Is this why the black church is so mixed up about ssa?

Some of you may know of Todd Hall of Orlando. If you don’t,  he’s a pretty big personality on black pentecostal preaching circuits. In the video, he’s speaking at the Northern California 1st Jurisdiction COGIC meeting.

Style aside, lets look at the theology of the 10 minute popcorn and peanuts message. I’m sure that this is only the prelude, but it provides great insight into why many African Americans have bad theology on overcoming homosexuality. Yep, you guessed it, the preachers are serving rotten food. Honestly after viewing this and hoping for the best, Id have to rate this a D minus. About the only thing I could agree with is that homosexual marriage is wrong.

Other than his unnecessary name calling, can you point out other obvious problems with his message?

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  1. I hear a lot of false theology, bad eisigesis (sp), dwelling on WOF seed-faith theology. IN other words, nothing of Christian value. If this is what counts as preaching in COGIC circles, no wonder they are a mess.

  2. Okay, here is my stab at it:

    1. Preaching doesn’t deliver you, it is the atmosphere?

    2. Can’t find 50 and wonder why we are broke?

    3. Need a great millionaire to pay me to say what “I feel”?

    4. Sissies?

    5. Guilty of a criminal offense?

    6. Preach fear?

    7. He is Psycologist by vocation, doubt it, otherwise his approach would be different if he understood human dynamics and human nature.

    8. He could Never be a homosexual. (He that thinks he stands let him take heed lest he fall) I understand what he means.

    9. Calling out Halle and Jada, “fine and fresh”. Conversation is not good for the pulpit. All the men’s mine just went there, lusting after Jada and Halle:)

    10. Check “his” record, tooting his own horn.

    I just want to know who was delivered from this message? God’s goodness and mercy leads us to repentance.

    I like the comment from Christian Calvinist on the video:

    “….No American/man-made law stops sin. Only the regenerating atonement of Christ stops sin.

    The gospel stops sin….. The only thing is..

    Too many who call themselves Christians do not know how to effectively proclaim the gospel to others to the glory of God. “

  3. oregonsistah,
    you stabbed at it pretty good.

    It was really strange how he kept goading/bullying the preachers to support his mishmash of teaching.

    His statement that God wanted homosexuals to be “deliverered from that spirit so badly” that he offered two women is just busted and false. God was looking for righteous men (per Abraham’s bargaining) not heterosexual studs.

    Just a strange, strange message.

  4. 3 things really stuck out to me:

    1. Hall saying that God sanctioned Lot giving his daughters to the mob

    2. the “spirit of homosexuality” thing which really goes against Romans 1 and Galatians 5:19-21

    3. preaching fear…i guess paul and peter were doing it wrong…the Romans werent too afraid if they killed Paul and crucified Peter upside down

    there was some bad bad eisogesis is that video…i dont know why he kept talking about going to the text…he deviated so far, it wasnt funny….10 praisers = the 10 righteous men in the story of Lot??….he definitely should have put in the same study time on that text that he did to become a psychologist…

  5. He was giving his opinion on things. He’s definitely into himself. I was waiting on scriptures, but I only heard his own ego, but that’s what happens when you let your own mouth talk instead of God

  6. Preaching doesn’t deliver you, it is the atmosphere?

    WHAT!? I couldnt believe he said that with a straight face. Now, that’s just a brazen lie. What “atmosphere”? Is the God, the Holy Ghost an “atmosphere”? There’s no mention in Romans 10 about an “atmosphere” being required for someone to be saved of delivered from sin. At least he could have offered some scripture for that, but he is so cocky and bullish that he feels he can say anything and people are too dumb to know any better. If I were in charge, I would have either got up behind him and corrected all that mess or told him the contract is over, thanks for your time.

    He reminds me of another “prophet” Sherman Allen of Fort Worth (yes the spanking women’s bottom” pastor). He told lie after lie while “preaching” and then bullied people into saying amen to it.

    People in the pews, please get a Berean spirit and stop getting taken by these religious pundits.

  7. Amen to that Pastor Foster! We have 66 books in the Word of God to go by and countless resources that can be helpful when communicating God’s word with the people. This guy just needed to take a little time to do some research, so that the unleashed ignorance in this video could be eradicated.

