Bible scholar: Obama using religion to shape public policy

gagnon1Robert Gagnon, Ph.D., Author of the book the Bible and Homosexual Practicesays that President-elect Barack Obama’s interpretation of the Bible is a major source of influence on his liberal policies supporting homosexual affirming legislation. Consequently, in addition to thrice consulting with a controversial homosexual bishop, Obama quickly appointed a team of 7 openly gay power brokers to help him carry out his pledge to eliminate all “discrimination” against the homosexual community. Its the first and only team of “minorities” Obama has set in place. 

Specifically, Dr. Gagnon says:

Obama wants to repeal the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which he has called “abhorrent” , even though the Act’s main purpose is merely to prevent “gay marriage” adopted in one state from being foisted on all other states. Even Hillary Clinton did not come out in opposition to the Defense of Marriage Act. “Unlike Senator Clinton, I support the complete repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) – a position I have held since before arriving in the U.S. Senate. While some say we should repeal only part of the law, I believe we should get rid of that statute altogether.”

Although his supporters have falsely claimed he doesnt support gay marriage, Obama strongly opposed California’s Proposition 8, which merely limits the definition of marriage to a “marriage between a man and a woman.” Its unclear how a Obama can be against gay marriage and at the same time strongly oppose legislation which simply defines marriage as what he claims he believes it is.  What’s more Obama opposes any federal constitutional amendment to do similarly.

Dr. Gagnon argues that Obama’s public policy is specifically shaped by his errant biblical views which we believe he adopted as a 20 year disciple of neo-heretic Jeremiah Wright. 

Obama claims that his advocacy for homosexual unions receiving full marriage benefits is in keeping with Jesus’ own views in the Sermon on the Mount and elsewhere. As an assertion about the Jesus of history or even about the living Christ (assuming significant continuity between the two), this claim is preposterous. It is nothing but a fantasy, a figment of Obama’s imagination imposed on the text of the Sermon.

Obama’s argument, carried to its logical but absurd conclusion, would force Americans to provide full marital benefits for adult-committed polygamous unions and incestuous unions, since such persons too deserve to have hospital-visitation privileges, health insurance coverage, and all the other benefits of marriage every bit as much (and more so) than homosexual unions.”

Obama’s opposition to any legislation to define marriage as a male-female institution is particularly strange because Obama supporters argue vociferously that religion should neverinfluence public policy or constitutional decisions. Yet, they glaringly exempt Obama from doing exactly that. Listen to Obama supporter and actor Ashton Kutcher make his case (below) against religious influence on public policy in regards to homosexual marriage.

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6 thoughts on “Bible scholar: Obama using religion to shape public policy

  1. Very interesting comments and clip. It is refreshing to read and see people rationally and charitably discussing the issue of same-sex unions. I am a retired Priest of the Anglican/Episcopal Church and have just recently published my autobiography which quite naturally deals with my struggle as a gay and spiritual person. It is an attempt to deal with the ‘flesh and the spirit’ and understand that they are not contradictory or in opposition as so often is claimed. The book is titled “A Priest’s Tale” and can be found on the Amazon site and through my own web site.
    Many thanks for your blogs and articles. Donald+

  2. “he struggled with sexual desires that were out of step with societal norms”

    I noticed you said this is your book blurb, and couldnt help but point out your sexual desires were actually out of step with God’s Word, not society. As a priest you should uphold God’s word, not try to discourage people from following the truth.

  3. I would be amazed with everything on his plate that he gets anywhere near dealing with DOMA.
    I would think economy and international issues would come first and then enviroment and then, maybe they might get around to other stuff

  4. I find it very interesting that one of the core beliefs of anti-Semites, if you trace it back to the time of Hitler and nazism, is that Jews were unworthy of life because of their melding church and state. Dislike for something that is so natural, one’s spiritual views informing how government was doled out fueled the hatred of Jews and now, the next target is Christians…The time when Christians will undergo worldwide persecution is upon our heels, folks.

    I appreciate this article, because whenever I talk to my co-workers who are Democrats; they feel that whatever postion Republicans or religious conservatives take regarding abortion, same-sex marriage and the economy, is faulty because it blurs church and state. But here, clearly, Obama’s religious convictions are coloring how he views and will repeal legislation in this country. Whether its covertly (in the case of Obama) or openly (in the case of Bush), religion will always have some sway on how political leaders rule. I just think it may be mroe comforting to have leaders’ whose beliefs are out in the open…

  5. Oh and I have a few choice words for Ashton Kutcher, but I’ll save them. He’s definitely not the brightest guy on the block…

    Not the most intelligent, but he is the most famous on that panel. His presence just speaks to the influence of Hollywood in selling such Godless, erroneous views. Youth may not have any particular stance on this gay marriage issue; but if Ashton Kutcher says its good; it’s good.

    With the support of celebrities–their lending their voice, money, and presence to this issue–this movement will be almost impenetrable.

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