Obama: "No God condones murder of innocents"

obamaSo, has America’s historic, first black president had a political and religious conversion and is now an anti-abortion, crusading preacher?

Not on your life. And I mean that literally.

Obama’s remarks are part of his one-world, one religion lovefest speech yesterday to announce his so-called faith-based initatives. From the Associated Press:

President Barack Obama is telling the National Prayer Breakfast that even though faith too often has been used “as a tool to divide us from one another,” there is no religion in the world that is based on hatred.

Obama, in prepared remarks, said, “There is no God who condones taking the life of an innocent human being.”

Obama is also telling the gathering that the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships that he is announcing Thursday won’t favor any religious group, or favor religious groups over secular groups.

He says it will help organizations that want to “work on behalf of our communities,” without “blurring the line” between church and state.

When President Bush offered faith based initiatives, the liberal religious community nearly retched in their mouths. To them it was the highest form of secular blasphemy for the federal government to give “taxpayer’s money” to churches who weren’t “inclusive and affirming” of all religions. Bush caught proverbial hell from all quadrants of the society.  It was a violation of the  “separation of church and state” theory, considered a cardinal sin by those on the left.  Black pastors who took faith based money were branded sell out heretics of the worst kind, selling their souls for Bush’s tainted money.  The Los Angeles Times said black pastors who took faith based initative money from Bush  were in essence receiving “reward money” for their political support. After all, NO BLACK PASTOR should ever support a white republican. And if they did the only reason must be because they were uncle tom-yassah massah-house negroes.

So let’s see,  how long do you think it will it take for the anti-God left to condemn Obama’s payoff scheme? Oh excuse me,  Obama’s revamped faith based initiative policy.

The other rather stunning aspect of Obama’s remarks is his brazen co-opting of anti-abortion language to push his humanist ideology. During his campaign, when asked about abortion, Obama declared that if Sasha and/or Malia got pregnant (presumably out of wedlock) he would not want to “punish them with a child”. [video] Shocked? I was. A baby is a punishment? The bible says all children are a gift from God.

Abortion is the LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH among black folk. The only way to deny that is to deny that children in the womb are human. Check out God’s perspectivePastor Harvey Burnett who writes The Dunamis Word blog researched and discovered the following:

Since 1973 in the African-American community 203,695 people have died of AIDS
Since 1973 in the African-American community 1,638,350 people have died of CANCER
Since 1973 in the African-American community 2,266,789 people have died of HEART DISEASE
Since 1973 in the African-American community 13,000,000 (13 MILLION) people or (BABIES) HAVE BEEN KILLED under the guise of abortion aka a woman’s right to choose. This amounts to approximately 1,452 deaths per day.

But don’t expect the first black president you elected will change anything about the 13 million black babies (innocent blood) murdered by their black mothers and fathers. His “no God…” soundbite was just to push his blood money scheme.


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  1. Great article! I think that we, as Christians should expose deception wherever it takes place, the church, business, and politics. We need to look at people for the fruit that they are producing not the color of the skin nor the barriers that are being broken. What purpose does it serve if a man of color reaches the highest office in the land and does not honor God. How can any man proclaim to be a Christian and then place Jesus on the same level as idols/false gods?? The president said he became a Christian not because of an encounter with God but because the people of the church were doing good works. How can you be a Christian without a relationship with Christ. The president also needs to realize that it is not discrimination for churches not to hire someone who is going against the beliefs of the church. We need to pray for President Obama, that he has a genuine encounter with Christ and that his eyes become open to the true moral dilemma of abortion and homosexuality that he has embraced.

  2. This is the highest form of hateration (def.Intense negative emotion and energy directed out at others or inward to self. Destructive and malevolent form of energy causing substantial destruction and suffering.)

    The truth of the matter is…Obama is our president and though you may not like it…him…his remarks…or what he stands for….who cares? It is what it is.