    How does one justify preaching fear to folks when God’s word clearly says that He hasn’t even given us that Spirit, but instead, He’s given us power, love and a sound mind..

  8. “10 praisers = the 10 righteous men in the story of Lot??….”

    Djenk, you and lostandfound are right this is graveyard theology.

    Hall would have to die and rise from the dead to make this work .

    If his premise was to equate finding 10 righteous men in the Genesis text to finding 10 “praisers” in the audience, it was a doomed thesis from the beginning.

    One can be completely unrighteous and still praise. Check Psalm 150. The only qualification is to be breathing. It can even be an animal. Perhaps had he attempted to equate it with worship he might had made a case. But Im sure he was gunning for one of those shout till you fall out after the message praise fests.

    Also, God didnt find 10 righteous men, so where was he going with that when its an obvious dead end?

  9. Everyone has hit this squarely on the head, so no need to go over it again.

    I do wonder, if The Right Reverend Bishop Charles E. Blake has seen this video…I’m suprised this preacher is still allowed to preach at all, since he’s upsetting the new golden calf…

  10. I have heard Todd Hall preached several times when he visited Toledo, Ohio and spoke for Pastor Pat
    McKinstry at the old Upton UMC (it was not a “real”
    Methodist Church). His messages then as now were
    full of Todd Hall and about Todd Hall and his handling
    of Scripture was woefully poor.
    But he did love to put you under condemnation regarding the offering and he loved to prance around and make faces for the audience. He is a entertainer
    and performer and pays little attention to the gospel
    message. He emphasizes theatrics at the expense of the gospel doing its work without human interference.
    Todd is in love with Todd and raising a offering for himself. It is too bad that COGIC is so caught up with the “Todd-like” preachers. It seems that they want to be entertained and made to shout and dance and for too many COGIC members, that is all they seek and they will “pay” you with a fat offering since what you did
    takes the place of going to a movie theatre or a ball game. They get to yell and scream and shout under th cover of praising God. Todd knows that and exploits it for his wallet and for the love of man and their favor.
    Now, whenever Tood is in town, I make sure that I do not go near where he is preaching. I get more watching the Threee Stooges do their act.

  11. oh my! What an umitigated mess!

    Absolutely no Biblical preaching AT ALL!

    All of his words were fallen prejudical language!

    Is it any wonder so many have such a negative opinion of Christian Fundamentalism!

    What delivers is not the Preaching but the Atmosphere?

    Using openly insulting language!

    I cannot believe he actually said that God offered free of a sin penalty Lot’s two daughters!

    Hosea 4:6

    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
    Because you have rejected knowledge,
    I also will reject you from being priest for Me;
    Because you have forgotten the law of your God,
    I also will forget your children.

  12. @ St man, there is still plenty to go around 🙂 every time I listen to this something else crazy pops out.

    (1) Hall says that God told Abraham Sodom was a “subdivision your nephew built.”

    Todd, not only did you lie on God (he didnt say that) Lot didnt build Sodom, he only took up residence there. The cities of the plain existed way before Lot moved there. Does this guy even read the text or research the basic history of Sodom?

    As a matter of fact, Lot chose Sodom was because it was land fertile for his herds. (Gen 13) And then after Sodom and Gomorrah was attacked and Lot taken captive, Abraham rescued them and returned them back to Sodom. Interestingly enough it was this event which caused Melchizedek (a foreshadow of Christ?) to bless Abraham. Gen 14.

    (2) “We dont know where homos come from.”

    What does that mean? Homosexuality is a sin, but homosexuals are people. You dont know where “people” come from? Sounds like someone could use some Biology 101 remedial training.

    (3) “I wonder how we got homosexual bishops now?? I wonder how it got in?”

    I wasnt sure what to think of that when I heard it. And notice he said bishops [plural]. Is this current or past bishops? I know he wasnt talking about the Episcopal church cause there were a lot of “we’s” and “us-es” in there.

  13. The reason is that the black church has gotten away from theology and doctrine and into theatrics. It is all about showmanship and entertainment really.

  14. Praise the LORD!

    Amen brother Job..Amen.

