Ray Boltz writes predictable new song

Ray Boltz used to sing and write songs about Christ and his church. We dont know if that was all a charade now that Boltz is a self-declared homosexual Christian.

After getting involved with the Metropolitan Community Church, the gay denomination based in California, Boltz is now singing about his sexual sins. Although he claims to still be a Christian, Christ is no longer the focus of his songs.

Boltz’s new song “Dont Tell Me Who to Love”  (lyrics at the link) is a predictable tune about the “right” to “love” who you want to love.  Symbolism aside, Dont Tell Me is little more than a tongue-in-cheek attempt to sanctify homosexuality.

While I was writing the song “Don’t Tell Me Who To Love” I was not familiar with the supreme court case “Loving v. Virginia.” Growing up in the sixties, however, I was aware of the attitudes concerning people of different races being allowed to marry. As early as the 1800’s, judges had claimed that such behavior would lead to “deplorable results” producing children that were “generally sick and effeminate.” Preachers also claimed that it was “immoral, unnatural and against the will of God.”

Boltz attempts to cast his song as some sort of civil rights anthem while using black-white marriage as a backdrop. More predictability he learned very quickly from the gay movement.  I’m highly skeptical any of the black civil rights organization (as gay affirmative as some of them are) will adopt this as a theme song.

Boltz says, “I hope this song encourages us all to say “I know what’s in my heart and that should be enough…don’t tell me who to love.”

Its sure to be a hit with the gay christian crowd. Maybe christian pedophiles will help make the song a cult favorite because after all that’s their argument too.


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  1. Ugh.

    The God who created him can tell him exactly what to do and what not to do, including who to love and who to kiss (or not to). I think he needs to read his Bible and see what God has said, rather than try to make injunctions against homosexual behavior to be just man-made doctrine that can be overturned by any other man.

  2. How nauseating.

    Does he realize he’s singing that to God and telling Christ not to tell him what to do? Bad idea, Ray.

    And of course he perverts the word love. God never said that Ray couldn’t love other men in the agape sense. God said not to have sex with them. But in the world of gay theology love = sex.

  3. Neal arrogantly said: ” In the world of Gay theology love equals sex. ”

    Neil I dont know where your obtained such a nonsensical understanding. You only prove how biased and prejudicial you are against us. Love and sex are not the same thing. *Ideally*, people engage in sex because they LOVE someone, deeply. It is an expression of that love. Contrary to your orthodox elitism, even gay people fall in love and thus, elect to express that love in sexual terms.

    Neal Sir, what is nauseating is your intense arrogance that you are perfectly right. That your theological “interpretation” of scriptures is the ONLY right way to the divide the scripture. If there was one truly right way to divide scripture, we would not have so many Christian denominations that view other christian denominations as errant or hell-bound.

  4. Thanks, Neil, nauseating says it best. It is a flimsy song. Sounds like something he came up with right then.

    It relfects the rebelliousness of doing what is right in his own eyes. Don’t tell me nothing. Sad, Ray. Sad.

  5. I wonder if this is an attempt to crossover into a wider market than the gay christian arena. I can see this song becoming a theme song for the gay marriage agenda. Picture it: Ray Bolz is standing before a huge rally and serenading the masses as they hold hands high with candles lit as they sway back and forth.

    Ray, the preacher was wrong in the Loving vs Virginia case because the scripture does not forbid marriages of people with mixed ethnicity (race is a construct not seen ion the bible). People were of one people group or another noone was judged as anything other than human. In the case of gay marriage the issue the preacher is calling sin is supported by the scripture. Marriage is between a man and a woman. The preacher is right and you are decieved.

  6. “even gay people fall in love and thus, elect to express that love in sexual terms.

    and Tony BOTH are condemned in scripture. Is God biased and prejudiced against you too since he is the source of the condemnation?

  7. Tony, I’ll let others decide who has the problem with arrogance. I’ll just stick to the facts.

    Ray Boltz is declaring that people are telling him who he can and can’t love.

    If he is referring to agape love (having someone’s long term best interests at heart), then I would like to know who is claiming that Ray can’t love anyone in that manner.

    If he is referring to homosexual behavior — and he certainly appears to be — then he is defying and mocking God.

    Your name calling and appeals to the challenges of rightly dividing scripture prove nothing.

