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You may be aware by now that the son of Bishop TD Jakes was arrested by Dallas police for indecent exposure. This is sad news for any family. We ask that you pray for this young man that God would free him from whatever drove him to engage in this type of activity publicly.

Source: CBS 11 News report


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  1. Yes this is very sad, but maybe now this will open the eyes of some of these Mega Pastors, and bring them to thier knees, for more then just another business venture.

    2 Chronicles 7:14
    We Need To Pray Without Ceasing…

  2. Sometimes you have to be brought to your lowest point for the Lord to get your attention. If the end result is ty soul saved, to God be the glory!

  3. Tis is no suprise; no not at all.. God is going to snatch the cover off of all of these MEGA MONEY LYING TELE V AND





  4. This is “surprising” (not really, though). In my moments of temptation, the Lord lovingly reminds me of scriptural precedence for commiting sin–it always eventually comes to the surface if we persist in it. Sin simply cannot be hidden in anyone, and certainly not from God (2nd Samuel 11:27-12:1-25; John 15:21-22). We may not get publically humiliated, but it may show up in our health, our mental and physical state of being). The old church cliche says, “We can’t win messing with sin.” Sin never pays; well actually, it does pay, but not in the way we would like! So, in that sense, it “doesn’t” pay. My prayers go out to him for God to restore him to his rightful place within the everlasting love of God in Christ, where he will always be “welcomed back home.”

  5. Ever wonder why you hear so much about “preachers” kids getting into trouble? It;s easy to understand. They truly do live in a “glass house” with every one looking at every move or word to discredit their parents ministry. The pressure to be perfect is more than most can withstand and the children of the largest ministries
    are suposed to be role models for all the other young people in that ministry. Please, don’t misunderstand. I am not defending what young Mr. Jakes did ,only that no matter what he did we who call ourselves Christians should do what our Lord Jesus would do…love the sinner and hate the sin. I also agree with GNP22 about restoring the man to fellowship once he is ready to repent.

  6. Any one who’s read this blog knows that we have questioned TD Jake’s theology because of this very issue with his son. Click on his name under categories (left column, bottom and educate yourself). And this has been going on for quite sometime.

    No, parents cannot be held responsible for their adult children’s behavior. But when you are publicly anointed as the “next Billy Graham” you cant start changing the truth of God’s word on the issue and not be questioned as to why. So in one context, TD Jakes is culpable in this situation.

    There is credible information that Jermaine Jakes told TD Jakes he was homosexual. But instead of upholding righteousness and clearly standing with God’s word, Jakes threw out the red carpet for a bunch of homosexual christian heretics at his church. What kind of message does that send to people seeking to be delivered from homosexuality?

    I wonder if his son was sending some kind of message as this crime occured at a park located on the same street (several miles down) as the Potters House?

    Yes, like any other person he should be restored should he repent. But the question is restored to what? I have only heard one of TD Jakes children confess any relationship with Christ. You cant restore something that hasnt existed.

  7. To be fair, you have been consistent on this matter and in a way you have soft cushioned everyone to the fall out.

    TD Jakes normally does not comment when his spirirual sons and daughter’s fall, but will it be an option this time?

    Ted Haggard is making a comeback but on a universalist message, that is what TD might do, he might go very public on a pro homosexual message.

  8. I wonder if someone in the church messed with this young man when he was younger hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! PROBABLY they should really ask him!!!!!!!

  9. @ dawkinswatch,

    “Ted Haggard is making a comeback but on a universalist message, that is what TD might do, he might go very public on a pro homosexual message.”

    I certainly hope you are wrong. This would mean that what Carlton Pearson said was correct (there are others who believe as he does)! At the time, Blakes and Jakes denied it.

  10. But that’s the issue about Carlton Pearson: he made his personal doxology into corporate theology by espousing it as so.

    The Church (big “C”) has become universal because of lukewarm pablum, seeker-sensitive ballyhoo and preachers who yearn for entertainment rather than evangelism.

    What happened to the young Jakes is no different than what happens to any child who is angling for Dad’s attention in the face of latchkey discovery.

    In an effort to evangelize the world, and then entertain the big wigs of Hollywood, Jakes is home one – maybe two days a week. And on those days, he is in church for most of it.

    If I was his son, I would cry out for attention as well… save the walking advertisement for porn addiction.

    Pastor is right. What this “boy” needs most is prayer. Then he could use his Dad being at home more often.

  11. The following is TD Jakes’ statement, read to his congregation, concerning his son’s actions, after telling them about his “week from hell.” But my question is how can this week be his “week from hell” when this incident did not happen this week?

    “As parents, we occasionally feel that our children do not live up to our highest and best ideals. When they do not, we don’t diminish our love for them as recompense for our disapproval… It is in moments like these that I am so grateful that we do not preach that we are the solution, but we look to Christ for resolution. So then, as a very human family with real issues, like many other people, we will draw from the same well of grace to which we have led others to drink and be refreshed.”

  12. People, cast not the stone when you live in glass houses or when you profess to be followers of Christ. When you have condemned all of the biblical abominations (e.g: divorce, shellfish, polyester, etc) I’ll might listen to your condemnations of some of God’s children. I guess you believe God does create junk. So, when did you choose to be straight?

    GCMW: Micheal, why isnt Christ able to liberate you from your homosexual sin? Is this a dead, powerless god you are worshipping? It doesnt sound like the one in scripture.

  13. Admired, take a sports analogy.

    A-Rod apologized for steroids because he got caught, not because he used. Typically, folk don’t fully realize the heat of a situation until held under a magnifying glass.

    The situation was in January. The magnifying glass was the leak of the story; hence, the hell discussed.


  14. This is truly a sad story. I read in a news report that this young man is Jakes’ stepson. I was under the impression that he fathered all of his wife’s children. Does anyone have insight on this??

  15. Trina, according to the news reports (cant remember which one) the two twin boys were raised by Jakes since infancy. That would mean that they were his wife’s children but he is not the biological father. He said son or stepson is appropriate but I think he has always referred to him as son.

    Personally I think thats admirable as I do not believe in the “stepchild” thing. I have a 20 year old daughter whom I raised since she was three and I never once called her my stepdaughter. So I give him high praise for “owning” these boys, problems and all.

  16. Proverbs 11:21 – …and the SEED of the Righteous SHALL BE (not may be) delivered. Trust me…I know what I’m talking about because I’m living this Word out. Just continue praying for Bishop and his family.

  17. Michael,

    In all honesty I went to your Church Website and did a little perusing. It’s actually quite sad to see the state of Homosexuals and their obvious lack of holiness.

    Now I say this not to cause anger but rather to point out that this lifestyle is steeped in sin.

    Here is one of the links from the Church website Michael provided by clicking on his name in this thread.

    The above link is a sad state of which the gay man exist. Notice there is no emphasis on holiness and repentance. Everything is about ‘the lifestyle” and the effects of it on the individual.

    In fact, let me go on and say that every Gay Christian “so-called” website is all centered around the lifestyle.

    If the lifestyle was a non issue as they like to claim then why is every website replete with rainbows and gay this,gay that?

    It’s obvious. They want legitimacy for their lifestyle while refusing to address things like salvation, repentance, and holiness which are the bedrocks of Christianity. Instead the thrust of this movement is centered around Gay Gay Gay with someone who wears a smock. If the main thrust of their agenda was truly Christ first it would make them confront their lifestyle and turn from it via repentance.

    Very sad,


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