    Todd is False Teacher 101 level(Smile). I am not justifying Todd, but he is a victim(offspring) of the religious system of entertainment, money, and “having church!” GOD is going to use tribulation to separate the chaff from the wheat…I know firsthand because I am going through the process myself! Another story!

    The tough ones(false teachers) are the ones that teach with sound doctrine and sound truthful …they are the tough ones to discern! I am not there yet like you big brother Foster! But praise GOD, HE is daily giving me greater discernment on how to know the false from the real…There is a difference!

    Pastor Foster, I had never heard of this guy….the LORD started weaning me away from black mega churches and theatrics almost 10 years ago. BUT I am finding that this leaven preaching/teaching mess is in an overwhelming majority of the black churches/denominations…across the board…from storefronts to megamalls! It is LEAVEN!

    We need to pray for this brother to repent of his ways and going the way of Balaam! As bad a preacher this guy is, I do not want to see his soul eternally lost! Whoever is using this guy and exploiting him for money/gain is a devil himself…I am calling out this guy’s covering or leader into account! How dare you let this guy loose on the flock of God butchering the scriptures like that!!!!!Shame on you!

    The church system is broken in the USA! Now the Body of Christ is not broken…but the religious system is hindering the Body of Christ! But I guess it’s always been like that…Abel vs. Cain, Elijah vs. Ahab, David vs. Saul, Jeremiah vs. Judah, Jesus vs. the Pharisees and Sadduccess, the Church in Acts against the Religious Order, Pastor DL Foster vs. GCM/False Teachers/False Prophets…I have accepted the reality that there is NO EARTHLY GLORY in a real true ministry! Want scripture…But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house. Matthew 13:57

    What makes this “minister” any different than watching “Comic View” or “Bill Belamy’s Who’s Got Jokes”? Really?

    This is the first and prayerfully the last time I hear this guy! Really, his audience and the other pastors/ministers around him are just as guilty as he is!

    Yes, my spiritual mother is OLD OLD school(if you know the type…everything is holiness or hell! No in between) and strict but it keeps me in line(crucifies the flesh!)…I could have been a Todd Hall…really any of us could have been…but thank YOU LORD JESUS for killing my flesh and not answering my “carnal prayers/desires/wants…etc, etc.!

    The sad thing is that …I cannot put a quantitative figure on…what percentage of our black pentecostal/holiness churches…from living room church to storefront to mega mall are caught up in this delusion! BUT I KNOW IT IS A LOT!
    That guy is deceived…and the itching ear people support this! This poor guy is lost and he does not even know it!

    What if a sincerely broken hearted sinner who happened to need deliverance from homosexuality was in the audience…THERE WAS NO AGAPE LOVE in this man’s preaching! I am not against preaching that pricks the heart/convicts sinners…but this type of preaching is A STUMBLING BLOCK to the lost and especially new babes in Christ!

    Recent testimony: I was in a video seminar with other pastors and ministers. We were given a simple multiple choice quiz after the video that was based on one of the books of the bible. Now I am not tooting my horn…but the following I am about to tell you is why the black church…or any church or fellowship must have a plurality of seasoned/proven elders with all of the 9 gifts in operation..not a one man or one woman show…one pastor/one head….I am not questioning these people’s spiritual gifts/anointings and callings but some of the pastors DID NOT KNOW the scriptural account of one of the patriarch’s life…AND This was a multiple choice quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My wife and I were shocked…somewhat disturbed, and surprised….I am one that wholeheartedly believes in the giftings/anointings of the Holy Ghost BUT….some of our “spirit filled” leaders out there are unlearned….Now some denominations say you must have went to divinity school or earned credentials before pastoring…Sometimes that does bring ministers into bondage(I see both sides of the argument)…but being unlearned of the scriptures without proper exegesis is BONDAGE too!

    None of us is perfect…but we are facing the greatest battle in the history of Christianity in America…we better sharpen our spiritual weapons of warfare! NOW!

    I remember as a little boy, I had a great aunt who was a spirit filled lady and she said something that has stuck with me even before I was converted in my mid 20s…NEVER EVER trust any preacher’s word without following up and checking the scriptures for YOURSELF!

