Obama’s false balance: gay and straight false prophets

After throwing a public hissy fit over false prophet Rick Warren getting to say a prayer at Obama’s inarguration, gay bishop Vickie Gene Robinson has finally gotten his way. Obama now has a heterosexual false prophet and a homosexual false prophet praying over him and his reign of error. Talk about a balancing act. From Yahoo News:

The first openly gay Episcopal bishop will offer a prayer at the Lincoln Memorial at an inaugural event for President-elect Barack Obama.

The selection of New Hampshire Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson for Sunday’s event follows weeks of criticism from gay-rights groups over Obama’s decision to have the Rev. Rick Warren give the invocation at his Jan. 20 inauguration.

Warren backed the ban on same-sex marriage that passed in his home state of California on the November ballot.

Robinson said last month the choice of Warren was like a slap in the face. In an interview with the Concord Monitor, he said he doesn’t believe Obama invited him in response to the Warren criticism but said his inclusion won’t go unnoticed by the gay and lesbian community.

“It’s important for any minority to see themselves represented in some way,” Robinson told the newspaper for a story in Monday’s editions. “Whether it be a racial minority, an ethnic minority, or in our case, a sexual minority. Just seeing someone like you up front matters.”

Perhaps this moves Robinson a little closer to the position he has been salivating over for some time now.

Read the entire story from Yahoo News.


19 thoughts on “Obama’s false balance: gay and straight false prophets

  1. Simply Amazing! Everyone wants to get in on the act.

    We are seeing the separation of sheep and goats. Look at the convergence of all these people towards a Politico/Religious union. These people garner power,wealth,and influence while we the sheep are accused of being non loving, judgmental, and too ideological.


  2. I can’t believe it…I’ve never seen such a spineless group in my life. What are you standing for if everytime someone criticizes your choice, you back down and do something else. This is a huge disappointment that this so called bishop with be included in the inauguration.

    Furthermore, what is Rick Warren’s response to this? He is in the same position that Donnie McClurkin and the CEO of eHarmony was in. When the law, your boss or some leader says that the truth that you believe in is all wrong and they are going to make you do something that is irreconcilable with your beliefs, do you stay in the game?

    I hope Rick Warren opts out–I think he would send a strong message if he says to Obama, “Hey, man, thanks but no thank you. I’m not going to be a part of this if an unbeliever, opposed to everything I view as true, is going to be a part of this.” Warren, please decline participating in this ceremony. Please.

  3. Ebony, I hate to break this to you, but Robinson and Warren are two sides of the same coin.
    At this point, there’s nothing Warren can do to make things right.

  4. yep, I guess so. The fact Warren agreed to do this ceremony with Obama the first place is revealing in itself. All of this is very disturbing.

  5. GCMWatch, you called it. Don’t you hate being right sometimes?

    Did you catch this quote by Robinson?

    As for himself, Robinson said he doesn’t yet know what he’ll say, but he knows he won’t use a Bible.

    “While that is a holy and sacred text to me, it is not for many Americans,” Robinson said. “I will be careful not to be especially Christian in my prayer. This is a prayer for the whole nation.”

    Yes, we can tell how holy and sacred it is to him. Perhaps he should read it sometime and see what real believers act like. Start with the Book of Acts.

    Just who does he think he is praying to?

  6. Neil, I did see that, but why is it not shocking at all coming out of the mouth of a reprobate like Robinson?
    I dont believe he will be praying to Christ at all. And for that matter I dont think Warren will be either.

    This is a shame and a spectacle before God.

  7. I wonder though if it is possible that the many Black American Christians that voted for Obama will become a little queasy at seeing this selection of a full blown gay apostate like Robinson praying for Obama?? Perhaps this will open some eyes in the Black American Christian community?? At least I hope…

    My Lord, how much time do we have left before this age is over? How much deeper and more wicked can we become?

    Can you imagine something like this even 20 years ago much less 40 years ago???

    As exciting as it is to watch Biblical Prophecy unfolding before our very eyes in these amazing times, we would be callous not to grieve for our fellow lost men and women that are happily traveling the broad road of destruction.


  8. 2 Chronicles says it all, “if my people who are called by my name.” Vicki Gene Robinson certainly is not called by the name of Christ, because Christ does not recognize homosexuals as his children. Rick Warren would do well to back away from this inaugural invitation as he is subverting with the enemy. It will be just a matter of time unitl we see Saddleback on its knees seeking God’s forgiveness, or utterly destroyed for having a pastor that is not willing to humble himself before God almighty. Instead he is humbling himself to the prince of darkness as he submits himself to this new president.

