Witness goes into the world via Romanian translator

romania1A  Romanian translator and interpreter is partnering with Witness Ministries aka Witness for the World to translate Pastor Foster’s testimony and select ministry teachings from English to Daco-Romanian. Romanian is a Romance language spoken by about 24 million people in Romania, Moldova and Ukraine.

Although currently the only one of its type in exsistence in the entire region, the website  Contra Curentului  (Against the Stream) is poised to be a major clearinghouse of overcoming information for Romaninan people.

The tranlator told Pastor Foster her main reason for doing the translations is a labor of love for the souls of homosexual men and women. “I am interested in this type of ministry because I love my gay friends and I want to help them”, she said.

About Romania and homosexuality
The need for biblical teaching on homosexuality is great in this former communist country in the south-east of Europe. It has 22 million inhabitants. 87 % of them are orthodox and most do not attend church. 5.70 % of the population is protestant or evangelical. There are no ministries or support groups for people affected by homosexuality, and there are very few Christian evangelical counselors in the whole country. of the counselors, none have speciality same sex issues. To date, there have been published only two Christian books and one booklet about homosexuality.

“We are astonished at how the hand of God moves to break though the darkness in the world to bring his light of freedom. God will anoint one person and accomplish much. The translator is a living example of the scripture in Daniel 11:32b which says “and the people that know their God shall be strong and do exploits”, said Pastor Foster, ministry founder.

The vision of Witness Ministries is to lead men and women out of homosexuality and into holiness as a worldwide witness to the radical saving power of Jesus Christ. Visit the website of Witness Ministries