Watching Brazil light a fire

Brazil, the test case country for mass state-sponsored homosexualization is officially on the GCM Watch most watched list. The Neroesque dictator in place there now, according to our brother and one of the Lord’s faithful servants Julio Severo, has devised an outrageous complaint against pro-family Christians.

President Lula, is accusing Christians of “religious hypocrisy” because they will not join him in allegedly combatting  soaring levels of child pornography in Brazil. The catch? Lula’s government helped to create the problem only as a way to publicly cast Christians as unconcerned about the sexual explotation of children.

The goverment has enlisted the help of an organization called SaferNet, “a fairly mysterious Brazilian NGO whose slogan is “Protecting Human Rights on Internet”,  [and] receives 2.5 thousand complaints daily, where 63% deal with pedophilia, and the rest involves “homophobia”, religious intolerance and racism.”

Severo pointed out that the President’s own “partner” is an actress who has appeared in a pornographic film with a 12 year old boy. In addition, Lula’s government regularly distribute pornographic books to schools.

“If sexual exploitation of children is a crime, then why the Brazilian government throws [sic] gas on the fire of pornography in the public schools? After provoking a conflagration, the government seeks, with the SaferNet assistance, for other culprits, except for the State itself.

Severo notes that Lula’s real intent with the trojan horse issue is to eventually strengthen his crusade against those who object to homosexuality.

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