Emergent Church leader “oks” homosexuality

e-s_0532This is becoming a pattern, easily recognizable. First, certain “Christian church leaders” throw up an umbrella of false doctrine to cover their own unrepentant sexual issues. Then, we find out later, they themselves are homosexual. Sound familiar? As homosexuality continues its disgusting creep towards the heart of the church, you can expect more and more of the “closeted” homosexual men and women in leadership to start agreeing with certain non threatning aspects of gay christianity. Its meant to test the waters. To see what the reaction will be from those who object to homosexuality.  And if the religious trending continues, very few, if any, major religious leaders will speak against homosexuality.  Positions, influence and wealth, the things they value most would be threatened by doing so. Some —even as we write— are setting in place men and women who will mass market the gay christian lie of “misinterpretation”.

Thats exactly what former Emergent Church leader Tony Jones is up to. This man is a snake (see  the picture to get the revelation on that). First reported by World Net Daily, Defending Contending and several other blogs have pointed this out, but Jones is up to no good. When asked about homosexuality before, he claimed he hadnt decided because he “didnt want to get it wrong.”.  I’m not sure how good you are at reading between the lines, but that alone speaks volumes about Jones’ theological shipwreck mentality.  What is it Jones doesnt want to get wrong? Is he saying that he doesnt want to reveal anything personal about himself in regard to the issue?

But now in a blog titled “How I went from there to here”, Jones has inched a couple of steps further out by claiming that homosexual marriage should be accepted and blessed by the church. What’s more he’s had some sort of parallel revelation that homosexuals should enjoy nonrestrictive ordination as well.  I’ll say it again for effect: this man is a snake.

Jones has a laundry list of accomplishments . But you won’t find any of that rigorous theological acumen reflected in his flitting heresy:

I now believe that GLBTQ can live lives in accord with biblical Christianity (at least as much as any of us can!) and that their monogamy can and should be sanctioned and blessed by church and state.”

If Jones really is “sought after speaker and consultant” he claims to be, I would argue that this is exactly why he is running cover for himself. There’s nothing new, nothing original, nothing scholarly and certainly nothing truthful. This isn’t about Jones so much as it is about recognizing the pattern these snakes are establishing.

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2 thoughts on “Emergent Church leader “oks” homosexuality

  1. Tony Jones “ministry” is a joke. He is either ignorant, wimpy or lazy to teach the truth. I read his “there to here” piece and it was the usual feelings-based nonsense. They never get serious about what God said in the Bible. If he really “doesn’t want to get it wrong” then he should start reading his Bible. It is really not that complicated.

    The poster fits.

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