Buelah Heights University professor signed gay rights letter

bhcBuelah Heights University is probably Atlanta’s second most popular theology school  for black folk behind the Interdenominational Theological Center. While ITC has a rather nefarious reputation for homosexuals in teaching positions and student body, Buelah is supposed to be a cut above the rest when it comes to holding fast to sound doctrine and biblical standards. Beulah Heights Bible College was founded in 1918 and is the Southeast’s oldest Bible College.

So why does the school have on faculty a minister who signed onto a controversial gay christian rights letter ?

The dominant views on sex, sexuality and gender in the Black Church are undermining community, diminishing the faith and leading many to abandon churches out of sheer moral frustration and exhaustion. Our churches have been slow to embrace gender equality. They have largely spoken only opposition and condemnation to same gender loving people and have been unable to proclaim a sexually liberating and redemptive word. Some black churches have concluded it is in their best institutional interest to participate in “special rights” polemics against this so-called “immoral humanity.” As black clergy we offer here a more hope-filled perspective.

lewblack1According to his website, Dr. Lewis  Tait, Sr. is an adjunct professor at the Interdenominational Theological Center and at Beulah Heights Bible College in Atlanta, Georgia in the Urban Leadership Department and General Studies Department. ”

GCM Watch contacted Dr. Tait (left), but neither he nor his wife Lisa, the co-pastor of Imani Christian Center were happy about our requests for clarifications. We wanted to know why Dr. Tait signed the letter and if he still advocated homosexual rights as an instructor at a Christian Bible College.  Tait is a former member of the United Church of Christ, the first Christian demonination to openly ordain gay christians. The UCC is also home to Jeremiah Wright and lesbian bishop Yvette Flunder.

Calling the quote above “a sound bite taken out of a long and detailed letter”, Dr. Lisa Tait responded, “We both respectfully decline to make a statement now or in the future.”

Sarah Matthews, a media representative at Beulah Heights, told GCM Watch she was fairly new to her position but that they would look into it. According to the school’s website, all faculty are required to sign its statement of faith indicating agreement. The school requires “Any attending student who finds his or her doctrine not in agreement with that of the College is requested to refrain from promulgating those doctrinal differences while on the campus of Beulah Heights University, in order to avoid strife within the body of believers.”

The statement does not address any issues of sexual conduct or errant beliefs about sexual expression. Its also unclear as to whether this requirement applies to faculty like Lewis Tait.

Buelah Heights University
Dr. Benson M. Karanja, President


8 thoughts on “Buelah Heights University professor signed gay rights letter

  1. While this video was more specifically about California’s Prop 8 video, I think it makes some points relevent to your post and why a Christian minister may not support bias against gay people.

    GCMW: The video is offensive so I wont allow any links from this site.

  2. Hello. Every time I stop by here, I become more astonished at how widespread this problem is. We are indeed in a time when folks are not enduring sound doctrine. Thanks for continuing to sound the alarm on this.

    Have a blessed day in Jesus.


  3. It was not my intention to offend. The video simply pointed out that if we are really that concerned about upholding sound Christian doctrine, why don’t we also bring back such things as slavery as long as it’s regulated Biblically or follow every law in Leviticus?

    Every Christian sect has chosen which parts of the Bible they choose to abide by and which to ignore, which parts to stress and which parts to downplay. There is no such thing as a universally sound Christian doctrine. The Charismatic movement itself has historically de-emphasized rigorous religious and historical scholarship in favor of a more personal spiritual expression.

    An interesting profile of Charismatic churches can be found at The Christian Post http://www.christianpost.com/church/Polls_reports/2008/01/myths-exposed-on-charismatic-christianity-in-america-07/index.html

  4. Every Christian sect has chosen which parts of the Bible they choose to abide by and which to ignore, which parts to stress and which parts to downplay.

    True only if your hang-ups are about people and organizations. Personally, I trust in the Living God and his word and I find both to be universally sound.

  5. What swandiver’s point is the PROBLEM. Gays are trying to force us to ignore the word of God to fit their living sin. GCMW I hope when you get a chance you check out Pastor Gino Jennings. I don’t always agree with Pastor Jennings’ presentation’s or when he preaches about women pastors, BUT he has not contradicted the bible one time in the sermons I’ve viewed. He is not scared to call abomination what is & he’s funny.

  6. I am a Christain and I am a lesbian. I attend Beulah Heights BIble University. It saddens me that there are so many of us that attends there, but many have to “hide” who we are due to attacks and being removed from the school.

    I must say there are several instructors that are in the “closet”. I was not shocked to have read such about one of our professors, I pray that more would come forth, including the married ones that hide behind their marriages.

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