I write this note. There has been demonstrations that in almost every case have violated the rule of law. fellow black citizens are once again being criticized and threatened for standing for morality and against this terrible plague.

    Currently there are over 7,000 churches in CA. that have banned themselves together to address this issue including the Mormon Church which has taken the brunt of the attacks and the Catholic Church.

    To date, I have NOT received a WORD from my Bishop, Bishop Blake, regarding this issue and our Churches stance on either assisting the effort or being a support to those who do assist the effort. The ONLY statement that has been rendered is a statement from our Late presiding Bishop Patterson and the General Board at that time.

    This issue has festered in CA. for over 8 years with 2 votes and a St. Supreme Ct. review and overturn. In case you’ve forgotten the scriptures say:

    Hab. 2:2 ~“And the Lord answered me and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.”

    Magic was not merely a member of West Angeles, he was a staunch supporter and according to Ebony Magazine BEFORE the new facility was built a TEACHER in men’s class. ie: he was not merely someone who attends and gives money…he was involved in the church operations and ministry itsellf.

    Now, that may not be the case currently but SILENCE IS NOT golden and that’s all I and others like me in the church or outside the church are getting…SILENCE

    That’s the problem here. As I’ve stated, I want to know along with thousands of other of OUR Pastors, not to mention those that are looking on what our CURRENT POSITION IS regarding the CURRENT events. I don’t want a message from 1999 or 2000 as the current circumstances have developed far beyond that time. I don’t even want a message from 2007 as that would not reflect current events.

    It is MY belief after having met Bishop personally that he is interested in the welfare of the community, church and souls in general. However I see no evidence of his willingness to engage this critical issue throughout this fiasco.

    For you to attack Elder Foster as though you have a “right” or “key” to the church shows your lack of understanding of who he is. Elder Foster is ALSO a long time member of The COGIC with HISTORY as rich as yours in the same Georgia Jurisdiction in which our former,GAY General Board Bishop, J.D. Husband was Bishop. When he (Elder Foster) says “impotent” he speaks from the experience of having talked to many of the SAME officials whom you and I both know today without ANYONE taking responsibility and addressing the issues and dealing with SIN.

    THIS IS A MOMENT TO TURN BACK THE TIDES OF INJUSTICE THAT HAVE EFFECTED SO MANY DOWN THROUGH THE YEARS. I would like to hear our Bishop address this issue at length because it is such a highly important one and one deserving of full attention at the present. For our leadership to be derilict at a time when there is so much at stake is a terrible reflection of both our church and personal ministries. Further this ackward silence negatively reflects upon the progressive work that I am exhaustively doing within my community with similar sentiments shared by other COGIC Pastors who have contacted me accordingly regarding this issue.

    Finally, your interpretation of Jesus and sinners would be a far reach for even the most liberal scholars. without going indepth, I will only say that Sinners fed Jesus at least on one occassion, but they didn’t buy him a house (not to infer that they did for Bishop Blake) and they didn’t provide the funds for at least 2 large meals that God had to create himself. What I’m saying is that I don’t buy the fact that West Angeles is built off of the contributions of contrite sinners for which the Pastor has no greater attachment to or responsibility. Our Bishop is too smart and his advisors to well and socially oriented for that to be the case. You inadvertantly insult Bishop Blake and his staff by suggesting that they don’t know what’s going on among the membership.

    We must give an account to God for HE is our ONLY Lord and savior.

    This ministry commends both GCMWatch and all them that are seeking answers and not mere platudinous statements and cliche’s that basically amount up to, “you shouldn’t say that”

    Respectfully Submitted
    By HIS Grace,

    District Supt. Harvey Burnett

  24. if bishop blake is agasint homesexual marriage why not say it. .everything jesus was against he said it o i forgot thay pay jesus no money.everything jesus did was free. i see now what the word mean when it say the love of money is the root of all evil.all you got do is just preach god word,you did not say it god said it. if the people get mad, they not mad at you thay mad at god word.cogic stop letting money and woman,give the whold church a bad name.people use to have so much respect for cogic saint.sad.so sad.

  25. our pastor came back and told us that bishop blake won and a lot of thing will change he said bishop blake belive in accountabilty. that sound great to me but now is he just talking about the money. if so nothing will change.leader will yet do and say what they wont to.i see now the only way we as god people will be help jesus is just goring to come on back.just be ready god people not cogic god people.

  26. While I do not know if Bishop Blake is gay, I am quite aware that he caters to the gay crowd, many of whom are members of his church.

    Peter Gomes has been there, and many in the church raised a big stink about it. Someone has described Los Angles in this fashion: “Nothing is as it seems!”

    Again, in LA, “Nothing is as it seems!”

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