Ordinary people series: Samuel Brown

GCM Watch begins a weeklong series entitled “Ordinary People”. Sometimes, we get hyped by big names like Rick Warren, TD Jakes and Katherine Jefferts Schori and their take on whether homosexuality is right or wrong or somewhere in between. But what about average people? What are they really saying and is it any different than those garnering public attention?

We’ll start off with Samuel Brown of Atlanta aka “son of a bishop” whose youtube video attempts as he says to “take on”  Tye Tribbet’s song Victory, where the singer declares that people can come out of homosexuality and lesbianism. Brown says his father is an evangelist and his mother is like a prayer warrior so its unclear as to what bishop he is a son of.  He recently sent me an email decrying the More Than You Know section of my website. We had a civil exchange but with stark disagreements, so I respect him for his civility in expressing his points. Brown says that he was raised in the COGIC but obviously disagrees with COGIC’s moral stance.

What do you think about Samuel Brown’s theology on homosexuality? Is he right, wrong or just another really mixed up gay christian?


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  1. Just like “they” justified the sin of oppression & slavery, you are trying to justify the sin of homosexuality. Black people, (I say Black people because I am one) we can NOT make the word of God fit our lifestyle, by tampering with the word. Homosexuality is a form of paraphilia Sexual deviancy Psychiatry A mental disorder characterized by ‘…recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors. A mental illness is not God’s will, just like, schizophrenia, ADD, Cancer or any other ailment that is not Gods will. God gave us “free will”, & homosexuals are making a horrible choice & trying to use God in that choice. Are they crazy? I could respect a secular atheist homosexuals who denounces God with contempt, more then I could a homosexual claiming to be chrisitian. Get out of the churches if you refuse to repent for your sin, your sick lifestyle will never be accepted in the Black community. Deu 25:1
    I call this TRICKNOLOGY presented in civil discourse in the guise of humility, with all the spewings of satan.

    Acts 20:28-31 says to “be on guard against those from among our own number who will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after them”

  2. I’m a vegetarian buddy, but you can’t compare eating foul animals to homosexuality. I don’t care how low his voice tone is, he is misleading people using the scripture THIS MAN IS DISTURBED and taken over by the devil, he needs prayer! Homosexuality is clearly a abomination. I wish we could post some Gino Jennings [link removed by GCMW. We have not reviewed Jennings’ doctrine just yet] youtube on here. Gays in the pulpit.

    Roman 1:24-32 where the Word says in verses 26-27 “For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error .

  3. Romans Chapter One comes to mind (again) when someone tries to wiggle out of this sin.
    It seems that Mr Brown is trying to sell his book more that any thing. Trying to make a buck!
    When he said that we are not under the Law, that is the 613 commandments in the Books of Moses, he is right. No one is under the Law at all, that is if you are a Christian. If you are not a Christian, you will be judged by the Law of God, not necessarily the laws given to the Jews for their diet, their ceremonies etc., but the decalogue of Laws definitely.
    The Law serves to show us our sinfulness before a Holy God. It is a school master.
    A Christian is under the Law of Christ, and they are numerous in the New Testament.
    It seems that Mr Brown has not accepted Christ and is still in his sins.

  4. Djenk and others…I hope Im not overly policing this thread but I would like to restrict it to discussion of the video’s contents. Many times, the intent of the thread can go off on unrelated tangents before we adequately deal with what’s been proposed. Thanks for understanding. —GCMW

  5. Unfortunately Samuel makes many of the same arguments that are easy to refute. For example slavery in the bible was replete with laws as to how a slave should be humanely treated. Also, slaves often times were bond servants to pay off a debt. Lastly, there was a year of Jubilee when ALL slaves had to be set free. To equate that with American slavery is a far stretch. American slavery was evil to its core and in no ways biblical. That being said, fortunately we need not have to live according to the biblical view of slavery either.

    As for shell fish and Pork that is one of the easiest to dispute. Shell fish are scavengers and swine were harbingers of trichinosis worm. God did not want his people being ill and parasite ridden. Thank God for the USDA.

    In essence these are the two most common excuses that the GCM adherents always throw out there. They are easily refuted and lack validity.


  6. I forgot about the Romans 1 application of The New Testament, the part about the natural use.

    This is a clear case of the blind trying to lead the blind. Makes me think that his Bishop father cannot be that deep in his studies, for him (his son) to perpetuate that lie!

  7. Slavery in the word of God was actually to be humane and a way in which a poor person could survive. It was for good and not for bad as the slave could choose to stay with his or her master and have their right ear pierced with an awl. That manifests the love between slave/servant and master. Many that are claiming to be christians today might do well to love the Lord, their Master to have their right ear pierced. And not just some fad but by the anointing of God. Both straight and gay alike.
    As for this man’s book, just as straight christians, he should get a job to cover his publishing costs and “freely give” that which he thinks he has “freely received.” Just as the Lord commanded!
    Just because a man grew up in a so-called christian family, it doesn’t give him cause to think that he is receiving devine revelation. Abraham came out of a heathen family and was closer to God than any of today’s self professed preachers and prophets. Including those who think 4 years of seminary qualifies them for the ministry. Straight and gay alike.
    I could not listen to all of his message because the twisting of scriptures was beginning to make me sick!
    But, the Lord said the way was straight and narrow and few would find it.
    I truly hope this man repents and removes his book from circulation before he ends up with the blood of innocent people on his hands. And, from what I heard from him so far, that’s not being judgmental. That’s just honest concern for him and any innocent babes in Christ that could be swayed.


  8. This guy is simply regurgitating all of gay christian false interpretations of God’s Word. It’sfunny how they find these books that “help” them “interpret” the Word, yet they don’t find books by other authors who have rightfully divided the Word of truth as it relates to sex/sexuality. The books exist…I have them. It’s almost cultic the way they speak on this issue.

  9. James you are right the points Brown makes are like sitting religious ducks. They are cookie cutter to the point of absurdity. We’ve already answered them with scripture more than a few times.

    Its very easy to see through the razor thin logic of the gay christian movement. That’s why Im almost convinced those who embrace it or defend it have been sent a strong delusion by God that they would not receive the truth.

    You know what that means.

  10. I saw only a portion of the video, but I immediately felt sorry for him. There was a sound of hurt in his voice. Furthermore, it seems from his speech–it’s like he is really struggling with this choice he made. And not that struggling is not a good thing; sin is never something we should ever be comfortable with no matter how much you or others may mentally assent with sin. How unfortunate that he had the privilege to grow up in a strong christian household–a privilege that many others lack–and yet come to this place of grief and deception. I pray God’s mercy upon this brother.

  11. Rogers, while I wont publish his emails to me, lets just say they were adamant about his beliefs. I wouldnt put too much stock in the “emotion” of his video.

  12. Yeah, I don’t know why I never really thought of this before, but if, like he said, we do not live under mosaic law, and therefore homosexuality is not a sin, then would that not also mean murder, theft, adultery, incest, all of the things forbidden, are no longer sin?

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