Ordinary people series: Lance Lewis

So what are ordinary people saying about homosexuality and the bible? That’s what GCM Watch is looking into thanks to youtube. Our next “ordinary person” is Minister Lance Lewis,  a member of El Shaddai COGIC in Hawaii and I really have to give it to him for a well rounded teaching in this video. I think his pastor would be proud.

Lewis starts out explaining how the laws of God are applicable or not applicable to so-called “committed” gay relationships. “We know that we dont have to keep all of the laws anymore”, he says. His approach to dealing with homosexuality is what I call “big picture” exposition.

I’m also surprised (after looking at numerous youtube homosexuality videos of shaky, nervous people) that he was so composed and had a commanding knowledge at least of what he was attempting to explain. Plus, he handled with ease his child breaking in on his video making. Something I contend with all the time. 🙂

That’s what I think. After listening to Lewis, what do you think? Is he on point or is he off on his teaching of biblical sexuality? His part 2 here. He has some very interesting remarks in part 2 which you need to hear before you comment.

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10 thoughts on “Ordinary people series: Lance Lewis

  1. Yes, I agree–I was impressed and I do believe he did his pastor proud. Sometimes you wonder with all the fancy pro-gay rhetoric out there, where the average believer stands. And this brother was sound and yes he had me chuckling a little bit, but it was a sincere attempt to be down-to-earth and forthright in addressing this type of sin and he doesn’t stop there. He also presented the gospel or the solution. If God can raise a man from the dead, he can do anything. He can change homosexuality.
    I also liked his going to leviticus and showing how various things qualify for fornication, not just homosexuality, that God finds abominable. Yet in that part 2, he points out how some things can really upset God more than other things.

    He also touches on that consenting parties issue very nicely…just because my sister and I have agreed to rob a bank, it doesn’t make the action of robbing the bank any less of a crime. This brother was overall very sound in his arguments and thorough in his explanations (well and kind of humorous in some parts as well, but that’s because I’m a little goofy).

  2. If God can raise a man from the dead, he can do anything.

    Amen, Rogers…thats a bottom line issue with me.

    He was funny on some parts, I dont know if he was trying to be, but it really helped because although what he said was the hard truth, he wasnt hateful or disrepectful to homosexuals as people.

  3. I think his explanation of OT definition of fornication was good, generally. It eliminated the same gender debate around marriage. Is is acceptable or not.
    I don’t think telling homosexuals that GOD can change their sexuality (orientation; I know you don’t accept that word) just as certainly as he raised Jesus from the dead is a prudent thing to do. I absolutely believe in the transforming power of the Lord Jesus Christ but changing one’s desires for men into women is not a guarantee. To tell people that they will go from homo to heterosexual and begin to be attracted to women is not wise; not is it as guaranteed as the resurrection. Some folk will still be attracted to the same sex and decide not to follow through because of their obedience to scripture. Others will marry and have families. There is not a model that exemplifies what deliverance from homosexual behavior looks like. I think that on that point he spoke from his ignorance (I don’t mean that in a harmful way).

    Donnie McKlurkin claims he’s never even been tempted again. I think he is lying; quite frankly. Ted Haggard’s interview and honest (apparently) interview on Oprah was probably more true. It is a progressive process.

  4. So, Elder Jimmy are you saying that with God all things are not possible?

    I thought:
    -There was nothing too hard for God
    -We could do all things through Christ
    -With God all things are possible
    -God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all…

    Do these not apply to homosexuality, sexuality, “orientation” etc? Or perhaps you are saying this is misapplied?

    As you said Lewis may have stated the homo to hetero change in ignorance, but why isnt it a full possibilty with God?

    I think there is a model in scripture and it is the same model for every other person who follows (or claims to) follow Christ.
    My concern is that we are creating a different expectation or standard for people simply because they have homosexual sin issues.

  5. All things being possible must be understood as being according to what God’s purpose is for an individual’s life. I don’t see the issue as hetero or gay as far as being “free” is concerned. I would no more guarantee that GOD was gonna make a gay person have stright feelings than I would guarantee a double amputee that GOD was gonna grow their legs back. I would urge the person to find the all enabling grace of the LORD in their life to live above what is happening to them. Is GOD able to grow legs back? Yes. Will he? That is for HIM to decide, not me.

    All of the scriptures that you referenced are true but often misapplied and when they are can cause a terrible agony in those seeking to understand GOD’s grace in their lives. The real issue is obedience to GOD via faith. Too many ppeople attempt to minister to others with their expectaion of what delieverance is or what is was for them. This is what I meant by my use of the word “model”.
    The standard for all followers of Christ is a daily taking up of a cross; a denial of the fleshly inclinations of the carnal nature and a committment to obey whether the sin is homosexuality or any other sin.

