Strange things are happening everyday

I didnt make that title up, its the title of a prophetic gospel song written and made famous by Sister Rosetta Tharpe in 1944.

Aint life strange sometimes?  If Sister Rosetta Tharpe thought things were getting stranger by the day in 1944, she would probably go in cardiac arrest if she were alive today. The advent of the Obama presidency is shaping up to be one of the strangest presidencies in our history. And he’s not even in office yet.

Take for example the ongoing political-religious spitting war involving prayer, homosexuals, Rick Warren and Barak Obama. You couldn’t dream up a stranger mix of components.  Regarding the presidential invite to pray a political prayer, the openly homosexual bishop of the Episcopal church had to get his 45 cents in. It appears Vickie Gene Robinson is feeling very slighted by the president-elect for not being selected as the preacher-for-pay at what will  be a media saturated inarguration.

“I’m all for Rick Warren being at the table,” Robinson told The NY Times, but “we’re talking about putting someone up front and center at what will be the most-watched inauguration in history, and asking his blessing on the nation. And the God that he’s praying to is not the God that I know.”

“The God he is praying to is not the God that I know”???

I should name this the battle of the false prophets. One false prophet is angry that the other false prophet is in the spotlight. Strange things are happening everyday people. 

Perhaps false prophet Robinson is angry because Obama led him on and made him believe he would be the official false prophet of the Obama administration. Obama has done that to a  lot of people /groups. So much for “hope and change.” Obama is acting like a loose girl in an all boys school: he’s trying to let everybody get in on the act, but the problem is all of the guys think they are Obama’s only love.


7 thoughts on “Strange things are happening everyday

  1. I agree totally. Stranger things are happening everyday. I have mixed feelings about this invitation to Rick Warren. I like Rick Warren (sort of) and I certainly appreciate (and was kinda surprised) that he has been forthright about his views on abortion and gay marriage during this controversy.

    But I think it most interesting that this offer to Warren, has made Obama become more clear about his views-which in the past, he seemed to kind of waffle through–just like the loose girl at school that you mentioned–you can never quite pin him down.

    Yet I still have those doubts. It is inappropriate or at least dangerous in these times for any minister or christian leader to be in the cahoots with any political leader or camp. I think it is Obama who only knows too well, how this will best serve him and his interests.

    I feel the kinda same ambiguity that I felt about their having our Bishop in COGIC, Bishop Blake, speak on the first night of the democratic national convention. Everyone was so happy and thought it was such an honor for our leader, an African-American at that , of what has in the past been considered as a kinda of underdog denominatino, to be included.
    But I don’t know…unless you’re Billy Graham (who has been revered for the role he played in various presidencies and yet maintained the integrity of his views), I think there is some danger in having this mix of Christ and politics…it is a little worrisome.

  2. Rogers, I hear you. Im not so quick to rejoice about all this “hope and change” Jesus has been offering true hope and change for over 2000 years, yet the majority of people reject it without even serious consideration.

    Be careful saints that we do not get entrapped with false icons set up by the spirit of the antichrist.

  3. I believe Obama is doing this for another reason. We don’t yet know what it is other than trying to convince a certain group of people of his “all inclusive” ideals regarding people of different beliefs. Obama is very intelligent and every move he makes is for his benefit so I’m sure this will come up in a speech or his re-election bid for president…he knows he has to move to the center more.

    Keep praying saints!

  4. Indeed, the way the WORLD celebrated him after his election win made me wonder. Even in Japan, they were chanting, “Obama is the bomb-a!” It seemed so “beast-like”–right out of Revelation. Now, I’m not saying Obama is the Beast of Revelation, but the spirit of the beast (antichrist spirit) is obviously already operating (1st John 4:3). I will continue to pray, for it is going to get “tight,” politically, economically, and spiritually.

  5. Pastor Foster,

    Check the e-mail I sent you regarding Warren’s Flip Flop on homosexuality.

    Not even a week goes by and as soon as a Gay celebrity (Melissa Ethridge) pipes in, there is Rick Warren claiming he really didn’t mean what he said to her FACE TO FACE. So there is your answer Bro. Warren is a double minded man who speaks with a fork tongue tickling the ears of the audience in front of him.

    Either Rick Warren was lying to You (Christians) or he was lying to Melissa Ethridge. Either way he is a Pimp like the rest of them. All the big dogs are licking the boots of Obama. “Fast” Eddie Long didn’t wait around for “Ricky” to steal the spot light now did he?


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