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Two homosexual men walk out while showing their disdain of the NY clerk who refused to grant them a marriage liscense. The men were participating in a gay protest intended to further desensitize the public to the abnormal portrait of marriage.  Despite the spiraling financial tailspin the country is in, homosexual activists are still after their #1 goal. Photo credit: AP


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  1. How these two “gentlemen” can act up this way and purport to take marriage seriously is beyond me. It seems fairly obvious, just from this photo, that if this is what will come to represent marriage in our society, then the institution is doomed. And when gone, the family as institution will follow.

  2. It’s not disgusting. Its really really sad……..I feel so sorry for their poor souls…….the gentlemman with the wedding veil and his beard showing through it….it’s almost grotesque. And they’re smiling….blissfully unaware that they are caught up in the deceitful web of sin……..
    I pray that God will have mercy on them and lead them to repentance – fast!

  3. These men are caught in sin by their own doing; sin is so deadly and entangling, especially sexual sin. When lost souls refuse to repent of their sins and insist on going further into them, God gives them over to their sin[s] of choice as part of His judgment. I do not feel sorry for them, I feel afraid for them. I know what it’s like to live in bondage to homosexuality, and by His grace, I have been set free. Don’t be fooled, we all know when we do wrong, but, rather than address the pricking of our conscience, some choose to suppress the truth. Why? Because they love darkness more than light, they love sin, how it makes them feel, the pleasure derived from it. We all love sin until God breaks through our wicked hearts, revealing our true condition, and draws us to Jesus Christ.
    Homosexuals know marriage was ordained by God {I certainly knew this},the very God they blatantly sin against with their acts of perversion. This is about advancing their agenda with an ‘in your face’ approach. May God have mercy on all sinners, humbling them and revealing their true lost condition, a condition that is so very deadly and will cost them through all of eternity.

  4. The above photo is both angering and saddening. It angers me that some have been desensitized to the sacred institute of marriage while saddened that they may end up in hell after being deceived. Is it their fault alone or should the church in general (pastors that sold out) take some of the blame?
    The entire word of God from Genesis to Revelation bears witness to the Lord being the Husband and Head of his bride, or woman, the church.

    The scriptures show us that we are adorned as a bride with the veil being a type and shadow of us being covered in HIS righteousness and having that covering of HIS SPIRIT. The white linen being the righteousness of the saints as well.

    The above photo is so blasphemous it is hard to believe that the church has backed and promoted such evil. As a child I can still remember when women would not dare act like a man nor a man act like a woman. For the most part today there is no distinction of the sexes. Women walk, talk and act like men and men do likewise like women.

    For these people to act this way in public it truly manifests no fear of God. If they truly feared God they would follow the word even if it meant hating every day of their life and fighting unnatural urges.

    The Lord is returning soon and it is a shame that so many shall stand before the Judge of the quick and the dead just to be told to depart.


  5. The definition of marriage is applied to all citizens, regardless of race, color or any other division. Just as same-sex individuals may not call their relationship marriage, so heterosexuals may not engage in polygamous relationships and call them marriage. There has never been a fundamental right to change the definition of any word, including marriage.

  6. They are blinded by the god of this world (Satan).

    This blog is such a great resource! I was delivered from homosexuality two years ago. Since then God has restored me in many ways. I’m currently with a girl that I love with all my heart, and every day is a miracle!

    There is freedom in Christ, and He is “able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us”.

    I often say that homosexuality is the most dangerous sin because it is one of the only sins that is not considered a sin by many people! We cannot change if we do not see what is wrong with us, and we cannot see what is wrong with us unless we get the Holy Spirit!

    I don’t know why God chose to set me free. I don’t know why He brought a woman into my life that loves me despite my past. What I do know is that nothing is impossible if we are surrendered to Him!

    God Bless you and your ministry!

    I pray that more people will awaken to the Truth through this website!

  7. Justin I was really blessed visiting your site. Man, praise God for your freedom and your willingness to be a visible overcomer. I will be adding your blog to mine blogroll. Thanks and be blessed!

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