Another COGIC pastor arrested for sex with teen

Here we are again. Channel 5 News (via the AP) in Nashville broke the tragic story of a James Bell, Jr, a COGIC pastor who sexually abused a young boy and most likely infected him with HIV.

SHELBYVILLE, Ky. (AP) — A central Kentucky pastor charged with sexually abusing a juvenile has told police he is HIV positive.

James H. Bell was arrested Dec. 30 after he went to the Shelby County Detention Center and spoke with police.  An arrest citation said Bell told police he is HIV positive and had unprotected sex with a 15-year-old. The citation said Bell did not tell the juvenile he was carrying the virus.

State police said Bell told them he had sex with the minor “on multiple occasions” in 2007. The 47-year-old Bell is pastor of Refuge Temple Church of God in Christ in Shelby County.

According to the church’s website, Bell was the “minister of music”  in the jurisdiction led by his father.

We are the church of Refuge in the heart of the city, with the people of the city in our heart. Everybody is somebody at Refuge Temple. We believe in healing, miracles and deliverance. We believe in God moving by his spirit and we allow God to have his right of way in each our services. Feel free to come and worship with us at any time, as we know that God is up to something in Shelbyville, KY and we are ready for miracles as they are on the way.
Elder James H. Bell. Jr., Elder Bell was called to preach May 12,1978. He was ordained in July, 1984 under the leadership of Bishop E.H. Ware. Elder Bell married Missionary Donya Bell on June 30, 1984 and they have 3 wonderful children. Elder Bell is the State Minister of Music for the Kentucky 2nd Jurisdiction – Church of God in Christ under the leadership of our State Jurisdictional Prelate – Bishop James H. Bell. Sr., Elder Bell is a man of great faith and preaches on the whole counsel of God.

GCM Watch offers condolences to Bell’s wife and children and to the young boy who was victimized by yet another homosexual pastor in sheep’s clothing.  Although, these cases continue to mount in COGIC, neither the presiding bishop Charles Blake nor any officials of influence have had the integrity to publicly address clergy sexual abuse by its members.


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15 thoughts on “Another COGIC pastor arrested for sex with teen

  1. In looking at the clip, I don’t recall any mention of the victim being infected. I pray he wasn’t. Did his wife know he was infected? Did he infect her? This is beyond tragic. I’m truly at a loss for words. What is even sadder is that this is one we know about. Only God above can speak to the ones we know nothing of.

    What about the church? What about the cause of Christ? Anyone who says these wolves in sheep’s clothing can do no real harm is seriously deluded.

  2. Youre right, there is no explicit mention of the victim being infected, although the pastor admitted he had “unprotected sex” with the boy multiple times.
    The title has been amended.

    Youre also right this is tragic beyond words. Numbing almost. I was sexually molested in COGIC at age 13 and I know the devastation that occurs. Thank God he is a healer. But we cannot be silent when this continues ravage so many young boys and girls. Thats why it is stunning that COGIC leadership refuses to address this. Their main concern is their “image and assets” according to Bishop Charles Blake.

  3. I’m willing to bet this wasn’t the first time this filth did something like this. If the COGIC hierarchy is as nonchalant concerning these things as you say, it probably isn’t the first time he was caught! I mean really, how does a married minister contract HIV? From his wife? From his kids? From the water? It’s like the protestant version of the catholic church. If enough people start going to the proper authorities when these crimes occur & start suing the socks off this denomination, just like the catholic church, may then somebody in the ivory tower will get the message. You can’t just have a “let the church police the church” attitude, especially when kids are involved. The church will always do what is in it’s own best interest.

  4. I agree with Musa in that this was not the first time Bell did this. There were others and yet the church leadership failed to do something about it. He was probably good at his job, getting the people aroused and entertained. It is no wonder healings are few and far between; there is too much Baal worship and witchcraft going on. Baal worship in that people are worshipping a man instead of Jesus and witchcraft in the manipulative tactics used to keep this crime silent.

    We must return to first principles: fulfilling the Great Commission.

  5. I’m waiting for the GCM defenders to come out and claim that his pedophilia is in no way related to his homosexuality, and that we abhor this Pastors actions.

    So let me interject ahead of time. First, this guy is a sexual reprobate all the way around including being an adulterer, bi-sexual, and a pedophile. Sexual immorality regardless of adultery, fornication, bestiality, bi-sexual, homosexual, rape, and pedophilia are ALL sexual sins.

    So if you are a GCM adherent please spare us the double speak by claiming your disdain for pedophilia while accepting your homosexuality.


  6. Kyle that is one of the most amazing things how this group can fight any suggestion that THEIR sexual immorality is somehow more honorable than the next groups sexual immorality. Like we’ve said before, its all in the same immoral pot no matter who’s involved.

    The only difference is is that homosexuality is legal as long as its consensual. But legal does not mean right.

  7. This mess is getting out of control. I was raised for a period in the COGIC and this is definately a continued slap in the face to God.

    If they dont address this issue, I suspect the COGIC, which does NOT have the financial resources of ROME, will FOLD. If there are not willing to address PREDATORIAL behavior, they deserve to FOLD. I feel very bad for this young boy who may have AIDS now. How Sad. God grant this kid mercy.

  8. Just how long will the body of Christ ignore sin in the name of “unity” – “love” – and “tolerance”?

    With our new President and the ever so popular christianettes like Rick Warren proclaiming a “pop culture” faith – I would guess till Christ returns bringing that storm of Judgement He promised. Make no mistake, we have been warned over and over for over two thousand years.

