Is a day of reckoning at hand?

The prophets of perpetual blessings are not going to like this one.   Christ warned, “No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.”  Luke 16:13 AKJV Herein lies the crux of the crisis.

Kadene Porter, a Jamaican writer with Abeng Newsmagazine has penned a rather raw assessment of the American religious prosperity movement in light of the emerging mammon crisis.

Now that the Unites States and indeed the nations of the world are engaged in a fierce battle for economic survival, it will be interesting to watch the antics of the evangelical church, since its message has been so pegged to the dollar over the last few years.

The prosperity gospel, aka the miracle-for-money theology, or the name-it and claim-it doctrine, had all but replaced the simple “Just as I am” message of old, where the only burden the wretched sinner was required to lay down at the foot of the cross was self…”

That’s a major characteristic of the many false movements strangling the church today. The first thing axed is the true message of Christ and his mission to save sinners (Matthew 1:21).

Porter attacks the familiar “God is doing a new thing” mantra many of the false movements use to justify their bag of tricks.  But now with mammon drying up, the pimps, pimptresses and their minstrel sidekicks are moving into the realm of religious thuggery and witchcraft.

A brother in Chicago told me about a pastor who refused to switch on the air conditioning during the summer’s sweltering heat, because the congregation had been on several occasions less than forthcoming with meeting the new church building fund. Well? Who did they expect to pay for it, the pastor, on his measly salary?

This very morning, a popular petite blond televangelista interspersed her own gospel message with ads offering the faithful a $59 instant face-lift crème she admits to using herself. Earlier on in the week a well-known televangelist from a Florida mega-church told his viewers with the aid of a master fund raiser and without batting an eyelid, that with this year being o-nine, God would reward them handsomely if they sacrificed increments of $90, $900 or the supreme sacrificial love gift of $9,000!

These false prophets seem to have a legion of cunning schemes. No doubt, if you dont willingly give up your money to help them maintain their “blessed” lifestyle, get ready to get manhandled.  

We havent seen the end of this. Im not so sure this is just a phase of economic downturn. America, and the american version of the church has bowed to mammon and offered sacrifice at its altars. It has neglected and perverted the gospel, embraced a blatantly false messiah and even accepted that Christ is no greater than the dead gods of dead religions.  Repent is an offensive word and sexual immorality is out of control.  The weak and defenseless are at the mercy of powerful, gold cross wearing con artists. God’s word is at best an inspirational reference book and at worst an irrelevant conundrum of fairy tales. 

This by no means ignores that God is indeed moving by his spirit in a stunning way. Even in the midst of this coming storm, souls are being saved and God is pouring out great mercy, grace and goodness.

But we may well be approaching a reckoning with God. Beware of those who prophesy peace, safety, miracles and blessings in God’s name while ignoring the sins of the people of God. Isn’t it true that judgment must first begin at the house of God? Beware the so-called sightings of angels, gold dust, diamonds and other paranormal being labeled as a sign from God.  Please understand that the worse the times get, the more prominent the false prophet will become. They will NEVER tell you to repent and obey God, only that God will bless you and “favor” is just around the corner. That’s the false prophet’s version of “hope and change”.

For thus saith the Lord of hosts the God of Israel: Let not your prophets that are in the midst of you, and your diviners deceive you: and give no heed to your dreams which you dream:  For they prophesy falsely to you in my name: and I have not sent them, saith the Lord. Jeremiah 29:8-9

Notice the Lord says your prophets.  We are living in that time where people are heaping to themselves teachers, having itching ears.  As Porter noted, the supply and demand system is in full effect and it is embedded with tragic results.

Can I take this time to encourage everyone to cling to the Lord, reject anything that cannot be found, verified and sanctified by God’s word, pray without ceasing, examine yourself and obey God.


4 thoughts on “Is a day of reckoning at hand?

  1. Extremely timely post, gcmwatch. The vultures are indeed beginning to lash out at their money’makers because the revenue is coming up short.

    One local pimp is even sending out threatning letters to his congregation club threatening leaders who are “behind on their tithes”. I guess you can’t have a heart to serve God selflessly unless you have steady income and you’re willing to pay a 10% tax on it…to a greedy pimp! 🙄

    This same pimp (referenced above) even ordered that the air conditioning units in his brand new $22M club only operate on Sundays this past summer because they were’n’t raking in enough dough to pay the bill (and the lights were ordered turned off during the week as well). Funny…the lights and AC to his office were not impacted by this “ban”.

    God is herding the goats away from the sheep before our very eyes, and He is shaking these vipers in broad day light so that we can see the truth. If we choose to continue to ignore this foolishness while awaiting our “breaktrough” and “manifestation”, then woe unto us.

    May God have mercy on this selfish, mammon seeking lust filled generation.

  2. Timely message. I still can’t help but think our people have elected into the oval office our own version of “King Saul” and Obama may perhaps be God’s judgment upon us. I think it’s naive of many to think we can be blessed by God with an unbeliever at the helm that is so blatantly anti-christ in word, deed and choice of associations. I refer to Obama’s choice for his Justice Dept, defender of child porn David Ogden and Obama’s Tech advisor, Larry Lessig, the openly gay professor who produced blasphemous video where in Jesus Christ walks the streets in a diaper and then gets run over by a bus..

    Jesus aren’t you ready to come and get us, yet????

    If you haven’t seen it, click the link.

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