    We put up with Bush for the last 8 years…and while you’re running stats, why don’t you tell us how many of our American soldiers have lost their lives in a war that
    Bush approved of? I bet that would be an interesting stat…

    Hateration can and often does result in irritating to devastating effects ostensibly directed at the “hated” yet ultimately destructive to the “hater.” (urban dictionary)

  3. Great article! It’s such a shame to hear black christians wanting to ride the presidential bandwagon, while eargerly dismissing his (obama’s) policies that are ungodly.

    Mistake? an oops in the making?, we only get the thrill (excuse me sensitive one’s) but God does the actual work in framing a body!

    I wouldn’t be so upset a President Obama, if he hadn’t made the claim of being a christian while embracing none christian values. Call me what you will, but God as well as God’s people don’t contradict His word (with emphatic emphasis).

    The Gay agenda as well as Mexico City policy(making it easier to get an abortion) he is trying to implement, is an outrageous way to exhibit your christianity.

  4. Vaughn I agree and will add its a cotton pickin shame for any Christian to ride the bandwagon of a political figure who uses the bible as justification for political sins.

  5. Your post is simply heartbreaking to me. I am a Christian and I am pro-life. But the initial intent of the supreme court ruling on ‘right to choose’ was intended to be crisis cases of one kind or another. Those crisis cases still occurr. Alcohol is legal but I’m not an alcoholic. Chick flix are legal…but I don’t watch them. Gambling is legal…but I don’t gamble. God gives every person the right to choose heaven or hell. If the ‘anti-abortion’ rhetoric is real…..then let’s save those we can save. Let’s put the precious Ethiopian children in shelter and get them off the ground. Let put our tithes to sending health care to the people in many countries who die from simple diseases. Let LOVE them! But I fear the love thing is just political rhetoric and not real compassion for the lives of children or adults. I believe abortion is sinful….life is valuable. But I suspect that ‘talk’ uses much less energy and funds than does actually helping the many hurting people in God’s world. We need to spend a lot more time in the Word in order to get the beam out of our own eyes. That, I suspect, too, is a full time job. I know it is for me. Any time left over…I am commanded to use in ‘service’.

  6. Obama, the false messiah speaks of “creating a kingdom on earth”

    From CNN:

    The campaign has vigorously promoted the candidate’s faith, launching “40 Days of Faith and Family” in September, which used Bible study groups to tap into the black electorate.

    Campaigners have run three radio ads, one of which called Obama a “Christian family man,” that aired on gospel stations across the state.

    Earlier this month, Obama spoke at an evangelical church in the traditionally conservative city of Greenville, where he demonstrated a casual familiarity with Christian vocabulary, telling the crowd, to much applause, that “I am confident that we can create a kingdom right here on Earth.”

    Wow, to say that at a so-called pentecostal church (Ron Carpenter, Redemption World Outreach) is astonishing! Obama takes bible language, comes into the churches and outright pushes an antichrist messge.

  7. The church should never had taken money from the government in the first place. that faith-based initative was and is a trick of Satan and these churches fell for it hook, line and sinker. Instead of depending on God they took a quick way to get a buck in their pocket and sold out the church to the world.. That is not the church Christ is coming back for

  8. Nice! Personally, I think the BarackStar sleeps with his Bible under his pillow.

    It makes sense – keep it close enough as to not feel guilty for the “cotton pickin” nonsense like this (lovely job there, pastor) and keep it closed it enough to not have the conviction when you do.


  9. This is a good site for discussion and edification. Keep up the good work!

    GCMW: Thanks brother, I checked out your site and you are a great writer and excellent insight. Im adding you to my blogroll.