  9. Let us all get together and start a class action suit on the church of god in christ with all the top leaders of this false organization looking away for the last 40 years; all the bishop, who could have made a difference. Look how many people young and old that have been destroyed. This is sickening as we sit idly by and just talk and do nothing more. This will continue to go on.

    It is 2009 and time for the real people of God to SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH; CHARLES BLAKE NEED TO GET





  10. This is beyond a travesty. Yes, I agree with one person on here that a class action lawsuit similar to what the catholic church faced is in order. Atop that, laws have been enacted in some states that criminalize individuals that knowingly engage in “sexual activity” with others while infected with HIV and/or AIDS. So, atop of whatever punishment this “man” would get for raping this child, KY’s state law may allow for additional prosecution for doing while infected with HIV. Sad indeed.

  11. I know that I am going to offend some people, but frankly my dear…

    There needs to be a Federal Investigation into the pervasive sexual abuse being perpetrated upon children (and women) by the pastors, ministers & bishops in the CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST (COGIC) which is the largest black Pentecostal denomination in the United States with over 6 million members. The Church of God in Christ has a history replete with clergy sexual abuse rivaled only by their Catholic brethren. On the surface, one would think that the only qualifications needed to be a COGIC pastor today would be talent, social climbing connections and a cleverly disguised predilection toward screwing little boys!

    Now with that said, the behavior that seems to be tolerated by the COGIC leadership today DOES NOT represent the COGIC founded by C. H. Mason. HOLINESS is what the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) was built upon. The greed, adultery, pedophilia, domestic violence, preachers having children out of wedlock, alcohol/drug abusing leaders, etc. must have the founding fathers and mothers of the Grand Old Church turning over in their graves. Yes, this goes on within other denominations, but I’m talking COGIC right now! And while I’m at it; before we let those nasty heffers think they are under the radar; you’ve got some contemptible women preachers who are just as disgusting as the men! Some of those freaks make Rosie O’Donnell look straight as an arrow while they are somewhere trying to turn your young daughters out! PARENTS OPEN YOUR EYES! DON’T TRUST ANYONE WITH YOUR CHILD UNTIL YOU ASK THE HOLY GHOST FIRST! I DON’T CARE WHO THEY ARE!!! To everyone in the pulpit and in the pew who turns a blind eye to clergy abuse to you I say, in the words of Shakespeare, “A plague on all your houses.”

    This 15 year old boy is as good as dead! Having been raped ANALLY & ORALLY by his AIDS infested PASTOR numerous times, the liklihood of this child not being infected are slim to none. This child was surrounded by adult Christians and NOBODY knew that his pastor was screwing him? (For those who might be offended by the word “screwing” – get over it! I am more offended by the act than the word!) The leadership of the Church of God in Christ, this boy’s parents and the wife of this diseased monster must all answer to God for this child’s fate. No one can wash their hands like Pontius Pilate and walk away guilt free. There is just too much filth to go around! “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” Albert Einstein

    To those pastors, ministers & bishops in the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) who ARE NOT guilty of abusing women and children; to those of you who ARE raising the standard of holiness – I CAN’T HEAR YOU! And neither can the victims. It is time for you to speak out. Paul rebuked Peter in Antioch for his hypocrisy (Act 15:1-35). The time is now for you to rebuke your brethren for their hypocrisy. The Word, the times, the lives of God’s people requires that you do so! The words of Dr. King still speak to us today, “We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people, but for the appalling silence of the good people.”

    In all fairness, Bishop Charles E. Blake inherited the scumbag preachers within his denomination when he was elected to a full term as presiding bishop of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) in November of 2008. Let us pray that Bishop Blake will clean house. Like Josiah, may God strengthen him to burn pagan altars, execute pagan priests and to destroy the living quarters for the male prostitutes which are in the Temple (2 Kings 23:7).

  12. BIshop Blake needs to hold a special convocation and put a sexual abuse policy, statement and manifesto regarding this issue. If he remains silent he will be complicit in these crimes (if he is not already so). If he fails to do what is just regarding these victims he will lose his spiritual and moral authority to speak on any issue.

    Regarding Bishop Blake’s inheritence of the sexual abuse issue: RUBBISH and CRAP! He has been a member of the executive board of COGIC for years. He is not ignorant of the problems. He could have made a decision to clean things up beyond his letter a year or so ago where he wanted to protect the assets and reputation of the church. Very telling. What about the victims of the church? Of course he cannot predict who will molest but he can discipline those who do not follow the moral code of COGIC. He can certainly get rid of the bishop who kept his mouth shut about another case mentioned on this blogsite. Bishop Blake has a mandate to address this swiftly and righteously.

  13. Well said Elder Jimmy. I too reject the “he inherited it” arguement. He campaigned to be presiding bishop. Problems in the church shouldnt get shuttled because they have occured without resolution under previous admins. Thats even MORE of a reason to step up to the plate and enact reform or just do some plain ole biblical discipline.

  14. Elder Jimmy, I was in no way giving Bishop Blake a free pass. I was referring ONLY to his position as presiding prelate. Now he has EXECUTIVE POWERS that he did not have before. There are things that he can do now that do not require a vote. Forgive me for not making that clear. I agree with you 1000%!!!!!

  15. Thank you DestinyLady, your comments were well stated and are only offensive to those who refuse to see how Bishop Blake’s inaction emboldens those destroying the lives of innocent children.

    That being said its really not that hard for men (or women) in COGIC of integrity to publicly call for the PB to at the very least acknowledge the gross malfeasance of these men.

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