Common ground, common sin

I’ve said it before folks, and I’ll say it again: compromise is a killer. Of course, IN THE WORLD, compromise is called by many names: “ecumenicalism”, “building bridges” and most recently “finding common ground”. Rick Warren, the false teacher du jour is fast becoming THE WORLD’s favorite “new type of evangelical”. Why? Because he is willing to compromise the Word of the Lord in exchange for common ground. Lately, he applauded Obama for allowing gay heretic bishop Vickie Gene Robinson to “pray” at the inarguration.But how could Warren say anything different, he and Robinson are two sides of the same coin.

My friend Independent Conservative has done a great job explaining why saints shouldnt compromise with aints.

Julio Severo, our brother in Brazil compares the public spectacle over political prayers sanctioned by Obama and sincere prayers being offered by the nation, but ignored by the media.


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  1. Pastor Foster, this post, along with IC’s is very, very timely. Coverage surrounding the events, along with the push to get as many people to DC for the inarguration, is at a fever pitch, with Warren leading the charge.

    The image I get is one where there are multitudes of people being led on a very wide path towards what appears to be the light, and at the end of the path leads into the pit of hell. Minions such as Robinson, along with numerous Black “pastors” and nationally syndicated Black radio DJs are serving as magnets and calling posts to help swell the numbers on January 20th. Instead of leading these people into what would be considered a modern day “promised land,” many are going to find themselves on the wrong side of judgment due to the high levels of idolatry on display for this event.

  2. I had no idea that Rick Warren had endorsed the latest compromising position of the Obama team. If so, “how can he explain that away?” I don’t have a grudge against Pastor Warren or his message but I do pray that he watch the spirit that will overtake him if he begins down this road of compromise. bishop Robinson, on the other hand, is an embarrassment and is truly lost. Makes me want to know how he could go undetected so long in the midst of his denomination–“strange fire.”

    But really, Believers should learn to leave judgment and punishment to God. We are putting a lot of emphasis on those leading whose sins can be seen daily, but what about those that are hidden from our view (lying, cheating, homosexuality, pride, sexism, racism etc.)? Aren’t they to be held to the same standard?

    Pres Elect Obama had better read his bible as much as he reads the constitution.

  3. but what about those that are hidden from our view lying, cheating, homosexuality, pride, sexism, racism etc

    Just a few thoughts. God ordained governments to judge and execute punishment. Romans 13 So if you are a beleiver and work in the govt agency which carries out this ordained work, are you wrong or should you just “leave it to God”? These agencies only (for the most part) deal with those things which are seen and against the law.

    Same here. We can only deal with what we see. Secondly, all sin is the same in one context and in antother its not.

    If your child didnt clean up their room after you told them to isnt that disobedience? Isnt disobedience a sin?

    What if your child stole $100 out of your wallet? Isnt stealing a sin?

    What would be the difference in how you punished your child for each offense?

    Likewise, sin is the same but some sins carry more severe consequences and punishments. Sins that are hidden from our view doesnt mean they are less damaging or not seen (as God sees all), but what God does allow to be exposed, he expects for us to deal with it righteously.

    Other than that, I agree with you.

  4. Robert said :
    But really, Believers should learn to leave judgment and punishment to God. We are putting a lot of emphasis on those leading whose sins can be seen daily…

    That’s not true Robert, please read the Blog Mission.

    The main focus is to expose a specific unfruitful work of darkness….the Gay Christian Movement….. and somehow these leaders tend to be affiliated with this hot-button topic.

    Plus, Pastor DL has never trivialised nor magnified
    a particualr sin. All sin is sin, so putting the word Christian infront of gay, does not render it a work of righteousness.

  5. Just to be clear….my response is focused only on the
    “emphasis on leaders” section.

    Regarding “believers should learn to leave judgement and punishment to God”…………… my glasses are in my hand-bag, so maybe that is why I am failing to see how one can execute judgement and punishment via a blog.

  6. The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender movement is an afront to Christianity, America’s value system and Christian Men in particular. The men of America has shamefully given up many of its rights through ignorance. The last two generations of the American male has allowed the enemy to change our God ordained purpose–at least in the public domain. We have sat by and quietly said nothing. We don’t have to be rude to be strong. But, we must stand up against those things that would become our modern day “forbidden fruit.”

    Recently, a court ruled that two gay men could have their names as the only names on their adopted child’s birth certificate. What, am I in Sodom or Gomorah? Neither, but we are witnessing a not so stealthy move towards changing the identity of God centered families.

    No, I am not talking about the world’s version of a family but rather I am talking about the family that Believers must strive to be (Holy, Faithful, Sold out to Jesus etc.).

    This movement and the trickery used to get mainstream to “tolerate” its tenets is transparent to those who pay attention. That said, let us tell the truth choosing to have a partner of the same sex does not rise to the level of Civil Rights Movement–Human Rights maybe… That said, Believers are allowing the argument to be waged on several faulty premises…

    I do believe that Gays have equal rights to exist and participate in the American dream, but not at the expense of others’ rights to have the same. In other words, we should not have to redefine American family culture to accomodate the movement. Furthermore, I have a right to say that my children don’t have to be exposed to your lifestyle and still maintain my credibility of a caring parent.

    From my sister, who is a lesbian, to the millions who have “CHOSEN” to live the alternate lifestyle, do what you think is beneficial to you, but don’t ask us to change our VALUES to accomodate your choice.

    Remember: Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

  7. Lesha trust me when I say thats probably one of the most common baseless accusations hurled at this blog in one way or another.

    I still dont see how this is judging or punishing or “letting the world know our business” when these people have done these things OPENLY and refuse to repent or acknowledge they are wrong.

    Its really an indicator to me of the poor spiritual condition much of the church is in to not want to adhere to the Word of God.

  8. Rick Warren is going to go along with whatever will bring him success in this world ok. He is just like Carlton Pearson he has fooled a LOT of people. Will the real men of God please stand up

  9. Here we go again. Oprah “The Guru Godess of New Age” Winfrey kicked off his campaign….now VG “Openly Gay False Teacher” Robinson is “praying” at the inauguration of Obama’s reign as President. This is eerie. And why is there such intensity in Gaza Strip right now…..I’m just saying….

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