More Obama Worship?

barak1A couple of weeks ago, we polled with the qeustion “do you think the black church is worshipping Obama. 42% said yes, 53% said no and 5% responded they were not sure.
So when I saw this poster, I couldnt help but think about that question. Lest I be accused of picking on a certain denomination, I obscured the name of the church. Actually Im not sure the church endorsed it, but the Barak Obama Praise Party was held there.

For those who arent familiar with the term, “barak” (in Hebrew) is a form of praise which means to kneel down, to bless God as an act of adoration.

I’m not sure I get this. In fact,  Ok, I’ll be honest and say I dont get it. Did the organizers of this “praise party” go overboard with this? Or do you think its just harmless excitement about the new president?

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11 thoughts on “More Obama Worship?

  1. That seems very creepy for a church. I would say the same thing about a church putting out a poster with Bush or Reagan on it.

  2. GCM, yes, this qualifies as Obama worship. I already have a huge problem with the public fawning of the President. It’s another problem entirely when an edifice, dedicated to the worship of the Almighty God is used to deify a man whose theology and associations are anti-scrpitural.

  3. Well, we know that the church wasn’t Club New Birth…they had their big party already.

    What’s wrong with a little Obama worship? I mean, God has clearly vindicated black folks, the <a href="entirety of Christiandom laid prostrate until he ascended on high, mend of gawd extolled his virtue from pulpits across America, and we won’t have to worry about paying for gas or our mortgages anymore!

    C’mon, gcmwatch, all of this is just harmless excitement about our new president king. It’s just all in good fun 🙄

  4. Reminds me of a statement I recently heard from the lips of a wel-know TV preacher: “People of God, if there’s anything that should let us know we can do anything and accomplish anything, it’s the election of Barack Obama!” Note that he did not say that “it’s the Word of God”, nor “it’s what God has already accomplished in us”, nor “it’s the assurance God has given us through His Word and in Christ”; but, “it’s the election of BARACK OBAMA”! (Now, thanks to Barack Obama, we FINALLY have a reason to BELIEVE! Of course, the “Saints” went wild. May God have mercy on both the pulpit and the pew. The pulpit for leading the people in this rediculous and DANGEROUS exhaltation of a man, and the people in the pews for following blindly down that path. Wake up Saints! Our hope is in God. For God’s sake, PLEASE WAKE UP!!

  5. The word says that we are to test all spirits. Test all spirits does not mean to embrace all spirits just because the come in the name of ‘blackness’ or the name of ‘christ.’ It’s just so unsettling how there has been whole-hearted jumping on this man’s bandwagon, without any scrutiny, reservation or question.
    In regards to this event. My mother made an interesting comment tonight about whether we should have a super-bowl party or watching at our church with the food and wall-sized screens like other churches are doing. She said absolutely not. Some things of the world, they may not be bad in themselves, but they just don’t belong there. It is important that the world stays out of the place God said his eyes and heart will dwell perpetually. We have to draw the line somewhere…

  6. More Obama Worship…. A talk show host was excited that a well known artist gave thanks to Obama before giving thanks to God during the super bowl…..

    Have we gone mad?!?!?!

  7. Speaking of which, I just happened upon this link just in the last few moments (courtesy of–

  8. Dee, we have gone mad?! You see anyone other than even-keel, good-hearted, full-of-vigor, spirit-filled bloggers saying ANYTHING about the BarackStar worship going on?!

    No. But I ask you, “Do you think we need to have a little faith in the president?”

    Yes, we can.

    “Do you think we have what it takes to pick up this economy and follow our fearless leader?”

    Yes, we can.

    “And do you think…” Er, um, shoot. It looks like I just got sucked into the ballyhoo as well. You know, caught up in the Obamania Spirit 🙂

    Yes, Dee, this country has gone mad.

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