  10. I am saddened that Christians are becoming a “minority” in this great nation. Every time I see a political or moral blog, there are very few Christians who will try to stand up and say what they ought to. If anyone even hints at God on these sites, then those people are attacked and assaulted by the people who don’t believe in God or anything. I believe the church is in terrible condition. We aren’t reaching out like we should and standing up and uniting as one body of Christ and it is taking its toll on our society. Every year that goes by I see our nation slip further and further into its dark humanistic nature. Every channel I see (except The Weather Channel) is sold out to sexual immorality, false teaching, anti-God and hyper-liberal materialism and self-justification. We wonder why our economy is crap and why our churches are weak. Its because America has now majorly forgotten about God. Call me a “conservative loser who hides behind religion” Most people don’t know that I am a 22 year old guy who has been across this country and seen most parts of society. They don’t think I understand that everyone has “rights” and the homosexual agenda is whats up. I see it every day and I am sad. I see our world crying out for its savior and the people don’t even notice it. The Bible said loud and clear… if the people won’t worship God, then even the rocks will cry out for Him. Look at the natural disasters occurring around our globe. They are getting “louder” as our church gets weaker and our morals plummet into the depths of a sinful time. There are now recently, record fire outbreaks, record tornado outbreaks, record hurricane devastation, Earthquakes, record tsunamis, more volcanic activity, stronger viruses and diseases, record heat, record cold and nobody seems to care much. We need to learn Joel Chapter 2. Something a lot of Christians don’t pay attention to.

  11. I know I am late but we are to defend our faith and if someones bring reproach upon that faith by claiming christianity and doing evil we must speak out or else the world who you are trying to be kind to will not understand christianity.

    Yes we should also help others no doubt but also understand that this is help, Jesus did not only feed and heal but speak the truth and did not joke with the pharisees, etc, please dont tell me that Jesus didnt love them. Love has nothing to do with not speaking truth, these things must be brought to light.

    the things you say are legal, well alcohol is not a total no no in scriptures but Porno is wrong and beacause it is a matter of choice makes it no less evil. You cannot use something that is a matter of choice to say that the murdering of innocent babies should aslo be. If a baby is born, should it be a matter of choice whether you want to keep of kill that child.

    Your compassion is admirable but making Christians aware of false prophets is also. We must walk in truth and if anyone seeks to decieve the body of Christ, we gotta deal with it.

    God bless!!

  12. President Obama obviously doesn’t read his Bible. One cursory glance through the Old Testament proves that God has not only condoned the murder of innocent people – often, it’s a direct order!

    GCMW: Maybe that’s why you and Nobama need to do more than take cursory glances at the bible. The bible’s message is one more deserving of cursory glances because having a right interpretation means studying it with the right spirit, intent, methodology and more. Absent these, its quite possible you can walk away with the wrong meaning and spread that wrong meaning to others. Your reference to the “murder of innocent people condoned” by God is misapplied. God has never condoned the murder of innocents. As the “king” of Isreal, he also was commander in chief of its armies. He instructed them to conquer the land because he had promised it to Abraham. The people occupying the land (read the history) were no where near innocent. They were brutal and engaged in many sins and crimes including burning live children in fires. All of God’s commands are just and sovereign. So for you to imply that he condoned the murder of innocents is wrong. As a matter of fact God has a strong aversion to the shedding of innocent blood. That’s why abortion is so repulsive.

  13. Really? Is there an interpretation of passages like Hosea 13:16 that I don’t know about?

    GCMW: Read beginning at the first verse and then onto the 14th chapter. There is no historical evidence nor does the text intimate that God killed women and children. The prophet Hosea said it would happen, but did not say by whose hand it would be accomplished. The principle being expressed is what you sow, that will you reap and none will be “innocent” before God. In particular God says (through Hosea) that he acted in his anger because of the sin of the people, but in the 14th chapter he says that he will “heal them” (vs 4) and love them and that his anger had turned away. Perhaps that was because they repented.