    100% of the verses addressing homosexual behavior denounce it as sin in the clearest and strongest possible terms.

    100% of the verses referencing God’s ideal for marriage involve one man and one woman.

    100% of the verses referencing parenting involve moms and dads with unique roles (or at least a set of male and female parents guiding the children).

    0% of 31,173 Bible verses refer to homosexual behavior in a positive or even benign way or even hint at the acceptability of homosexual unions.

    That is pretty clear in my book. To teach the opposite is unloving.

    If you want to play the game that everything in scripture is up for grabs, then why not assume that Jesus was being sarcastic when He said we should love our enemies? It is possible, isn’t it? If you held that view, would I be arrogant just for disagreeing with you?

  8. Elder Jimmy is right. I can’t stand the whole race card that gets pulled out in comparison. OH! that just irks me. Back in my backslidden (I’m not proud of) days in college I dated girls of all different races. It was not race that mattered but rather I was in sexual relationships outside of marriage.

    My sins were no greater or lesser then the individual in a homosexual relationship. Sin was sin regardless. However, the Bible sets clear guidelines on relationships and I was living in sinful sexual relationships outside of marriage.

    Do I struggle? Oh man YES! I’m a young guy. Do I give into my temptations and just say,”Oh God I guess I should just start going out with girls again and live like the world because YOU gave me passions as a man”. No, sorry that does not work.

    I would rather live with the pain of lacking intimacy with a woman than give in to my temptations and sin.


  9. Its sure to be a hit with the gay christian crowd. Maybe christian pedophiles will help make the song a cult favorite because after all that’s their argument too.

    And you really don’t see any difference between the two situations? Are you actually that stupid?

  10. With respect Pastor DL,

    Pedophilia is ‘predatorial’ by nature. As oposed to homosexuality which of course is merely to be same sex attracted. Pedophiles PREY on those they perceive to be less powerful or capable of repelling their often unwanted sexual advances. In the context of the western world, Pedophilia is unlawful, homosexuality is not.

    This very obvious distrinction is undeniably what caused augustine to be vexed by your comments. Someone of your brainpower and intellect certainly chooses his words wisely. As such, it is a fair conclusion that you meant to be offensive.

    The rational, unbaised truth is hoomsexuality and pedophilia or not even on the same wavelength. I suspect you already know this. I am, however, uncertain as to why you feel the need to dishonestly paint them with the same stroke. Detaching the moral implications of your biblical position on sexuality, no matter how gay people manifested, we are here, the question is the moral dilemma. This argument doesn’t need any artificial or dishonest distraction. There is enough anger, confusion, misunderstanding, and even ignorance surrounding human sexuality without HEAPING on illogical, unfounded, fallacious parallels born of your very obvious disdain for homosexuality.

  11. Would you be comfortable with me quoting you as claiming that there is no difference between paedophilia (and/or child molestation) and homosexuality (and/or homosexual sex)? It might prove edifying for a discussion on my blog.

  12. @ Augustine, you can quote anything I write on this site. Its public and you dont need my permission to do that. Hope that helps.

    @ Tony, your argument is a typical one for those homosexuals who seek to portray their brand of sexual expression as more moral than a pedophile(a self-serving worldview), but biblically speaking God does not view consensuality as a factor in whether one sin is “better” or superior. Think about it. IF you have some scripture to support your view that consensual homosexuality is better than nonconsensual adult-child sex, then please present it so we can examine it.
    You talk about dishonesty, but isnt God the final arbitrator or what is good and honest?
    And finally, SIN is predatory by nature. John 10:10

  13. Augustine, I think the point of bringing up “christian pedophiles” is to show that there isn’t really such a thing, just as there really aren’t “christian homosexuals” — because both are living in such a sinful lifestyle that their actions prove that they are not Christians, despite their words. The NT is replete with examples of people who say one thing and do another: “Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Thy name…?… and I will say, Depart from me, you who work iniquity.”

    The term “Christian homosexual” is an oxymoron, much like “Christian pedophile” or “Christian murderer” or “Christian rapist” or “Christian thief.” While everyone sins, Christians included, to make a lifetime habit of sin, such as living in a homosexual lifestyle, or certain very gross point-action sins, such as murder or rape, is to prove yourself not to be a Christian at all, and still very needy of repentance and the work of the Spirit in your heart and life: “Such were some of you, but you were washed…”

    I’ve got Bible verses to back up what I believe, and you have… manmade theories and willful sin to blind you. I’d be very uncomfortable right now, if I were you.

