Ordinary people series: Lance Lewis

So what are ordinary people saying about homosexuality and the bible? That’s what GCM Watch is looking into thanks to youtube. Our next “ordinary person” is Minister Lance Lewis,  a member of El Shaddai COGIC in Hawaii and I really have to give it to him for a well rounded teaching in this video. I think his pastor would be proud.

Lewis starts out explaining how the laws of God are applicable or not applicable to so-called “committed” gay relationships. “We know that we dont have to keep all of the laws anymore”, he says. His approach to dealing with homosexuality is what I call “big picture” exposition.

I’m also surprised (after looking at numerous youtube homosexuality videos of shaky, nervous people) that he was so composed and had a commanding knowledge at least of what he was attempting to explain. Plus, he handled with ease his child breaking in on his video making. Something I contend with all the time. 🙂

That’s what I think. After listening to Lewis, what do you think? Is he on point or is he off on his teaching of biblical sexuality? His part 2 here. He has some very interesting remarks in part 2 which you need to hear before you comment.

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