    Whoever out there that knows this guy Todd Hall, they should forward this blog to him so that he may repent and return to his first works! So Todd Hall, are you a hireling or will you lay down your life for the sheep?

    Pastor, stay under the blood of CHRIST and keep on the whole armor of GOD! You truly are a watchman sounding the alarm! I will be praying for you!

  15. This is par for the course for the so called prophet. He apparently does not study the scriptures for truth; he uses it for pretext to his preaching agenda. I once heard Todd Hall preach a sermon using the Wizard of Oz as a “revelation”. \He is a clown in the pulpit and his theology is warped.
    I cannot stand the name calling in the pulpit from preachers.
    He always makes reference to his singleness and his desire to be married. Is he yet? He needs to be. There is a lustful taint to his rhetoric about women. It is not limited to this video. Then again perhaps he is not ready to be amarried. He certainly could be if he wanted to be. I am CERTAIN there are silly women who will line up from New York to Ohio to be the “propets” wife. I am shocked by the popularity of Hall considering his bad teaching, preaching and theatrics. The Black church has traded the soundness of biblical exposition for showmanship, sensationalism and weakened truth. Leonard Ravenhill wrote: “If it was poison it wouldn’t kill anyone; If it were medicine it wouldn’t cure anyone. This is the gospel on the preaching circuit.

  16. Oh, I forgot to mention this: Remember when ministers preached behind the cross? NOw they preach behind the faces of the leaders? Personality over the Personhood and finished work of Christ.
    Claiming not to know where “homos” come from is so sadly stupid. Until the church acknowledges that homosexuality falls within the spectrum of human sexuality but is NOT sanctioned by scripture it will always be blamed on demon possession, “spirits of…” this or that and other false assumptions. The application of truth will set the ignorant, bound and hopeless free.

  17. saint james, I remember that. Hall said you have a demon if you reject heterosexual fornication. Again his premise is false because God would never sanction sin for any reason.

    I changing my grade to an F-. This was a horrible, terrible, ego saturated message. Whoever put it on youtube should pull it immediately.

  18. I’ve been hesitant to leave this message, mainly because of how long I have been in COGIC (my entire life), and how often I have heard this man “preach” (nearly a decade straight). I am so thankful God is allowing me to see the truth. Okay, the bishop I am under used to bring Hall in to speak at his church and the Holy Convocation in our jurisdiction every year, even multiple times per year, and I am pretty sure it’s because Hall always draws a large crowd and raises a large offering. Not only does he not properly teach the Bible, he is a false prophet. All of his “prophesies” are about people becoming millionaires, buying houses, churches overflowing with members; I cannot think of even one of his “prophesies” that have come to pass. Please pray for COGIC that they will come to a solid understanding of the bible and what the function of the church really is. There are still people who’s hearts are for God and they mean well. I honestly believe many people just don’t know any better, especially the ones that all they know is COGIC and what they see on TV. COGIC needs a complete, biblically sound overhaul, and I need a new church.

    One last thing, you don’t need to listen to more of his “sermons” to know what he’s going to “preach” on. I’ll sum it up right now, it always ends up: “If you SHOUT RIGHT NOW (and yes, this has to be in caps because he’s screaming this), you’ll have whatever you want…” , and of course, when you sew of seed of $100, or $132.22, or any random number, God’ll give you…uh…stuff. Anyone who has heard him more than once knows this–unless he’s changed his act within the last couple of years, but I doubt he has.

  19. Forgive my memory. I was 17 the first time I saw Todd Hall “preach,” that means he came through my city around once or twice a year for 6 or 7 years straight, not 10.

  20. Didn’t realize he wasn’t married and bragging that he isn’t a homosexual….I wonder. I have heard the saying that he that yells the loudest is typically guilty. Reminds me of Jimmy Swaggart

  21. Dwill thanks for sharing. Its just one more irrefutable reason why the saints need to get back into the Word for themselves. This is so scary how easily people can be deceived and then applaud the false prophet.

    And even though some people think we are picking on COGIC out of “hate”, its just the opposite. Anything you truly love you do not want to see destroyed so you speak truth. Solomon ran that test on the two women with the baby and found out which one was the child’s real mother.