  14. I’m not really sure what to make of that last sentence, so I’ll just pretend it didn’t happen for both our sakes. Suffice to say, I am currently laughing at you.

    How are you defining ‘homosexual’ here? The rest of your charming examples denote people who have actually performed some sort of action – a rapist has raped, a thief has stolen, a murderer has murdered. A ‘homosexual’, however, could just describe someone who is attracted to the opposite sex. Unless that alone prevents someone from being a Christian, your examples are irrelevant.

    Although, ironically, ‘paedophile’ actually makes more sense here, since a paedophile can also be someone who’s simply attracted to children without ever having acted on that attraction.

    GCMW: Didnt you say you were going to go and lighten up your own blog discussing this? We’ve already been around this corner before so, either say something worthwhile or move on.

  15. I’m glad Ray Boltz came out cause now we know who he really is worshiping and it’s not the all knowing God. I’m happy to know not to spend any money on his albums. All those years he’s been faking an pretending to really know who Christ is. He was just performing to make money from the church

  16. For self-described Christians to equate homosexuality with pedophilia is blatant dihonesty. There is no such equation. If it were, even the “lower” realm of the secular society would lock up every gay person. Lets try to inject abit of intellectual honesty into this quagmire.

    To say that you equate homosexuality with murder and incest and robbery is either mass religious dillusion or a blatant attempt to reflect your obvious contempt for gays. At least people are beginning to [slowly] see the light of neoconic Christian elitism. it wont be long before we who are gay are free. That you check you can take to the bank and Cash!

    You guys merely are repulsed by homosex, the fact that the bible ‘appears’ to be on your side in that regard, is “justification” for your hatred. Just admit it. I respect people when they can just admit they hate me… not thoughs who hide people the Cross ( which is 100% love) and use it as a wedge tool to [ironically] be divisive.

    GCMW: Tony, your continued poligiuous argumenation is starting to sound a little reprobatist. You are arguing against biblical truth, not “so-called Christians”. No, we are repulsed by sin. If you are a follower of Christ, so should you.

  17. Tony,

    Your strawman arguments are too weak to even address. ALL sexual immorality is SIN. I don’t need to list ALL of them. Put down your homosexual idol from your mantel and cast it down with ALL the other sexual idols. Sin is Sin.


  18. Kyle, thanks for missing my point entirely. 🙂

    Pastor DL & Kyle:
    I am merely speaking to the dishonest notion that homosexuality and murder are on the same wavelength. I find that patently offensive. That was my initial major point. I appreciate your position which says that sin is sin. I am, however, suggesting that realistically the church does isolate the sin of homosexuality and prominently display it on the front row for all to to see. Essentially making it a greater sin.

    To be clear, calling out the fallacy that homosexuality is EQUAL to murder, or any other VIOLENT act is not going against God but rather stading up for reason. To suggest otherwise, is extremely dangerous. For the church to equate homosexuality to the most grumesome of actions (murder, incest, rape) is to create an environment where gay people get beat up or murdered, because the church teaches that homosexuality is just as EVIL as MURDERING somebody. Gay bashing and murders have already been commited based on similar teachings. I can cite several stats to back this claim if you request them.

    This is my only concern. Not trying to shred or attack the Bible. The Bible in and of itself itsnt the issue. However,what people do to uphold what they ‘perceive’ it says Is…

  19. Augustine,

    Jesus made it quite clear when He said that if a man looks lustfully at a woman, then he has committed adultery with her in his heart; and also that if you hate a brother without cause it’s as if you’ve committed murder — that intent and desire and wishes to commit an act are equivalent to committing that action, as far as naming it a sin. So, a man looking lustfully at a young boy, even if he doesn’t rape him, is as sinful in God’s eyes as if he had committed the act, instead of just fantasizing about it. And, a man who lusts after other men, even if he doesn’t act on it, is committing adultery in his heart.

    Also, in the list of sins in 1 Cor. 6, of people who will not inherit the kingdom of God (“and such *were* some of you, but you were washed…”), includes being covetous, which is a heart sin, and not an overt act. I can covet all my waking hours and nobody know about it — but it’s still a sin. There are many other “lists of sins” or “lists of sinners” in the Bible, most of which include at least one “heart sin” as opposed to overt or active sin, such as pride.

