Dallas' Frederick Haynes III to speak at gay church conference

Frederick Haynes, III a protege of Jeremiah Wright’s so-called black liberation theology is about to officially add gay liberation theology to his list of false bible teachings.  The Haynes engagement signals the gay church movement’s continued quest to incorporate mainstream false teachers into its mission. False teachers love false christian movements.

Haynes, pastor of Dallas’ Friendship West Baptist Church is scheduled to speak at the  National Black Justice Coalition 4th  Annual Black Church Summit. The NBJC, a black political organization for homosexuals got in the church business to offset biblical truth about homosexuality. As a deceptive move to gain black community support, it doesnt add the word “gay” to its name or religious gatherings.

Haynes will be joined by local false prophets, Bishop Yvette Flunder and Rev. Deborah Johnson other gay christian clerics.

Last year, Haynes kicked  his 37 year old personal secretary Elizabeth Payne out of his church after she exposed her adulterous relationship with Wright.

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5 thoughts on “Dallas' Frederick Haynes III to speak at gay church conference

  1. Besides the obvious misuse of scripture and misrepresentation of Christ this charlatan is definitely not a man of God. I went to his website to see for myself how he represents himself to the world. I was dismayed and appalled at the prevalent use of the Egyptian ankh (mixed with a cross) and the pyramids that littered his page. I would encourage anyone that is connected to this ministry to run! It is sad that men like this portray themselves as Christian leaders.


  2. Yes, V adulation of the symbols of idol gods is blamphemous. Like I said the gcm are seeking out thse “mainstream” false teachers like Haynes because they know they are very likely to agree with them.

  3. My sister went to this church where Haynes was pastor for years. She told me that if she ever saw him start to change she would be outta there. She has been outta there for bout five or six years now. She said he started saying derogatory things to them in church which she said was very inappropriate from the pulpit. She said he started to get a huge ego so she said, “time ta gooooooooooooooo”!

  4. The guy with the church like a pyramid, all of the greek organization paraphernalia in his pulpit, more ankhs littered around the church than you can count is aligned with the promoters of gay christian doctrine–I’m sorry but I’m not surprised?

    As I told my friend who was surprised about all the Jeremiah Wright hoopla surrounding Obama, I’m sorry but these people are not christians–you can’t preach Christ and culture…Christ is not going to allow any room for anybody to share his position as the head and foundation fo the church…Haynes suscribing to this black liberation theology made him the perfect candidate for this…

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