Top 15 gay christian lies of 2008

2008 was the year of major whoppers coming out of the gay christian movement. Here the their 15 biggest lies as summarized by GCM Watch.

 1. There are homosexual couples in the bible.

2. Jesus said nothing about homosexuality.

3. God created homosexuals like he created heterosexuals.

4. Jesus loves, accepts and includes everyone. (technical half-truth)

5. The Apostle Paul did not know of any loving same sex couples.

6. Christians are not required to live by Old Testament laws.

7. The Bible was only talking about temple prostitutes, not loving gay couples.

8. God did not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because of homosexuality. (another technical half-truth)

9. The eunuchs Jesus spoke of in Matthew 19 are the same as today’s gay men.

10. The bible has been used to beat up blacks and women, now its being used to bash gays.

11. Homosexuality is a gift from God, just like heterosexuality

12. Gay people are the new gentiles of the church.

13. The church is lagging behind science and will be on the wrong side of history.

14. Homosexuals do not need to repent, be saved or changed from their natural sexual orientation.

15. Without gays in the church writing and singing the music, the church wouldnt have anyone to depend on.


In our next post, we’ll answer each of these lies in a concise manner with scripture.

15 thoughts on “Top 15 gay christian lies of 2008

  1. Looking at the list number 14 stand out to me.

    For I see the church given into this false teaching of forgiveness. Where some teach that the sins of the past is forgiven and now they are a new creation.The idea is that whatever lifestyle one is called in they are to remain in that calling. (homosexuality) They use the scripture in 1 corinthians 7:17-24
    “20Let every man abide in the same calling wherein he was called.”

    This is the false teaching ” Homosexuals do not need to repent, be saved or changed from their natural sexual orientation. ” This is what I thought of when I read this comment. No need of repentance for god had already forgiven them. God forbid.

  2. Wow, berkrl that is a new one! 1 Cor 7:17-24? I mean how low can you go?
    Maybe thats why they are going to write their own gay bible. What a monstrosity!

  3. Hmmm……Let every man abide in the same calling wherein he was called. Therefore homosexuals do not have to repent or be saved from their homosexuality.

    Does this apply to homosexuals only? Who anointed them worthy of being called a Gay Christian?
    Why should the homosexual be allowed to just add
    Christian to their practise instead of repenting?

    How come the Gay Christians are so special?
    To the point where they don’t need to repent like us mere mortal sinners?

    How come they get an exemption from the “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God ” principle?

  4. New one or New Old one? I see not only homosexuals using these scriptures, but also them that are in adultery. They say, God has forgiven them and to remain in that circumstance in which you are called in.
    What a lie of the Devil. Doctrines of the Devil.

  5. Good list! Those all come from the father of lies.

    Neil, are you actually saying that yo believe ‘the father of lies’ actively engineered the mistruths on this list?

  6. There is a twisted train of thought which flows from the Homosexual elites in regards to numbers 3 & 10.

    First, how is being gay and being Black the same? This whole thought is repugnant. First, regardless of black, white, Asian, Arab, or Hispanic what does that have to do with sexuality? This has to be the worst straw man that the homosexual movement ever put up. In fact the very diversity of “genetics” goes against homosexuality. Think about it. It is ONLY by men and women marrying and having children that our distinctive genetics are passed on. How else in the world do you think we have such a diverse group of genetic traits. We have all types of ranges of colors of everything from skin tone to eyes to hair. So to imply a “lifestyle” which produces NO diversity to a Godly marriage which DOES produce diversity is a straw man. The repugnant idea of racist thought of the 1960s has NOTHING to do with Homosexuality. To imply that being gay and being black is related is blasphemous. God created our genetics to pass on to our children regardless of race. In fact it is actually the homosexual movement who is more akin to the white southern segregationist. For example BOTH try to imply their repugnant thought as the “norm” and deceitfully use the bible to justify there abhorrent ideas. In essence the Homosexual elites are the ones who are the racists. They reduce the beauty of race to the abominate action of homosexuality. People should stand up and say NO! You have no right to impugn my heritage and relegate it to a lifestyle. Culture and heritage can ONLY be passed and shared through the process of marriage and family. Homosexuality by its very nature produces nothing. There is no such thing as Gay culture. A culture must be passed on through generation to generation.



  7. While I think homosexuality is a sin… a whole blog dedicated to one particular sin? I don’t see any blogs about prideful Christians… or greedy Christians… or lustful Christians… or lukewarm Christians… or adulterous Christians. We all sin. The only difference is is that we know it is a sin, yet we continue to do it. If the homosexual knows he/she is sinning, they need to answer to God. If they continue to live under a false umbrella of disbelief, are they worse than I or you? I think we need to focus on the gospel and not the individual sin lest we lose more souls that we win to Christ.

    GCMW: Looks like you skipped reading the about page. Suggest you go back and read it.

