Sexual orientation and golden cows

golden-cow1Much of the gay christian movement’s gay-is-right dogma isn’t connected to the scriptures as much as they’d like you to think. Rather, its built and housed on a secular conceived concept of so-called immutable sexual orientation. The gcm’s unchangeable law of sexual orientation is a sacred tenet among those who promote false doctrines in the church. Its a golden cow they worship with all its attendant idolatrous fervor.

In fact, without this sacred tenet, the gcm’s entire argument that homosexuality isnt sinful would vanish into thin air. But why would a self named Christian organization build its very foundation on a lie created by the political gay movement? The answer may reveal where their true loyalties lie.

The fundamental problem with the golden cow of sexual orientation is that its in direct contradiction to what the scriptures clearly state. God created one man and one woman, then sexually, emotionally and relationally oriented the one man to the one woman and with divine finality, pronounced it good.  Thus there is only one orientation sanctioned and created, biblically that is. Any and all others are only shadows of man’s deep plunge into sin and his unquenched desire to justify his sin before a holy God whose original intent remains unaltered.

A little history

Sexual orientation is a loaded phrase grafted into societal lexicon after homosexuals and their supporters rejected the original reference “sexual preference”.  Remember how everyone –even them– used to swear  by it?  Well, according to the Sexuality Information and Education Council (SIECUS), a prohomosexual sex organization, the rejection came because “sexual orientation is no longer commonly believed to be one’s conscious individual preference or choice, but instead thought to be formed by a complicated network of sociological, biological,economic and political factors.”  So according to these self appointed experts, sexual orientation can be caused by “economics and even politics?  The gay movement is at its core a political movement with political goals and needed cursory, soundbite language to support its goals. Literally, the gay movement woke up one morning and decided their feelings were part and parcel of some massive conspiracy beyond their control. Of course, this shift in thinking served the misguided, money hungry mental health professionals who knew a gay ca$h cow when they saw it.

FACT: The gay christian movement is a mirror image of the gay political movement only it claims a Christian veneer.

There are more glaring errors with the humanist thought which birthed the golden cow of sexual orientation.  Social reconstructionists do not recognize homosexuality as sinful. Consequently, this allows them the unfettered ability to attach a plethora of victimist causologies (the economy, religious bigotry,  political discrimination, etc) as reasons for their predicament. But if one’s sexual orientation is inherent, how is sexual orientation formed by a complex network of factors? Surely no child is impacted to the extent that in the womb “politics” would cause them to be homosexual upon birth.

To further confuse the intent of the golden cow, gay (christian ones too) activists contend that homosexal orientation and homosexual behavior are two different things, thus they are given a self exemption from having to alter something which is (in their reasoning) unalterable. And while there are differences in what should be more accurately termed homosexual thoughts and behavior, both are still equally birthed from the same fallen expression of sexuality rather than from God’s creative intention. This is what they refuse to acknowledge for obvious reasons.

The other reason why the golden moo-moo of sexual orientation, like homophobia is an critical tenet of the gay movement is because of the immutability factor. Black folk this is one reason why the homosexual movement craves your approval.  In other words, if sexual orientation is proven to be unchangeable, Christian ministries (like mine) will be on the fast track to being declared illegal.

What is severely problematic with the alleged immutability of the sexual orientation argument is the issue of “transgenders”. Transgenders (transvestites, transsexuals, et al) were at first grudgingly relegated a place in gay rights table i.e “glbt”. The “t” is for transgender. But an outcry from the confused men and women eventually brought them into the sexual confusion mosaic. Transgenders presented an organizational and public policy problem for gay rights activists because their core arguments were polar opposites!

Transgenders – We are not born in the right gender/orientation, therefore it must be changed.
Gays – We are born with this orientation and therefore it cannot be changed.

The irony is that it is impossibe to change one’s gender, while it is quite possible to change one’s sexual preference and thoughts.

How can two vastly different ideologies claim that the same God gave them this privelege? I’ll leave that up to you to debate, but it is a mystery. What isnt a mystery is that the gay christian movement has set up a golden cow in the church and like the antichrist in Rev. 13:14-15 is demanding that we all fall down and worship it.

I’m sure there is a fiery furnace being constructed somewhere for those who refuse to dance to their perverted gospel music and worship their egotistical abomination.

Care to join me there?


5 thoughts on “Sexual orientation and golden cows

  1. Another excellent post! I’ll join you…

    I have a private spiritual issue that I would like your opinion on. Is there a way to contact you outside of this website?

  2. I’ve been following a few NARTH articles lately because of the prop 8 upheaval in our area and my eyes have truly been opened.

    Ever wonder where that ubiquitously nifty word that doubles as a spiked club actually came from? Scientists? Medical Doctors? English Majors? Nope. Activists! Convenient isn’t it? My thanks to everyone who has been a part of this fight for years. I cannot go back to sleep on this issue, my eyes are wide open!

  3. Excellent post Pastor Foster. Thank you

    This made me think of Ethan, a transgendered female, now living as a man. Ethan, a graduate of the University of Vermont, entered the university as a female and left as a male. He, I mean she, fulfilled all the requirements to now be ‘legally’ a male. She, I mean he, could now legally marry her female lover in California despite the ban. After all her, I mean his, drivers license says male. The confusion boggles the mind if you think about it long enough. But you get the point. My wife Carol and I have been praying for ‘Ethan” now for almost 6 years. There is still hope for ‘HER.’

    Ultimately, a human court or legislature can’t repeal the laws of nature. That’s a big problem for them.

  4. Michael, yes I do see your point. Its called CONFUSION. When will people finally realize that God is not the author of confusion? 1 Cor 14:33 Especially those who claim God made them the way they are and he “doesnt make mistakes”. Anyone who follows a blind man will fall in a ditch with him. Thats where America is headed for listening to the educated warbling of the gay, lesbian and transgender movement.

    For the church, it will be much worse.

  5. Homosexuals say “God made me this way.”
    And secular society endorses them. Wholeheartedly.

    When Christians say “God made me.” (full stop)
    Secular society resplies “Rubbish! , you descended from monkeys via a process called evolution.

    Isnt this fair evidence that the two groups are not speaking of the same God?

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