GCM Watch commends Texas Episcopalians

Breaking news from Fort Worth, TX – Another diocese of the American Episcopal church has voted to break fellowship with the national church over its rabid and unbibical promotion of homosexuality.

GCM Watch applauds the actions today of Bishop Jack Iker and the faithful in Fort Worth, Texas.  Members decided after long  and painful evaluation that remaining with the Episcopal church in its current state of apostasy was detrimental to spiritual health and fellowship. In an October report, Bishop Iker somberly wrote that the differences appeared “insurmountable”.  From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Clergy and lay delegates of the Fort Worth Episcopal Diocese, which is theologically conservative, voted overwhelmingly Saturday to leave the Episcopal Church, which is more liberal.

The vote by 219 valid delegates was nearly 80 percent in favor of leaving. The vote was taken at St. Vincent’s Episcopal Cathedral in Bedford, where a vote also is scheduled on whether to temporarily align with the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone, a conservative entity that includes parts of South America.

Those voting to split say they disagree with the Episcopal Church over issues ranging from same-sex unions to interpretations of Scripture regarding salvation. With its action, the Fort Worth Diocese became the fourth in the nation to split from the Episcopal Church, following San Joaquin, Calif.; Pittsburgh; and Quincy, Ill

Having to break unity with fellow believers in no opportunity to rejoice, but we rejoice that Bishop Iker has been a true shepherd by refusing to subject the sheep under his charge to the vindictive reign of Katharine Jefforts Schori. Without question, the catalyst for the dismembering  of the Episcopal church can be traced to the ordination of its first openly homosexual bishop, Vickie Gene Robinson.

When will the out of touch leadership of the Episcopal Church get it? God will not change his Word for them or the homosexuals who have commandeered control of the church. The infestation of homosexual affirming doctrine is a primary reason why the church has adopted a position which rejects Christ as the only way to God. This is patently heretical and more than enough justification to refuse continued fellowship and financial support.

GCM Watch encourages other Episcopalians who are holding fast to biblical truth not to be silent in the face of continued spiritual injustices by church leadership. Thanks for your bravery and example to the rest of the Body of Christ.

  • Read the letter sent by Bishop Iker to Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefforts Schori in response to her pre-convention threats.
  • Look at the stunning statistics of the Episcopal church’s decline since its embrace of homosexuality.
  • Send encouragement to the Fort Worth Diocese contact.diocese [at] fwepiscopal.org

2 thoughts on “GCM Watch commends Texas Episcopalians

  1. Rumor has it that these Texas Episcopalians are basically trying to recreate the Roman Catholic Church.
    “High church Anglicans” are Roman Catholic in every respect but not being under the pope, and these fellows are trying to implement the high church Anglicanism in America. When I found that out, that was when I decided not to put a post up praising them myself.

    Incidentally, this is why this group did not align with Bishop Akinola of Kenya, the CANA people. The CANA people are not “high church” proto – Roman Catholics but are basically liturgical Protestants. But the direction that the Episcopal/Anglican folk go bears watching. In England, there is a split between the “conservative” high churchers and the theologically liberal plain Anglicans. I read on ChristianPost.com that the high churchers are using the homosexuality issue as an excuse to go back to the Roman Catholic Church, which they have been wanting to do for centuries anyway.

    Man, this stuff is so bizarre and goes so many different directions, it is hard to keep track of it all. So many different battles to fight on so many fronts …

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