  20. There you go again talking about “the church”. Have you noticed that we are talking about what is contained in scripture, not what “the church” is doing or saying?

    And Tony please save the old “gay bashing” accusations for someone you’d like to impress. They dont work here. I sincerely doubt that the readers of this blog, would go out and murder someone simply because we called homosexuality a sin equal to pedophilia and other sins.

    Your red herring is turning green. I wonder what outrageous claim you will make next to deflect attention away from what you stubbornly refuse to see?

  21. Kathy,

    Thank you for explaining why nobody but the thoroughly indoctrinated buys Biblical morality. I know a few devoutly religious ‘ex-gays’ who still struggle with attraction to the same sex – given that the sin of sexual attraction is as bad as the sin of actually having sex, and further given that no homosexuals can be Christians, would you like me to tell them that you think they’re not real Christians?

    GCMW: Your arguments have gone beyond silly. You claim on your blog that this is all a jokefest to you. “Humerous” [sic] to be exact. Augustine, have a nice day. Retreat to your own, ghost town of a blog and laugh yourself silly. Perchance at some time in the far distant future, if you have matured beyond your puerile spiritual mentality, you can join the conversation again.

  22. Pastor DL,

    I am reasonably certain that you are accurate in suggesting that no one on this blog would murder or even gay bash someone based upon religious beliefs. However, I think you miss my point again. The churches teachings are indoctrinated into the faithful and the faithful go out into the world and have contact with people who may not be as spiritually grounded.

    GCMW: This is where your big disconnect occurs. Where is your irrefutable evidence of this claim?

    Like it or not, the teachings of the Church reach WAY outside of the church. You may be smart enough to contain your repulsion to homosexuality. There are thoughs in society who would hear your proclamation that gays are just as evil as murderers…. internalize it…. believe it…. begin to identify homosexuals as the lowest of the lowest… and even, be very open to beating up a fag… or worst yet, murdering them.. after all they are the lowest of the low…

    GCMW: Without direct evidence, this is only supposition. This same irrresponsible, reactionary claim was made in the Sakia Gunn case by Keith Boykin and in the Matthew Shepard case by gay pac groups. None have produced any evidence to support such claims. If you cry wolf too often people stop believeing your claim is even grounded in reality.

    My comment wasn’t meant to offend the GCMW bloggers. You aren’t necessarily the people I was directing my concern toward. Rather, those who you MAY come in contact with who are NOT grounded in Romans 13:10 and Gods Love Ethic. Gay Bashings and Murder satistics DL are readilly available.

    GCMW: All murder is wrong, all violence is wrong. Gays and/or homosexuality is no more special than any other sinful activity. People of all types, colors, ethicities, etc, etc are killed and maimed almost everyday in this country. Are we to believe this is all because THE CHURCH teaches against sin and some loose screw criminal comes hears “sin is wrong, violence is wrong” then goes out and commits the very act the church said is wrong? Tony, your logic is extremely lacking.

  23. I am proccessing your reply Pastor DL. I will respond after I ponder on it. I want to make sure I back my claims up. I should have posted the evidence with the post. I will do that in future post.

    GCMW: Tony even though I disagree with you on most issues about ssa, you really touch my heart sometimes. Thats the truth and I appreciate your spirit. 🙂

  24. Good points, pastor.

    Tony, the notion that we should not speak Biblical truths because someone might misinterpret them is groundless. It isn’t as if people leave Focus on the Family “Love Won Out” conferences and then go beat up gays.

    And as this post demonstrates, there are people claiming to be Christians who are teaching the opposite of what the Bible says, and you expect us to be silent on that?

  25. You may perceive my position to groundless but I disagree. Again, most rational people will agree that homosexuality and murder are not the same thing. Period. To suggest otherwise is crazy.

  26. RE: Tony,
    Your strawman arguments are too weak to even address. ALL sexual immorality is SIN. I don’t need to list ALL of them. Put down your homosexual idol from your mantel and cast it down with ALL the other sexual idols. Sin is Sin.
    PAIN AND SELF-LOATHING (which they refer constantly to “SIN”).

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