  22. Clearly, he’s about the $$$ as mentioned early on in the “message.” What does that have to do with anything? That was a hint to everyone to give him a good offering!

    Regarding the message, I hear no LOVE in his message. I hear no redemption in his message, but rather how to repel the folks in that (and other) sinful lifestyles. Where is the drawing them with loving kindness (Jeremiah 31:3)?

    I don’t know if I can agree that it’s a “demon” that causes same sex attraction. What about the adulterers and fornicators (of which I’ve heard nasty rumors about this individual, but we won’t go there!); do they have “demons”, too? Perhaps it can be attributed it to “error” and not knowing or caring to know God’s truth, and just plain walking in the fleshly thoughts of the mind and spirit until true light comes (John 1:9; .1st John 2:8).

    He has a lot of “information;” I wonder how he knows so much? Hmm… In any case, I think his approach is totally wrong!

  23. P.S., it was “Solomon” who rant the test on determining the child’s true mother; not “Samson.” 🙂

    GCMW: Good looking out GNP22! Thats what I meant to write. Its been corrected.

  24. He just said a whole lot of nothing for ten minutes, no different what you hear behind 95% of pulpits. Shrug.

    And for those questioning the demonic side of homosexuality: it’s real. Demons can be involved in homosexuality as with any other sin. Demons by nature have a homosexual attribute because they seek illegal entry into a human.

    The anti-Christ spirit that is prevailing in our day is homosexual in nature as well. Fear not; but, be aware. The reason hardly any men who get deeply involved in homosexual sin get free is because they don’t deal with the demonic side of things.

  25. ok, i’m sorry…I know I’m late on this posting, but I couldn’t watch no more that 4 minutes of this and I had to stop it. I am at a loss for words. Why must this madness continue?!!!

  26. Theology aside, at least give the man credit for calling out the gay lifestyle being wrong in the church. Not many are saying or confronting this anymore. It is a sin, it is against God and nature. There is a demonic spirit associated with Homosexuality. His delivery may not have been the best, but I’m glad he confronted the issue.

    True Deliverance only comes through the word of God and the power of His Spirit.

  27. Uhhhhh, brother man, nope. That just wont fly. We dont believe in the lesser of two evil philosophy here.

    I agree 100% with your last sentence, the only problem was what is in the video wasnt the Word of God.

  28. well what i do like about this man that make him different from all the rest he say what most bishops and preachers are scared to say and they be thinking that they want to confront the issues but afraid to say it so Todd Hall is Speaking what most of these fake pastors want address..there is alot of scriptures threw out the bible that God address how he hate that sin..i mean dont get me wrong he dont like no sin but that Todd Hall is keeping it 100 real and he is far from false..people allways think they can get a quick fix from God prophecy means line your self up to recieve the blessing if God say he gone bless you with a Job if you dont fell out the application the people aint gone just call and say come work.some stuff just make common sense people

  29. Bishop Todd Hall is on point and right on time. The church has been silent on too many important issues that affect the lives of people who make up the body of Christ. We have to start somewhere and I am glad that God has raised Bishop Todd up to preach the word uncompromisingly. It takes a lot of courage to shine the light where darkness lurks. Further, these secret issues are affecting the lives of so many people. It is time we started exposing the issues then seek God’s face for healing, deliverance to be made whole and restored. The Lord is returning for a Bride who is without spot or wrinkle. The process must begin if we really want to be his people and set the captives free.

  30. So very interesting, I did listen to the entire 10-11 minutes, and having been exposed to the preaching of T. Hall before, did not expect anything other than what I heard. It is interesting because, there are Pastors who allow this type of preaching to come into their pulpit and to the congregation, as I have read for the purpose of raising money and/or drawing a crowd. And unfortunately if that is the purpose of the meeting, then what was desired; is met. Now of course that is not what benefits the need of the congregants, and for the most part in some of our churches today, there is little to no if any “purpose” of what is really needed; being accomplished. We have only to see more foolishness and folly in our pulpits, as has been mentioned before, when we allow the pulpit to become a theatrical portrayal of what is accepted as having “church”. It is my prayer that Believers in the truth will not continue to allow what has happened before to happen over and over again. There is a commercial that I appreciate, and it shows different scenarios of the ‘power of one voice’; it does make a difference, when we not only voice our opinions, but voice the mind of the Father, Jehovah-God and share Biblically based insight to what is happening in our churches!!

