Catholics reel in insensitive "heterosexist" priests

Some Catholic bishops have ordered priests not to use language deemed offensive to homosexuals in church.

Well, in one sense I agree with this and in another I disagree.  Sidebar: this is not a defense of Catholic teaching or beliefs.

I agree that name calling and  hateful, punitive denunciations of homosexuals in church is demeaning to the integrity of the gospel. I think the same should apply other sinners whom some preachers have made the brunt of ungodly mockery. Note: calling homosexuality an abomination, etc does not fall into this category. See this post.

I disagree only in the context that the gospel message is offensive to the sin lifestyle and should not be altered in any way to make sinners comfortable. Sin is just too deadly spiritually and naturally to cause anyone to think they are ok in sin.  Homosexuals included, but not exclusively.  The use of the word “heterosexist” is where the bishops have fallen off the wagon.  If I’m not mistaken, homosexuals coined the term heterosexism, so that should tell you a lot about why its being evoked.

And you can tell that the hidden homosexual bishops in the Catholic are pulling strings on this.

Priests are also encouraged to put up posters advertising ‘support services’ for homosexuals, a move bound to infuriate many Catholics who believe gay sexual activity to be sinful.”

I wonder what the “support services” are.


3 thoughts on “Catholics reel in insensitive "heterosexist" priests

  1. Do you believe all Americans should pay taxes if churches will be able to keep their tax-exempt status in 2009?

    GCMW: Personally, I am not an advocate of tax-exempt status. I believe it to be a noose around the neck of the church. So Im not sure where your question is leading. And not sure what this has to do with the post either.

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