  9. I, for one, am not at all surprised that Obama caved in and granted his homosexual friends a platform. This is no more than what he promised from the beginning. Didn’t the “church” hear the same speeches and interviews that I heard?!! He told us exactly where he stood on issues, yet the church (especially the black church) insisted that “he didn’t say that”, or “he didn’t mean that”, in order to justify their unwavering support. As for Pastor Warren, although I don’t agree with all his positions, because he has stated that he will pray to our God in the way that our has commanded, I say that he should stay on the program and give the prayer. Afterall, it may be the only one that stands a chance of getting through to God, and God knows we and this president do need God’s help.

  10. I believe that in order for anyone to become president they have to support/consider/include/please many people groups. America is not the kingdom of GOD. There is no way to remain a faithful Christian and govern this country according to clear scriptural guidelines.

  11. Here’s more from Vicki Gene:

    Bishop Robinson said he had been reading inaugural prayers through history and was “horrified” at how “specifically and aggressively Christian they were.”

    “I am very clear,” he said, “that this will not be a Christian prayer, and I won’t be quoting Scripture or anything like that. The texts that I hold as sacred are not sacred texts for all Americans, and I want all people to feel that this is their prayer.”

    Bishop Robinson said he might address the prayer to “the God of our many understandings,” language that he said he learned from the 12-step program he attended for his alcohol addiction.

    In a weird way I’m glad he is so transparent with his apostacy. While pro-gay theology is thoroughly flawed regardless of who endorses it, when they put someone like Robinson out front they can’t even pretend that they are otherwise orthodox.

  12. Neil, there’s nothing weird about your gladness with his transparency. It’s a good thing, VIck Gene has made his position crystal clear. Warren on the other hand, is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    And the new World President, sad to say, could very well be a being “tranformed into an angel of light”

    There’s an unholy trinity vibe to this whole thing……..
    and we need to be prayed-up before and during the inauguration broadcast………….and clad in the full armour of God …….for darkness, deception, seduction and sorcery will be at an extreme high next Tuesday.

    Be encouraged though, as always Jesus Christ will prevail, ” These things have I spoken unto you, that in me, ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world”

  13. Devon- Yes, we are queasy. I’m sickend & sadend by this choice. I wouldn’t let this faux Bishop pray over my dog’s funeral. My youth & ignorance & desire for a new America caused me to vote for Obama. I assumed he was a normal Black person, I phone banked for his campaign, donated money, held on to each word he said @ his ralleys, meomorized the speeches. BUT, I didn’t know he was pro-gay or J. Wright held unholy gay ceremonies. I a proud California 70%, it wasn’t until after the election I found out that Obama, NAACP, UNL, Black Caucus were buck dancing for homosexual special interest groups. My feelings are hurt, but it’s not Obama’s fault it’s my own fault for blindly voting & assuming all Black Christians automatically knew the truth & felt like me. Even Fred Price denounced gay special interests groups attempts to hijack the civil rights movement & claim Christianity & he’s a prosperity preacher. Obama made me pay attention to politics for the first time in my life, & now I might never vote again.

  14. LOL @ Claudia. You serious, too aint you?

    And wow, Im just catching your story. Wow, I wonder how long it will be before other (black Christians) figure out the holy one has deceived them?

  15. Claudia Joy, thank you for your story and God Bless you for your teachability!! WE all must put Christ first…before our ethnicity, our culture, our gender, our economic class…

    I am impressed that you have learned this so quickly ….just in a couple of months…I pray that other eyes will be open in these coming months and 4 years….

    Dev in Canada

  16. I’m more afraid for the younger then me youth. So, may are falling for this “civil rights” propaganda. Our people are destroyed, but not defeated. A Black president is wonderful, but not at the cost of our youth accepting another social ill. Black children are at a higher risk of being adopted into unnatural homes & most likely accepting unnatural behaviour as normal.

  17. Maybe this is why instead of clinging to your false sense of government, democracy and leadership you should all learn to rule your own lives. Live out YOUR OWN salvation with fear and trembling. It is not your job as Christians or otherwise to ‘police’ politics, but to love those who are different than yourselves. Politicians are the same no matter the system of belief.

  18. Obama tries to throw a bone to everyone. That is evidence of a man with no conviction. How can you trust a person like this?

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