  6. As far as the misapplication of those above referenced scriptures: when they are misapplied and misunderstood by those who have a false expectation of what GOD wants to accomplish in a person’s life it can cause very much pain and because the person is often seeking heterosexuality and not necessarily Christ or obedience. I hope I am making myself clear.

  7. Elder Jimmy,

    I have to disagree. Sexuality is a compulsion whether hetero or Homo. These desires of the heart are clearly sin and with prayer all things are possible.

    In fact, although I am not gay nor have I ever engaged in homosexual sex I was clearly a sexual reprobate nonetheless. My sexual compulsions towards women were in fact deviant. I will NEVER tell anyone my filthy unclean thoughts I have had regarding women. And no Elder Jimmy my thoughts at one time were not your “typical” male sexual thoughts regarding women you would hear around the water cooler at work. If God could change my sexual desires he can change anyone’s sexual desires whether Hetero or Homo.


  8. Elder Jimmy, of course I see your point and agree that misapplication of scripture (read: wrong division, interpretation) leads to wrong living.

    Your analogy is probably not a good one. You compared an intangible situation (emotions, feelings, attractions) with a tangible one (a leg growing).

    Personally, the only thing that I promise people is that God nor his word lies.

    But Im curious if you believe that there we cant or shouldnt promise people full deliverance (recovery) according to the word of the Lord then should we

    -tell the smoker that he will probably always want to smoke

    -tell the depressed, they will most likely always be depressed

    -tell the violent man he will probably always want to beat his wife and children

    -tell the criminal that there might always be a desire to steal?

    If the promises of the Lord (which are yea and amen) are not applicable to homosexuality, then by default wouldnt they not be applicable to any sin condition, thus we preach a guarded hope and conditional change?

  9. My analogy was on point because the real issue is not the situation of an individual but rather the power of GOD to do a thing. If you can tell a person with SSA that GOD can change them from gay to straight why not tell the man with no limbs GOD can grow them. Which is easier to do. Why don’t we tell people that their limbs will grow back. Which is easier? To say your sins are forgiven or to tell a lame man to get up and walk? It is all in the power of GOD to do. All things are possible but not all things are guaranteed for every individual. Sister Jones is given a house by a generous benefactor. Her sister also needs a house. She goes to the LORD and says: “I know what you did for my sister you will do for me!” No benefactor presents a house for her; yet she is able to purchase one. Are they not both shelteres? Did not GOD give her a house? Each sister experienced the favor of GOD in the way He chose for them.
    All persons are guaranteed the grace and power of GOD yet not all are guaranteed the same experience with that grace. That is my point.
    I am not saying that we cannot promise “full recovery” I am saying that the brother in the video made as assumption about the grace of GOD that is not universally experienced by all believers. Was Paul any less delivered from his thorn because GOD referred him to His sufficient grace?
    I was a very young person when I went to the LORD in prayer and pleaded and begged the LORD (many. many times with fasting and prayer and counsel) to take my sexual dysfunction from me which included sexual abuse by both genders, incest, lust, anonymous sex, pornography, and more. One night I so clearly heard the LORD say to me; “I have my own will to work out in your life in my own way. It must be your love for me that causes you to lay it down.” That is exactly what happened. Of course people have had instant transformations and reformations of their sexuality. There are many people who do not. There are people who never become attracted to the opposite sex. Their freedom is in their continued yielding to the Holy Spirit and conforming their behavior to the revelation of scripture. I am free because the WORD says I am free not because a brother or sister sdays I’m free becaus eit meets with their defintion of freedom. I am free even when memories and temptations rear their ugly face. I am just as free as the man who says I am no longer tempted in the same area. My struggles and failures were not at all intangible they were real, identifiable and torturous.

    We certainly agree that the word of the LORD does not lie. Adding to your examples above: Can the man who is freed from his drunkeness now drink wine in moderation? The bible doesn’t forbid it. Perhaps there are some who are able to do that. If there is a man who has been freed from drunkeness and he refrains from any drink because if he does drink he will revert to his former life, is this man any less free than the one who can now drink in moderation? The key to their freedom is in their obedience. That is the victory. Each individual is experiencing GOD’s grace as trhey learn to walk in the Spirit.

  10. In retrospect I can see where I have complicated my position by asserting that I did not believe Donnie McKlurkin’s testimony. I should not have said that. I wish I hadn’t. I should not have given my view on him. My view on Donnie was limited to his testimony. It didn’t ring true to me so I wrote that. I regret having added that to my post. I did not mean to say that noone has the experience he had.

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