Confusing answers, on a cloudy day

We were left scratching our heads on this one.

Are people truly confused about homosexuality or has confusion about homosexuality, confused people? Only the people may know. But you won’t get the biblical answer —whether pro or con— you were expecting from this sampling of people interviewed at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor by Celebration Church.

The first problem seems to be the way the question was posed to the people. It was confusing, prompting confusing responses. What does “universally seen as wrong” mean? I’m not sure if the church was attempting to elicit a biblical response or a social response. If the latter, why and how does that help a church to minister?

You be the judge: which person do you think gave a “real” answer? Of the ones who said it was wrong, which one gave the most biblical answer?

What to you was the most confusing response?


8 thoughts on “Confusing answers, on a cloudy day

  1. The women who said, “God loves them he just does not like what they do” is on target.

    The interviewer should have made a distinction between people who have a same sex attraction and those who take part in homosexual acts. Having a same sex attraction is not sinful in itself it’s merely a temptation. Taking part in homosexual acts is wrong. It has to do with knowing the purpose and meaning of human sexuality. Is it just for pleasure or is it to bring new life into the world and unite husband and wife in a special way?

  2. SH,

    Good point and let me go a little further. Besides the point you just mentioned which is true. One must also take into consideration the paradigm of the marriage of the Lamb and his Bride in terms of how marriage should be established. We see clear lines established on human sexuality and marriage in the bible. The Homosexual agenda clearly fails on ALL levels including what you mentioned.

    Pastor Foster,

    Now as for the video I have a problem with the way the question was posed. There was no mention of Christ so the interview itself was flawed from the beginning.

    Now as for the answers, ALL of the answers were terribly flawed so to answer your question, “You be the judge: which person do you think gave a “real” answer? Of the ones who said it was wrong, which one gave the most biblical answer?”

    Unfortunately no answers were the true biblical response therefore no matter if there was a “sprinkling” of truth in some responses the responses were nonetheless ALL false.


  3. I am an apologist from India and this is my first opportunity to visit your website, which I enjoyed very much. Those in the field of apologetics need to do much to bring the doubting Thomases to faith and also to strengthen those who wish to get answers.

    I was fascinated to notice the specialization that is now coming within apologetics. A necessary one.

    And thanks for the anaylitical articles!

    Dr. Johnson C. Philip

  4. I thought the lesbian’s response was interesting. She seemed unsure to me, as if she didn’t feel convinced if what she was doing was right.

  5. I think the most confusing response was the one talking about how homosexuality was or was not ‘universally wrong’.
    The more Biblical response was from a woman who was explaining that ‘God loves you, but He hates what you do…’
    Personally speaking, a christian can only have a strong view of homosexuality, just like how the Word of God states it is! If a ‘christian’ does not have a strong stance on this issue, they are not abiding by the Word or even more to point: he/she is NOT a christian!
    If one substituted the word ‘murder’ for all of the instances for ‘homosexuality’, it would be a different interview altogether. You would never have that confusion. However, when one reads God’s Word, we do see that murder, lying, cheating, fornicating, homosexuality, and such like are in the same lists of sins. I would venture to say that if will not be very long until killing another human being will be a matter of discussion. If you think of it, it has already darkened that door with abortion and euthanasia!

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