Obama worship in full effect


An AP photographer snapped this picture of a woman bowing before Obama during a Thanksgiving turkey handout. I wonder what they will do for Christmas?

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  1. I for one am happy to see our President-Elect taking his family to share with others. I think it would be wonderful if more fathers and mothers took their children to local shelters and helped give away food to those who are less fortunate. One can’t always help how others respond, but that shouldn’t stop us from doing good! In my family, getting together for Thanksgiving has always meant going down to the local rescue mission and serving others. No matter his politics, it’s a great lesson for his daughters.

    GCMW: The post wasn’t about Obama’s “good deeds” or doing good deeds, but about people’s response to him which if it isnt idolatry, borders on it.

  2. This guy Obama is such a fake.

    And while with family and friends at a dinner yesterday, I heard someone mention in regards to their desire to do well on the job “well you know Obama did good by us, so I want to do good for him”. People are now literally seeking to do good deeds IN OBAMA’S NAME!!!

  3. Remember, people did worship (or attempt to) Peter and Peter stopped them. One cannot stop what actions are done by others, even in ‘your name’. It is up to Obama, however, to stop people from doing this. And it does look a bit sarcastic.

  4. PC, I though about that. It may appear sarcastic, but I seriously doubt the black woman would be publicly sarcastic to the president-elect when he is giving her a turkey. Given the worldwide superhero worship already heaped on Obama, this is much more tell-tale to me.

  5. I think you are reading more into this than needs to be read. When Bush was elected he was looked at as our National Pastor for goodness sakes he could do no freaking wrong. I think it is human nature that when there is a national crisis 911 and The Economy 08 to look to leaders for hope. We as christians look to God, but secular people and some christians are going to try to turn the incoming leader (who they hope has all the answers) into a hero! Human nature.

    In addition, I know you say this article is about idolitry, but reading about his Thanks Giving events yesterday in Chicago giving out food, I have to say that it would have been nice to see other politicians following suit, but of course you would never see that, because they are too busy being SERVED!

    Dispite all you say I dont think anyone can take away from the good message this sends to all people about community service. Heck, the true church needs to take notes, so when they critisize Obama they will at least be coming from a credible place. Service was Jesus’s MO! It all sounds like to me.

  6. No, Renee, what it sounds like is that you dont want anyone criticizing your superhero. Everything Obama does is right and should be emulated. Isnt that your basic premise? I mean wow, Obama goes out (with fam in tow) to give out turkeys on Thanksgiving and it is a major inspiriation to America. How absolutely stunning that no one else thought to do that.

    AGAIN, the point was given all the worldwide hero worship of Obama, Christians should have no King but Jesus.

    Jesus asked what would a man give in exchange for his soul? I fail to see where giving someone a turkey on Thanksgiving is tatamount to the saving of their souls.

  7. I have just discovered your web-site and am very pleased! It is great to find a truly conservative Christian voice in the midst of this wasteland! Can you tell me more about your organization? I’m very interested.

    GCMW: Thanks Patricia. Although we dont consider ourselves a “conservative” voice. We are a biblical voice in the midst of the wasteland. Just click the “about us” tab and there’s more information about GCM Watch and lots of information in the sidebars.

  8. They bow to the pope and also kiss his ring; so what the heck is that. That woman is not worshipping Obama that is why they are laughing. More than likely, the woman was laughing too. Isn’t it something that Bush was declared the Pastor of the church (lol), they bow before the pope and kiss his ring, but everytime a smart black man comes along, they always find something really bad to attach to him. Marcus Garvey, Nobel Drew Ali, Louis Farrakhan, Elijah Muhammad, Martin Luther King, Jeremiah Wright and now Barack Can a black man get a break here. And please don’t let him speak TRUTH, oh Lord then they really skewer him but a white man HE’S ALWAYS ALRIGHT REGARDLESS OF WHAT HE DOES OR SAYS

  9. I have a “friend” who sends me via email, more stuff on Obama than she does Jesus Christ. She claims to be saved and goes to church, but not once have I received an email from her praising the Lord as much as the praises she gave/gives Obama.

    …just an example of how these so called Christians will knock on doors, hang out outside of malls, send emails and make phone calls in the name of getting a man in office, but can barely get a hand full of saints to witness with that same vigor and excitement for Christ!

  10. James,
    You are so right. I for one am SO TIRED of the endless emails about this “wonderful, loving, caring man Obama blah blah blah”. These same folk hardly ever have sent me anything regarding Jesus and their enthusiasm is obviously heavily biased toward Obama (who has YET to actually DO anything other than winning a political contest). Nevermind, that many of his stances are counter to plain Biblical teaching. “If Obama does it, it’s right and good”. Uggh, it is sickening but not surprising.
    Folk are constantly emailing about how we need to “keep the first family in our prayers” etc etc (which may be true) but how come this same fervor for “prayer” was NEVER extended to the Bushes??? (Even prior to the war etc). I mean does not the Bible instruct that we are to pray for our leaders WHOMEVER they may be—not just the ones who are our skin color or members of our political party. This sudden interest in “effectual, fervent prayer” (simply because it is now Obama’s “turn”) is almost laughable.
    As I’ve said before, I am convinced that if the Antichrist himself were to actually be Black—black folk would fall lock step in line with his “program” and probably wear his pin to church.

  11. In all of the 8 years of the Bush presidency, I struggle to remember one, single positive email from any black friend or person who praised Bush for anything.

    I can remember numerous emails lampooning him or patently false ones claiming he wanted to send black people back to Africa.

    And like you James and Wannabereal, Ive seen plenty of Obama the great emails. Some of them from WORK EMAIL addresses. To the point that I went on the offensive to stop them. Its a shame that these same people seem to have no praise for Christ or passion to share the gospel in their emails other than those insipid “send this to 12 other people so you can be blessed” ones.

    What shame! God is revealing the black hypocrisy in some people’s hearts.

  12. What a great site. I am plaesed that we have a biblical voice in this realm of the net. I just found it tonight and just love it. I am going to school to become a writer and so far it has been hard. But when I read blogs like yours that track right along with my views and have great writers it is an encouragement all the way around. I am right in line with you on most of the Obama stuff. I do not trust him at all. At the same time I see this as more of an opprotunity to have those of us who hold to scripture as the final authority in our lives to pray for him. I agree that we have to point out the error and I thank God for your hard work in this area. it is the whole body working together that gets the job done. I just hope it is the soon return of Christ.

    Thanks for your hard work

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