  8. 1: All scripture from Genesis to Revelation glorifies the Lord as the Son of God that would be the only atoning Lamb of sacrifice acceptable unto God for the sins of his betrothed. That is in no way, shape or form a reference to homosexuality. If anything, quite the contrary.
    2: Jesus said that from the heart of man proceedeth forth blasphemies and such. And the gaychristian doctrine is just that.
    3: The only man created without a need to repent was Adam prior to his fall. From Adam on all need to repent. David said I was shapen in iniquity and in sin did my mother conceive me. God did not create man or woman gay.
    4: Jesus said that we are his friends IF we do as he commands. God so loved the world that he sent his Son that whosoever believeth in him SHOULD be saved. Conditional.
    5: Since Paul was led of the Spirit and preached the rightly divided word of truth as brought forth by the Spirit he didn’t need to know any homosexuals.
    6: The Lord said that any householder instructed as a scribe brings forth out of his house things both old and new. The Lord also said that men should live by every word of God. Paul wrote when the Gentiles which have not the law do BY NATURE the things contained in the law these not having the law become a law unto themselves.
    7: Prostitutes should not have been in the temple to begin with. Either male or female. Love is the fulfilling of the law. If the law is fulfilled in the hearts of these loving gay couples they would love God enough to abstain from that which the Lord has commanded. The scriptures declare that when men of God received a mate as led by the Spirit of God he received a female.
    8: Yes, but what did it take to be saved in the destruction of the evil? Lot was straight as born witness by his wife and daughters. The sons-in-laws that didn’t believe him were destroyed with the rest of the wicked.
    9: The word says that with the temptation God is able to provide a way of escape. If side B, or celibacy is a way of escape while awaiting the Lord to move and heal in his time it still is no license to say that “God made me gay” or make claims that God blesses active homosexuality.
    10: The word of God has made all guilty before God. Those who fear and love him repent and shew forth works meet of repentance. Those who don’t make such accusations.
    11: Jesus said to the woman at the well “if thou knewest the gift of God and who spake unto thee” signifying he is the gift of God. The word says repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. I don’t see being gay or straight being a gift.
    12: The Lord made it clear that those who are not Jews are Gentiles. Straight and gay alike.
    13: The word says to avoid oppositions of science. The word is spiritually discerned and man’s wisdom is foolishness with God.
    14: The word says that because they have no changes there is no fear of God before them. Straight and gay alike that do not fear God will not be changed or renewed by the Spirit of God.
    15: The Lord has done just fine without them. He loved the instruments that David made so much he commanded the following kings to use those instruments.

    It is just obvious that people will twist scripture to justify sin and abomination. Their damnation shall be just should they not repent. Hopefully if there are any babes in Christ under conviction of the Holy Ghost they will heed the warnings and come out from among them.


  9. No, I read it first. And my aim isn’t to criticize you or your blog. I simply ask a question that has not been answered. I agree with your blog and the ideal of preparing Christians. I just questioned why “homosexuality”? What is it about homosexuality that brought you to focus on it as opposed to other sins that Christians and non-christians live with? I don’t doubt that you have an answer, I am just curious to what it is. Is it simply because they don’t consider it a sin while most other sins are recognized? If that is the case, I understand “getting the word out”. But if you have a different purpose, I am just curious.

    Love in Christ,

    GCMW: Mark, it has been asked here quite a few times. And it has been answered, you probably would need to dig it out specifically. The “about page” actually does answer your question (s), so Im not sure why your curiousity remains. Given the expansive documentation we’ve done here about the impact of the gay christian movement false doctrines on the contemporary church, your curiousity is puzzling. What purpose should we have other than to warn, equip and restrict the growth of false doctrines in the church? The bible tells us not to have fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them. From my perspective that’s what we are doing.

  10. Ketch22,

    You read into things too much. That’s like asking John what his agenda was in writing the Book of Revelation and why he didn’t focus on other topics and only concentrated on the end times. Your question is coming from the wrong angle. You really need to ask yourself why some blogs take a macro view vs a micro view. In either case it’s simple. That is the direction of the site owner.

    There is no mystery or agenda except Christ and him exalted. If you want a broad macro Christian site there are plenty of them out there.

    Another great website I like to post to is The site owner focuses on the Pulpit Pimps infecting the Church at large. If that is what he wants to focus on regarding Christianity so be it.

    So in closing and not to take up valuable bandwidth its pretty simple. If you want a macro view which provides many topics in Christianity but lacks specifics go there. Otherwise this is a site which looks at a micro view of a particular topic and delves deeply into the subject.

    It’s common sense and plain as day.


  11. Frank I see you got the jump on answering these fallacies. You did a good job. Really the gcm’s lies are so phony and transparent, anyone could easily see how they are in utter contradiction to God’s Word. I guess that’s why its shocking that more people dont see that contradiction and instead defend this trash.

  12. For me some good has come out of the LGBT’s hijacking the civil rights movement, alteration of Christianity, and outright rejection of Christianity — The noise & entitlement from these people opened my eyes & brought me closer to God. I never paid attention to social issues, I was quite the liberal atheist, but I was born a Baptist & always knew right from wrong. Even as a backslider I knew unnatural relations has no place in our society. I’m amazed at how Pastor’s are accepting abomination & ignoring scripture, maybe I’m afraid more then amazed. Afraid for the generations to come.

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