Former lesbian publisher announces ministry launch

GCM Watch is excited to help spread the news of the launch of The Evidence Ministry by former lesbian publisher Evangelist Charlene Cothran.

evmin1We have been pleased at the work of the Lord in Charlene’s life and have seen firsthand the power of God and his grace to impart passion and purpose into the hearts of those who previously had walked in darkness.

You may remember this incredible story when we first reported it back in June 2007. In February 07, when Cothran released an article in her top ranked black gay magazine VENUS titled “Redeemed! 10 Ways to Get Out of the Gay Life, If You Want Out.”, it set off a firestorm of anger from gay activists who condemned Cothran for changing her message. Eventually, the gay community pressured advertisers to cut off funding of the magazine. But that closed door opened new, broader and more effective doors of evangelism to Charlene. Some in the Christian community openly questioned why the main stream media was deathly silent about Cothran’s conversion, when it was always quick to trumpet even minor incidences charleneof gay “coming out” stories.

I’ve been priveleged with minister alongside Charlene  (pictured right with Joni and Marcus Lamb of Daystar Television) on several occasions and each time she has demonstrated full proof of her ministry with sound teaching and an humble spirit required of a servant of the Lord.

Evidence Ministry, according to Charlene will incorporate a broad outreach to people affected by homosexuality and lesbianism.  Her desire to move forward with the ministry was due to a “huge number of folks whose season of pleasure is over and they want to get out [of homosexuality]. ”

Cothran said TEM’s youth  focus would be towards of all youth, not just youth struggling with homosexuality. ”

With homosexuality running rampant in public schools and among youth with virtually no intervening redemptive messages,  I urge you to help this critical work. Charlene and I will be ministering to high school and college age youth at the IMPACT Conference in Atlanta this month. Check the website for details.


2 thoughts on “Former lesbian publisher announces ministry launch

  1. Amen….. This is awesome!!! God delivered me too from lesbianism 6 years ago, and to be able to tell people that are bond with this sin what Jesus has done, and is able to do, and see the power of the Lord work is awesome. I have never seen to the measure that this spirit is trying to invade and push the acceptence of this unholy lifestyle as I have seen in this day, but “when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against it” Praise the NAME OF JESUS!!!

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