  14. Rob
    you say ,’God has not only condoned the murder of innocent people – often, it’s a direct order!’
    Where in scripture does it say any of mankind is ‘innocent’?
    ALL of mankind is sinful, since the fall of Adam and Eve to this present day. ALL have sinned and fall short of God’s glory {Romans 3:23}.
    Genesis 6:5 is another verse that makes clear the wickedness of all of mankind, ‘And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually’
    God’s calling for the destruction of the wicked follows their refusal to turn from sin, even after repeated calls for such by God Himself. ‘The wages of sin is death’- – that has not changed since the fall of man. There are two deaths wicked sinners will face, the physical death of their bodies as well as the eternal death of their souls. The eternal death of the soul comes in the form of agony, torture and pain.
    Here is a wonderful quote from Steve Gallagher, “We might as well admit the fact that just because God is no longer striking people dead for their sin that does not negate His abhorrence of it. God still hates sin and there will be a day of reckoning for all those who flout His commandments.” You can read his article concerning the sin of lust at http://www.umof.org/apps/articles/default.asp?articleid=50149&columnid=2221

    BTW, are you the same *Rob* who lives in homosexual sin? If so, why do you continue to accuse God of wrongdoing, yet you yourself are in the wrong and serious danger of judgment, both now and eternal? You cherry pick a verse and accuse God of murder, in so doing, you heap up for yourself great wrath on the day of wrath.

  15. Hi lyn,

    Did you actually read the passage I referenced? In it, God commands that the people of Samaria be killed for rebelling against him. All of them. Including the unborn children, although how a fetus can rebel against God is simply beyond me. There’s a word we typically use to describe the killing of unborn children: abortion. If you read the Bible literally, then there’s no other way to interpret this passage (but honestly, would the “metaphorical” slaughter of babies be any less repugnant?) In short, you worship a God who has commanded abortion. How does that feel?

    And if you seriously believe that even unborn babies are sinful (a statement that is so wildly idiotic I’m not even going to bother with it), then your argument is with the author of this article, not with me, because he claims that babies are innocent.

  16. Rob
    Are you the one who is living in a homosexual relationship? I ask this because you continue to seemingly argue with God and what His word says, what do you hope to gain?

    As for the passage from Hosea that you reference to, Matthew Henry provides excellent commentary on this…
    “How Israel destroyed themselves. It is said (v. 16), They rebelled against God, revolted from their allegiance to him, entered into a confederacy with his enemies, and took up arms against him; and this was the thing that ruined them, for never any hardened themselves against God and prospered. Note, Those that rebel against their God destroy themselves, for they make him their enemy for whom they are an unequal match.”
    Again, sin comes at a price. Pregnant women being dashed to pieces because of their refusal to turn from sin is a picture of God’s hatred at sin. You cannot accept that because today’s ‘preachers’ tell of a candy-coated Jesus that loves, loves loves!! The truth about sin and God’s absolute hatred of it is completely overlooked.
    God always warns and is still warning today…turn from your sins or you will perish {Luke 13:3}. I found nothing harsh about a God who is rich in mercy and patient with sinners such as yourself who simply refuse to give up your selfish sinful pleasures…and then you have the audacity to lash out at God.
    As for children being born innocent, not a chance. From Psalm 51:5, ‘Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me’. Again, I refer to Matthew Henry’s commentary, ‘He confesses his original corruption (v. 5): Behold, I was shapen in iniquity. He does not call upon God to behold it, but upon himself. It {David’s body} was curiously wrought; and yet here he says it was shapen in iniquity, sin was twisted in with it; not as it came out of God’s hands, but as it comes through our parents’ loins. Note, It is to be sadly lamented by every one of us that we brought into the world with us a corrupt nature, wretchedly degenerated from its primitive purity and rectitude; we have from our birth the snares of sin in our bodies, the seeds of sin in our souls, and a stain of sin upon both. This is what we call original sin, because it is as ancient as our original, and because it is the original of all our actual transgressions. This is that foolishness which is bound in the heart of a child, that proneness of evil and backwardness to good which is the burden of the regenerate and the ruin of the unregenerate; it is a bent to backslide from God. ”
    This may very well be ‘idiotic’ to you, but remember, “There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death. ” Proverbs 14:12
    Godly wisdom is something you lack concerning His word, His ways, His attributes. Until you turn away from all your sins and cry out to Him who saves, you will only be confused, angry and baffled at what His word says. You simply cannot understand this God who is rich in mercy, yet firm in His stance against all sin.

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