My 180 Challenge


I love music which touches my soul and I know you do too. And I love music which inspires and brings out the best in me so that I may glorify God with my life.

One of the biggest issues I see with so-called gospel music these days is that it contains very little gospel and is heavy on the motivation/inspiration side. If I’ve been reading it right, the gospel not only motivate, it convicts. As a matter of fact, it convicts before it motivates. Too much of the religious music today is designed to chart or be the next “big hit” rather than to be a true reflection of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The other glaring problem is that the “artists” (I hate using that word, but its appropriate considering its a product of the industry rather than ministry) have faulty biblical perspectives or no biblical training at all, even though some call themselves ministers. We’ve documented case after case of that here.

Perhaps this is why contemporary gospel music seems to be just church theatrics and show tunes. It appeals to the flesh and carnality, but has little to no value for the soul. Of course, some of the preaching is the same. Perhaps that’s why I am putting this challenge out there.

I know so many people who struggle with homosexuality, but we have few, if any, songs which specifically reach these brothers and sisters to inspire them and let them know their issue isn’t an invisible one. There are hundreds and hundreds of songs which inspire people in all types of life struggles, and I’m challenging those gifted and anointed in music ministry to step up and allow the Holy Spirit to give them the words and music which will reach this forgotten demographic of the church. Its time that the music of the gospel reflected all the issues of life addressed by the gospel. To that end, I am issuing my 180 Challenge to all gospel music ministers, singer-songwriters, musicians, producers.

I actually launched the challenge on Myspace on November 16th and it will end May 15, 2009.

As the graphic notes, I’m not offering any contracts, prize money, trophies, media appearances, industry hook-ups or the likes. The main reason is because I want to see it be an act of service to the kingdom of God, not a carrot-stick, reality show escapade.

I have two basic requirements to ask:
1. The song must be scripturally sound
2. The song should include elements of praise, holiness and discipline

I don’t know where God will take this, but I just wanted to be obedient in issuing the call. I welcome your constructive comments if you think of anything to improve this challenge. I also welcome any promotion you can help with.


5 thoughts on “My 180 Challenge

  1. That’s a pretty cool challenge, though I would definitely extend it beyond the skin color of the artists to reach all the Gospel singers in every genre.

    Gospel songs that bring the Scriptures to life really reach deep inside a person who is really listening, and I like your idea!

  2. Thanks Mark, I guess it really is for “anybody” without respect to genre. I guess its a whosoever will challenge. While I know that there is no shortage of people of any color who deal with ssa, I just went for the genre “closest to home” so to speak.

    Thanks so much for your perspective!

  3. Hi Pastor Foster. I was in need of inspriation and visted your site today and ran across this posting. I created this offering under the anoiting of God and hope one day it would bless someone else. Take a listen (note website I posted the music to christianrocker which can be downloaded. Tell me what you think and it its suited for the chellege.


    GMCW: Exited about listening to this! Thank you.

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