  31. Clifton, a well stated summary of T. Hall’s message.

    I do feel that most people in the pews feel helpless to do or say anything agains these “anointed ones” when they ride in to the church. Especially when the “anointed ones” have the pastor’s stamp of approval.

    Many have been beaten down with “touch not mine anointed” and any other scripture which when misused allows for false teachers to further spread confusion.

    Other than prayer, can you suggest a few practical but godly ways members can hold leadership accountable for these spiritual atrocities being foisted upon the church?

  32. I have heard him preach several time, he is truly arrogant. I truly think the man is gay. That’s all he hangs around.

  33. WOW! it would have been so amazing to me to hear all the comments on Hall until the other nite when he came to Atl, Ga and preached about marriages and relationship and basically told the people that it is alright to leave your spouse if you feel you have married the wrong person.. and that God will send you the right person.. back in Moses days they put away their spouse and married again but in the New testament Jesus stated that divorce came with certain restrictions. I followed Hall whenever he would come to town but no more………… WE have to KNOW for ourselves what the word is or else we will FALL for anything. and know GOD isn’t always saying give $150.00. maybe GOD does really use he @ times we just have to know when its GOD and when its TODD HALL………

  34. We are ALL anointed. There is no special group of people with a great “anointing”. The anointing in the NT is Jesus. Jesus IS the anointing. We have our heads stuck in the OT model of a special poring or smearing of oil. That was a type and a sign of the coming of the presence of the LORD on an individual to accomplish what GOD wanted them to do. Only certain people could recive the anointing oil. It was used to consecrate the utensils in the tabernacle.Today we have the anti-type; JESUS who abides in all of us. He is our oil. THis idea that you cannot say anyyhing aboaut a person who claims an anointing is based on a misunderstanding of the anointing. See: 1 John 2:20. What we call the anointng is often a gifting that an individual has to accomplish what they are called to do. We can become enamored with an individual’s gift; especially the “showy” gifts. The person who works in the local homeless shelter dedicated to Christ and daily ministers to the drug addicted, the mentally ill, the brokena nd bruised folk on the street is anointed to do so. He is wiping snot from the noses of the sick under the anointing. Serving food under the anointing, etc.
    Its the anointing that manifests itself in the transformed temperament of the believer (Galations 5). Noone can tell lies on GOD and claim the anointing.

  35. I love Todd Hall’s messages. I am just looking for his books on praise. Because at this point, I don’t feel that I am a praiser to the level and extent to which he says it. I am more so a worshiper, but I need to learn how to shout to the Lord and praise him through the dance.

  36. KeeKee, WHAT?!? Who says? His extreme views rooted in the excesses of pentecostalism ( I was reared a pentecostal and yet hold pentecostal viewpoints) are NOT required to be a “praiser”.. Todd Hall’s teachings are unbalanced on this subject and I have seen it firsthand. In Boston at a Mega church he taught that a wife’s praise brings her husband into his destiny; therefore teaching that her lack of praise hindered her husband. His definition of praise was to be loud and visible in the sanctuary. He used his stepmother as an example of this. He claimed his stepmother asked him to teach her how to “shout ” and “dance” YIKES. What a misapplication of the scriptures (OT examples) he twisted. In his message he laid blame on the women for the husband’s disobedience. He had the women running and SCREAMING and jumping all over the church while he prophesied over their husbands. It was an religious nightmare.
    I would recommend the writings on Judson Cornwall on the subject of praise “Let Us Praise” and “Let us Worship” were books that transformewd my life and living for years. Brother Cornwall was a pentecostal brother who has gone on to be with the LORD. Please steer clear from Todd Hall’s unbalance and unscholarly teachings.

    Lastly, praising the LORD in the dance is a biblical method of praise but not a mandate for all believers, neither is praising the Lord with the “timbrel” or “harp”.

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