Gay christian's potty mouth reflect potty beliefs

Why would any Christian use nasty profanity to express themselves? Perhaps when sexual immorality is no big deal, then neither is having clean conversation.  If Candace Chellew, the so-called minister and Christian editor of the so-called gay christian website Whosoever cusses like this on her blog, it makes one wonder what else is acceptable in her so-called Christian life.  Chellew is a lesbian cleric with the United Church of Christ.

A good person produces good from the good treasure of his heart, and an evil person produces evil from an evil treasure, because the mouth speaks from the overflow of the heart.” Luke 6:45 ISV

On a blog  ironically called “the christian agnostic”,  Chellew foments against the Vatican because it took offense at John Lennon’s remark that the “Beatles were bigger than Jesus”.  Lennon made the  deadly remark in 1966.  Four years later, The Beatles dissolved and Lennon was tragically gunned down on a New York street fourteen years later. 

Maybe Chellew is not aware that the Vatican can’t forgive blasphemy.

The post was blatantly hypocritical. While Chellew lambastes the Vatican for not forgiving Lennon she holds Bob Jones University in unforgiveness for not subscribing to her brand of fake –and dangerous– Christianity.  

But then again, when you see nothing wrong as a Christian with an abominable sexual practice, then using filthy words, unforgiveness, hypocrisy and lying are of no particular significance either.

More on Candace Chellew and her false whosoever doctrines.


3 thoughts on “Gay christian's potty mouth reflect potty beliefs

  1. True words! Jesus himself said those things which come from the mouth are what defiles a person (see Matthew 15:18-20). There’s an old Larnelle Harris song from 1978 that says, “Let him clean up your conversation with his words of life…let Jesus do it for you…right away!” 🙂

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